In my articles I try to write in the simplest and easy to understand terms. In my first article I explained the difference in a Structure and a System, and quoted what Obama said about his plans of Structure on the Jon Stewart show.

I had not watched the Jon Stewart show before, but understand it is primarily a comedy show. It was interesting hearing how the audience laughed at the President’s remarks, which to me were a serious revelation of his plans in Transforming America. Then Jon Stewart would quip, calling him “dude” and the audience would laugh.

For me it was an explanation of what he meant in his mantra of “change, change, change,” which he repeated over and over in campaign speeches without revealing his game plan to change things. However he elucidated on his change plan in the short stint on the Stewart show, telling us how he has been implementing his “structure” of change the past 18 months and plans of continuing in the future.

I for one appreciate his forthrightness in telling us, the American people, just what his plans are, and definitely no laughing matter. The fact the audience laughed so frequently, and the fact he chose a comedy show to explain, tells me he knows the American people are not getting it, and it’s a joke to them.

I say, wake up America, the President is telling us what he has done and his plans of continuing. Instead of being angry, frustrated and upset at the course this Nation is on, listen to what the President is telling us, pay attention, and realize the trouble and crisis we are in, and electing a new batch to go to Washington, without an understanding of the gameplan, is going to do nothing to reverse the direction of this country embracing Socialism.

It is easy to understand what the opposition of the Capitalistic free-enterprising system and personal Freedom is doing. If we listen to what they say, and then fill in the blanks when they fail to detail it. In other words, take what they say at face value and fill in with what they are not telling, and the picture comes into focus.

And again I repeat what Dr. Phil says, we can’t change that which we do not acknowledge. Accordingly, not to acknowledge what President Obama expressed on the Stewart show, and to view it as a joke to laugh at, is a sure formula to fail with any kind of rational solution to the problems we face. We need to get serious, because the problem is a very serious one. The Principles upon which this nation was founded upon, and thrived on for many years, is under attack, and we are losing.

We are losing, because of the failure to recognize it’s a Battle, in a War of ideas. And a misunderstanding of aim and strategies and tactics of what the politicians in Washington are doing.

After 18 months of all the programs and the monetary cost of implementation perpetrated upon the producers of this country, we are overdue in waking up to the reality. If we are to salvage any part of a former way of life living in Freedom, there is no more time to waste. It’s Now or Never.

For those under the illusion that the election of a Republican batch of politicians to replace the Democrats, is going to effect any meaningful change in the direction we are going down the on road of Socialism, a system which replaces Freedom, then we are going to wake up in more bondage than we’re currently experiencing. Quite simply, trying to fix the problem with more of the same, under a different party name is not the solution.

Too many people have fought and died for Freedom, for us to think we can ignore or laugh at the current course of events and the direction it has already taken us. We are not entitled to do nothing about it. We inherited a country of Freedom, but that inheritance does not entitle us to do nothing to sustain it. It is a responsibility, the self-responsibility of Freedom, each one of us must accept and act upon.

Continued in PART THREE




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