In my first two articles, I explained what Obama is doing to Transform America, based upon what he says, what he does not say and what he’s doing. I also stated the majority of Americans do not “get it.”

I base this observation, which is my opinion, on daily news, what I read, what I hear in conversations, and the fact this country is still on a fast track of Socialism. There are many things in life I don’t get, for example, anything electrical, electronic or mechanical, is difficult for me to comprehend. But not necessary for me because I can hire someone to do these things. My life and love of Freedom is my responsibility, non-transferrable and I cannot hire anyone to retain nor sustain Freedom. Nor can anyone else, is why it is so important to “get it.”

This morning I received a newsletter titled “Stupid things for Smart people,” for example, on some Swanson frozen dinners, there’s a suggestion,”Defrost before eating.” On a package for the Rowena Iron: “Do not iron clothes on body.” On most brands of Christmas lights: “For indoor or outdoor use only.”

Then I received another newsletter from a doctor recommending what to do as a patient. “Don’t be a good patient, ask lots of questions,” and “Don’t worry about whether or not your doctor likes you,” adding, “Remember, this is a business transaction.”

With reference to myself “getting it,” I have many articles posted telling my story of my journey to understand the meaning of Freedom and the role all governments in general play and my government in particular. Therefore I know “getting it” is not something automatic, one must take the time to listen, study, and learn what it requires to get it. However I really did not get all of it from studying politics, philosophy, Freedom and the role of governments.

Much came into focus for me from another subject. I was a reflexologist, and a counselor for a nutritional program which dealt with cancer patients. Listening to stories about health problems, physical, emotional, and personal, I began seeing a pattern. Those who came to me did not know what caused the problem, the role they played in the cause, with no idea how to fix it. Frequently, I would say to the individual, I hear what you are saying, and what you are not telling me. It was through listening to what was said and not said, that helped me to help them, understand what it was necessary for them to do to overcome their problem. But they themselves must do it.

I was well aware no person can heal another of physical, mental, emotional or personal problems, but what I could do, is help them understand their problem and give them hope and encouragement, relative to whatever the problem was. And in the process they taught me.

Accordingly, it’s in this connection, it is quite evident the majority of Americans do not get it, in reference to the root problem, nor know the solution. It is self-evident because of the departure from the Principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the laws outlined in the Constitution. And it is because of this departure from the moral guide of the Declaration of Independence and the laws of the Constitution, this country has been transformed and in a crisis, in the grip of the structure of Socialism.

I decided to write this series, after listening to the President of the United States tell us what he has done in the past eighteen months and his plans of structure for the future. And hearing the joking and laughter about it.

And quite frankly, I felt a bit sick in the pit of my stomach, when I heard him referred to as “dude.” I think the office of presidency of the greatest nation on earth, commands a certain amount of respect, as the leader of this Country. We can complain about what he says and does, but the position of leader of this country, the Office itself can still be respected, because the office should epitomize the Principles for which this Nation was established. An office and position the great George Washington once held.




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