The only hope we have of returning this great Nation back to the Principles upon which it was founded, i.e., Individual Freedom and Private property Ownership, and Free enterprise, voluntary exchange of goods and services, is for the people to “get it!!!”  And I can unequivocally state at this place in time, the people do not “get it.” Only a handful do. A very small number, the majority do not comprehend what is taking place and what has already taken place. Why? because they are not listening to what we are being told everyday. By those who are the architects of the “transformation of America.”

How many listened and comprehended what President Obama explained on the Jon Stewart show this week? It was very revealing and explicit. First he told us were in the ditch, and secondly he explained his game plan.

But first, let me ask the reader to visualize a circle. It is 360 degrees. And consider those in charge in the executive branch, all the department heads, czars, and advisors, with the President at the head, as being inside an invisible circle, and the 300 million Americans outside this circle. What is taking place inside the circle, is quite different from what the majority wants and expects and understands.

Secondly, stop and think about the difference in a Structure and a System. A structure is a combination of related parts. The position and arrangement of parts, like tissues in a box. To form an organize structure, you build it. To conceive and build a society by design, one begins with the idea of Structural design. Similar to building the structural design of a house.

Now think about a “system,” which is something consisting of a combination of parts that flows and moves. It is not fixed like a structure. Your house is a structure, which has systems that operate. Your water system flows through pipes and your electricity flows through lines and cables.

There are two major kinds of Societies. One is a structure and one is a system. Socialism is a structured Society, operated by a group inside a circle. For example, the federal income tax. It’s a fixed structure, everyone required to abide by. No one can go out and earn and be exempt from paying income taxes.

The other kind of Society is one of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness [Property] and it flows and moves according to the desires and productivity of individuals, operating in a voluntary exchange of goods and services, according to the desires and decisions of individuals, relative to individual values operating within this system, that moves and flows. Individualism in the capitalistic free-enterprise system, is left to its own devices to create and live according to choices one makes in this “System.”

A system is not constricted by a fixed structure, with the limitations of a fixed structure. Therefore it is almost unlimited, with reference to things an individual can create, as evidenced by all that has been invented and created in this twenty-first century, when unhampered and not held inside the fixed structure of the circle.

When President Obama appeared on Jon Stewart’s show, he said, “We’ve put a “structure in place.”

Then continued saying, “Look, when social security was passed, it applied to widows and orphans, and it was a very restrictive program and over time, that structure was built by developing into the most important Social Safety Net, that we have in our country. The same is true on every piece of PROGRESSIVE legislation, every bit of progress that we’ve made.”

Continued referencing Civil Rights Act: “But the point was that we had created a STRUCTURE. We put a framework in place, that allowed us to make progress.” “That’s what We’ve done over the last 18 months, that’s what I expect.”

Communism and Fascism are the two major structured Socities in the world today.

To understand what is taking place, has taken place and will continue, one must understand the framework of the Structure. President Obama made no bones about discussing and explaining it on the Jon Stewart show this week. Interesting he went on a comedy show to tell us his plans of the future for this country, and what he has done thus far to implement. Very clearly, not mincing words.





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