The author of Liberty Quotes recently posted a report by Mary Ruwart explaining how here in the United States, the major planks of Communism have already been adopted, and incorporated into the very fabric of our lives. Karl Marx is usually referred to as the father of Communism, and those countries admittedly calling themselves Socialist Communist, like Russia, Italy, Germany and etc., following the tenets of the Communist manisfesto.

It is obvious America, this great country founded upon the Principles of Personal Freedom, has already been transformed. The ownership of private property is a pea in the same pod with Individual Freedom. And both have been so eroded and infringed upon by the trespass of political government, only a small semblance of Freedom and private property ownership are left.

How did a political government, with tentacles of many branches locally, but headed by a centralized power in Washington, comprised of 535 men and women in Congress and two major elected in the executive branch, president and vice president, acquire such awesome power to transform this nation? A nation of over 300 million, ruled by less than 400 major players.

Those of you who have voted and will vote again next Tuesday are responsible for this position of power. Those you voted into office and the programs you supported they enacted, have resulted in this nation, now being under all the major tenets of the Communist Philosophy. Which are as follows, as set forth in 1847 by Marx and Engels and listed in the Mary J. Ruwart report, from the Communist manifesto.

1- Instituting a heavy or progressive income tax.

2- Abolition of all Rights of inheritance

3 – Free education of all children in Public schools

4 – Subsidize and control utilities – water, garbage, mass transit and etc.

5 – Centralization and control of means of Communication in hands of State. Like licensing to control radio and TV communication by Federal Communication Commission.

6 – Confiscation of property of immigrants and rebels. Seize wealth of suspected drug dealers without trial.

7 – Seize assets of the people, without trial, if IRS thinks they might have unpaid taxes.

8 – Marx and Engels called for abolition of all privately owned lands converted to public property, controlled by government.

Socialism is a centralized political power control of private property, goods and services, and means of production and distribution. The two main name brands are Communism and Fascism.

Take a look at the list of major planks of the Communist manifesto and see for yourself the number and degree of inroads into a former way of American Life. Then ask yourself, “Am I still living in a Free Country?” and secondly, ask yourself what you expect to achieve by your vote next Tuesday? Is there anyone running for election going to return any of these Rights back to you? If so who, what, when and How?

The difference in the Socialist system and American way of living as set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, is quite simple. One’s inalienable Right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness [Property], boils down to one thing, ownership of property, that which has a boundary you can control.

The above list simply points out the absence of individual control over property. A Right the centralized power has already hijacked.

I’m reminded of a story back in the eighties, a story I heard from a lady living in the same apartment complex where I lived, and worked for Internal Revenue. We lived just a block from the large Internal Revenue building there in the Atlanta area. She said the IRS agents would gather in their offices and brag about the power they had, and laugh and party, saying they had the same power as God, with one exception, they couldn’t raise the dead.

Was that just a joke? Or was that the Truth? With so much of the balance of power centralized in Washington, in the hands of the elected there, and so much of the planks of Communism already in effect today, what degree of power does an indiviual have to exercise over their life today? And if voting, is the mechanism which transferred power from the individual over to a centralized political system, what is the expectation as a result of going to the polls next Tuesday?

Any way you swing it, it’s all about power. That is the power of property ownership. After next Tuesday, will that change? Will there be a return of property Rights back to You, the individual? I don’t think so. It’s not the nature of a politician to return or release power, but only to achieve more, and only needs one thing to take more and more and that’s your vote. Your approval via your vote to initiate and implement laws, rules, edicts and regulations to confiscate property as outlined in the Communist manisfesto, by Karl Marx in 1847. Not a list of things which might happen in the future, but a list already accomplished. What’s left at this stage?

Abraham Lincoln said in his speech, Feburary 12th, 1865: “The people are the rightful masters of both Congresses and Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

Is there anyone out there who does not recognize the U.S. Constitution has already been perverted and ignored by the powers that be in Washington?

Freedom is self-responsibility and self-control.



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