Voting has been repeated so many times, it has taken on a persona of Divine Decree. It is time to re-examine the dynamics of the voting process.

If there is anything immoral, the top of the list is coercion of others. Forcing others to act in a manner contrary to their best interest. If you value your Life, Liberty and Property, and then walk into a voting booth and secretly pull a lever or punch a button, or mail in an absentee ballot, participating in a process which is calculated to remove the Life, Liberty and Property of another, is this an immoral act?

Casting your vote, whether in a secret booth, or a mailed-in absentee ballot, is a method of obtaining legal power over others. Political voting is a process to obtain a monopoly on decisions by a few over the many. The power of this process is accomplished by majority and minority. Implicit in all voting is the notion of coercing some so that all are controlled.

Voting has become an addiction for many. This, may be shocking to most, who medicate their feelings by convincing themselves it’s their “patriotic duty” to vote. However an addiction is defined as a relationship with a person, place, condition or thing, which has possible life-threatening consequences. And there are two types of addictions, chemical and process. Political voting is for many a process addiction, with which they have a relationship. Certainly goes for all politicians, without exception.

This methodology of transferring power over one’s life, liberty and property to another person or groups of persons, most definitely has life-threatening consequences, which are too many to list in this writing.

There has been so much jack-hammer propaganda, and brainwashing pro-voting, with a backup argument, if you don’t vote, you are anti-American and ought to move someplace else, because you do not deserve the Freedom living in this country, it has been one of the effective tools to shame one into political voting.

Political voting is simply an assumption that might makes Right, and the majority have bought into this absurdity. Right and wrong do not come in numbers, nor behind a curtain in a voting booth. Morality, that which is Right, comes from the Principles of this Universe.

Political voting is an expression of a preference. Nothing innately wrong with choosing, all of us make choices every day, relative to many things in our lives. Political voting is about power and control handed over to someone else. Not only is it a process of removal of the self-responsibility of the one actually voting, but a process of arbitrarily placing someone else in power over your children, your friends and your neighbors.

Stripped of pretense, it is in actuality a method of employing coercion and violence, in a devious way, upon others. So effective, many bow to the dictates, without question nor resistance. The political voting method is hostile to any minority view, no matter how truthful and correct that view might be. The might of the majority takes precedence over all rationale, with disregard for that which is Right.

Stripped of all its pretense, political voting is a means of obtaining legal power over others, to coerce. And the purpose of the coercion is to take control over one’s Life, Liberty and property.

Majority is a most corruptive political method, contrived to take from producers, and re-distribute to non-producers, giving the politician voted into his position the power to cream off the top, whatever amount he decides to take, before re-distribution. Voting transfers the Right of an individual to live his life as he chooses over to another. The politicians obtain this legal power to coerce others by one method, and that is your vote.

They are so desperate to have your stamp of approval by your vote, now urging everyone to vote absentee, to assure they have it on November 2nd.

Currently many Americans are at a point of nailbiting, hairpulling and gnashing of teeth, faced with no job, home foreclosure, having to join lines at food banks, and facing winter with no money for heating costs. These conditions are the result of voting someone else in power over your life, under the pretense they will take care of you if you only vote. And still, so many in a fog, thinking they can vote themselves out of conditions they have voted themselves into.

I can happily say I’ve never voted but once in my life, and that was as a teenager, when I was young and foolish, a long time ago.

At that time just after high school graduation, where teachers taught voting was the patriotic American thing to do, and we were endowed with this great privilege, I voted once in my life and only once. However no one is more supportive of the Principles upon which this great Nation was founded than I. I understand The Philosophy of Freedom, and the self-responsibility of that philosophy, and tried to live my life accordingly, and taught my children the same thing. Now lo these years later have the privilege of some input into the lives of grandchildren, when they visit.

Beyond that, I don’t feel entitled to sit back and do nothing, while this country is voted into a system of Socialism. Therefore I write about Freedom, and this Great Country, plus things I have experienced along the way.

I’m blessed indeed to have lived long enough to enjoy the perks of this internet age and I have written over 400 articles posted on the internet going around the world 24-7 to 80 countries and a few thousand who visit my website regularly.

If just one person who reads this, stops and thinks about the consequences of one vote, and re-thinks their position about it, then it has all been worthwhile.




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  1. It’s not very well-disguised. 😉

    I have been getting these “commit to vote” things on Facebook. If you haven’t gotten any yet, you will. So I wrote this and have been posting it as a comment every time someone puts the “commit to vote” post on my “wall”:

    Don’t vote!

    It lends a false air of legitimacy to an illegitimate system.

    Don’t vote.

    It encourages them.

    If non-voting were not a threat to the illegitimate system, they wouldn’t keep pressing that idea of “It doesn’t matter WHO you vote for, just VOTE!”

    Don’t vote!

    It is no more right for a majority, even “Everybody minus one”, to force the minority to go along with their theft and coercion schemes (which is ALL government is) than for one person to unilaterally decide to rule everyone else.

    Dont vote!

    I realize I have no right to force you to live as I would prefer as long as you are not attacking, defrauding, stealing, or (possibly) trespassing. Nor does anyone else have that right, and a majority vote can not give that right or “authority” to anyone “even if” they wear the silly hat of government.

    Don’t vote!

    Remove your consent, since it is claimed that government exists by the consent of “the governed”. I do NOT consent.

    Don’t vote.

  2. Hello, this is a really fascinating web blog and ive loved reading several of the articles and posts contained upon the site, sustain the great work and hope to read a lot more exciting articles in the time to come.

  3. Freedom Lady says:

    Hi Kent, Sounds like you have a good stratedgy for dealing with the proposals and urgings. Wrote two more articles on voting to-day. This week before election day is a crucial time, to post news and information relative to just what voting means.
    HL Mencken suggest voting is the fore-runner of auction of stolen goods. What-ever what-ever it is the coin of exchange the voter uses to obtain something he wants via a third party maneuver. Its an insidious act of sanctioning thievery, via third party. It is what it is, and I chose this time to post some hard hitting facts about voting.
    Thanks for your
    Editor-in chief- Anne Cleveland

  4. Carrie says:

    I completely agree with the above comment, the internet is with a doubt growing into the most important medium of communication across the globe and its due to sites like this that ideas are spreading so quickly. My kindest regards, Carrie.