I never cease to be amazed with wide-eyed wonder at the advancement of civilization in my lifespan. I have written much about my life’s journey, from horse and buggy days and era of the T-Model and A-Model Fords to jet flying. When communication was via newspaper, then radio, to today when people walk by and drive by with a phone in their ear.

I’m still awestruck at the internet, and the fact I can write something, on any subject I choose and it goes around the world 24-7 to 80 countries, and responses come in written in all kinds of different languages. I write an article, send to my associate editor, she edits and posts, and the next thing I see is a comment from India, China, Russia, Africa, and places I can’t pronounce. Which never ceases to amaze me.

My ability to operate anything electronic, has improved very little. I’m reticent to click click around, with concerns I might inadvertently shut the computor down. In this connection, I must confess, I only recently started “googling” for information. And that was accidental. Clicked on my website “dashboard” and “oops, unavailable” popped up with a notice to click Google for Octogenariansblog.com appeared. When I googled my website, totally amazed at pages and pages of material about octogenariansblog.com. I was awestruck at the amount of material about my writings, other bloggers who comment and reprint my articles. So I started checking and Googling every day.

Yesterday, my associate editor posted my latest article titled “Voting -The Mystique of Enforced Altruism – The Seed Principle” with a sub-heading “Try Self-Rule Autarchy.” I woke up at 6am, turned on computor and clicked Google for Octogenariansblog.com,and there lo and behold, I saw at the top, “Try Self-Rule, Autarchy.” Now I can’t help but feel, there’s something very magical about that!!!

For me, that’s tantamount to rubbing Aladdin’s lamp, and having something appear out of thin air. To add to my amazement and joy, discovered I can google for information on a product, select and order and it’s delivered to my door in 3 days. Just ordered a Kodak printer through Amazon and in 3 days, delivered to my door. Admittedly do not know how to install, but has all the instructions, I’m waiting for someone to come to my rescue to install. I wanted a Kodak because the printer ink is less expensive.

I reflected on my early writings in high school, in 1942, when I wrote articles titled “Eavesdropping” about goings on in highschool, wrote in longhand and mailed to local newspaper and appeared weekly. It was a thrill to see my writings in print. I continued throughout my life, writing, writing, writing, but simply filed away and never published, nor posted until 3 years ago, when my son called and said Mom I’ll furnish you a team to assist if you will just write a Blog on the internet. Had no idea what a blog was. But he retained a web manager to develop my website and three years ago I started writing a Blog. Now have over 400 lengthy articles posted on a variety of subjects.

Still mis-spell, and make grammatical errors, and type with two fingers, but my associate editor does the editing and posting.

About a year ago, decided I wanted to get on Facebook, and late one night, started clicking around, and somehow signed up on Facebook, but did not know how to find and return to FB. Imagine my surprise the next morning, received an email from Dr. Rich Olsen, my local surgeon, with a comment on my Facebook site. I clicked on his link to reach my FB site. Wow! by trial and error I was on FB. However, I was quite inactive until about 4 months ago, decided to participate in this phenomena of social media and love all the interaction with so many others on FB. Delightful eye opener, there are so many others, with sincere interest in this great country we live in, and grave concerns about what has happened to it, and the direction things are headed.

Growing up in the country, during the Great Depression, with no telephone and no tv, and studying by a little oil lamp, with contact with outer world through newspapers, and radio. Plus once a week classes on current events in school, one cannot imagine how awed I am with the unimaginable advancements I experience in this twenty-first century. However in retrospect, despite the absence of all the electronics we are privy to have today, I was always interested in happenings around the world in general and this country in particular. From Health to History, from Politics to Philosophy, my interests remain quite varied. With an eleventh commandment “don’t bore me” mentality.

This morning, thought to myself, time to smell the roses, and count my blessings, not the least of which is seeing all the bits and pieces of my writings appearing under “Google” in page after page, I discovered by accident.

Reminded me of one of the first things I taught my daughter as a little child, she repeated frequently and that is, “The greatest thing on earth is doing a good deed in secret and being discovered by accident.”

I have never received any monetary compensation for writing, but reaped great rewards, from the recognition I have received, and the self-satisfaction, of being able to do something, for love of freedom and Country, for myself, my children, grandchildren, and any others who might derive any benefit from my writings. Well aware, some ideas I express seem unorthodox and sometimes controversial, I try to retain consistency relative to any subject I write about. Fortunate to have had some outstanding mentors, who helped me along the way to formulate my ideas and conclusions, which form the basis of my writings, thinking and way of Life.



EMAIL: annecleveland@bellsouth.net

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    Hello I must say, I m impressed with your site. I had no trouble navigating through all the tabs and information was very easy to access. I found what I wanted in no time at all. Pretty awesome. Would appreciate it if you add forums or something, it would be a perfect way for your clients to interact. Great job