There is a mystical illusion to the “common good” mantra, used so effectively by Franklin D. Roosevelt during the thirties, and the real Big Daddy of Socialism in this country. He made great strides into the erosion of individual Freedom, by reducing the majority to the “common man” for the Common Good, by his repetitious rhetoric and mesmerizing voice. The 2010 version of that is the reference of the elitist, “The Little People.”

There are certain things most of us share in common. First and foremost is a desire to live. And a desire to live in harmony with others with a degree of security. And all persons seek to own property, because they must to exist and survive. You own that hamburger you had for lunch.

In the process of living everyday life, we have a common interest in remaining unmolested. Molestation takes on various forms, and is always a violation of one’s property.

In just a few days, the floodgates open as thousands upon thousands flock to the polls to enter a booth to vote secretly for another human being to have a slice of control of their lives, positioned in a political office of power they, the voter, pays for.

Out of 450-plus articles, the one thing I have repeated over and over is the power political government thrives on. It is very simple, the two things it thrives, grows, expands, proliferates on is ” Dependency on it and Opposition to it.” The truth of this is out-pictured in the way things are in this country. It is self-evident, the position of power those now ruling this country acquired from the people dependent on it and those opposing it.

When you go into a voting booth or mail in your ballot, your actions stamp your position of dependency upon the one you approve and opposition to the other you disapprove. Interestingly, there is very little difference in any two candidates, regardless of what they say to doodle-bug you into the voting booth. All politicians have more in common than not. Their main thrust is getting into office and staying in office, to exert the power you have given them to take your property.

There are only two things in the Universe, Energy and Substance, and most everything thrives on dependency and opposition. We must have food for survival, which comes from the earth, and have it as a result of dependency and resistance. When I plant a tiny seed in the soil, the seed is dependent upon the soil to survive. It must have right temperature, right depth, right nutrients, right amount of water to provide the energy of resistance. Because the tiny seed must have enough energy of resistance to push through the soil on top, which is heavier than the seed. This resistance is the impetus necessary to burst forth to grow and produce.The same is true whether the seed produces a poisonous plant or an edible one.

The same principle applies to the politician, vying for the power to rule over you. He parks himself in your living room via television, and begins his promises of the Promised Land he’s going to provide for you, in exchange for one thing, your sanction by your one vote. He must have the vote of the victims he ends up robbing by all the rules, policies, edicts and laws he will implement and enforce. By its very nature, voting is a stamp of approval for one and opposition to another. Your vote “for” is your stamp of approval of dependency, and the opposition is the energy required, to initiate all the programs of bondage the politician will support relative to taking your property.

This is just simple 101 politics. While so much time, effort, energy and billions spent on the electorate process, the solution is quite simple, just withdraw your dependency and opposition, mind your own business and stop using your energy placing others in power over your life and that of your neighbor.

The results of your actions is what Lenin, the Russian ruler and Communist, meant in the early part of the last century, when he laid out the Global conquest for Communism, stating, “The United States we will not have to attack, it will fall into our hands like over-ripe fruit.”

If you can’t listen to simple, common-sense rationale, listen to what the enemy tells us. When the compulsion to vote is so powerful, and this country falls like “over-ripe fruit,” and you start humming “Don’t cry for me America” to the tune of the dyed in the wool socialist singing “Don’t cry for me Argentina,” remember it was all accomplished by “dependency upon it and opposition to it” and admit to yourself the role you played in the downfall of the greatest country in the history of mankind.

That “Root, hog, or die” mantra of the early settlers when they decided to throw off the yoke of slavery perpetrated by British rule, meant they were willing to die for that which we ain’t putting up with any longer. But you don’t have to take up arms and start shooting, all you have to do is STOP, that which you have been doing which caused the crisis.

Why do you the reader, think the President of the United States is flying around the country in the executive jet with his entourage you’re paying for, flailing his arms and yelling to the crowd, “Mail in your absentee ballot, TODAY?” It’s because the politicians fear a low voter turn-out. There is a pervasive fear, of withdrawal via non-voting, and out-pictured by all the flowery speeches, still crying change change change!!!

And we all know what has happened in the past, with reference to the manipulation of absentee ballots. It’s a matter of recent history on record. And remember “the dangling chad” fiasco in the last Bush election? The fraud in elections is a matter of record.

Yes your one vote is important, because it is exactly what the politician must have to control and plunder you, your children and your neighbor.

And keep in mind, majority rule is a contrived method of corruptive political methodology, to control and interfere with your Right to Freedom and private property ownership. Those Rights are endowed by our Creator, and do not come from political government. However your vote gives political clout for those you selected to take it away and destroy it. Which is precisely what they do.

And if you are asking, what’s in it for me[WHFM] by writing these articles. Quite simply, my stake in all of the time and effort I take to write, is a hope of Freedom in the future of my children, grandchildren and my neighbor. Nothing more and nothing less than just that.




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