I just signed off on my five part series, “The Route I Took To Learn The Philosophy of Freedom,” (blog Issue numbers 435 to 439), which is a sort of condensing the journey from my reading of the Status Forces Agreement signed by General MacArthur, returning sovereignty to Japan after World War Two up through the sixties.

I’m one who believes education is something which is continuing throughout our life, if we are willing to open-mindedly accept being on this planet is like a sort of school, and accept the realization, we learn so much throughout and still know so little. For me I view education as an acquisition of knowledge, no matter where it comes from. My five year old grandson, Prince William, teaches me as I reach him. My ears always perk up when he prefaces his remarks with, “I have a great idea.”

Lately, I’ve been receiving a number of comments, of the deep divide variety relative to ideas I express, which is ok, because I take into account those I can use and delete the others. Some disagreement on my definition of education. Construction criticism, or correction of errors I make are always welcome. For example one nice gentleman pointed out I referred to 14th amendment to Constitution as the involuntary servitude amendment, which was in error. He was absolutely correct, and I posted his comment, to show it is the 13th amendment and not the 14th.

The Involuntary Servitude clause is of particular interest to me, because I view in retrospect, the 20-plus years I spent in support of a military officer without ever receiving a dime, was tantamount to “involuntary servitude.” A conclusion I reached after the tour was over, and reading some of the things the military told me to do. During the period as a military wife however, my thinking was one of duty to support a military man, believing he was fighting for freedom of this country, relative to his active involvement in fighting wars, and all the temporary duty assignments away from his family.

Once out of the military family and living an entirely different lifestyle, but continuing my studies, learning more about Freedom and the role of political governments, my values completely changed. Discovering all these wars this country has been involved in are mostly nation- building for other countries, instead of freedom for this country, including the two this United States is now involved in, opened my eyes to a different opinion.

When the student is ready the teacher appears, and apparently I was not ready to see the military involvement, in its reality, until I was out of it and away from it. Our experiences are oftentimes “prologue to the epilogue.”

I recall one period of time in particular, early on in his career when my husband had been recalled to active duty, stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi. I had a great job as manager of a photographer’s studio and we had just bought a new house. He received orders to go to Korea, when that war was going on. Just after receiving his orders, he received notice his father had a stroke and his mother was ill. Because he was an only child, the military offered a hardship discharge, so he could return home to care for his parents.

We talked it over, and at the time I felt it my patriotic duty to support him to fight for the Freedom of this country. I agreed to give up my job I loved, my new home and return to Florida to take care of his ill parents so he could proceed on orders to go to Korea as an Airforce air sea rescue pilot. I returned to Florida with the children, and for a year took care of his parents, and raising the children alone. It was a very difficult period for me, but at the time, I felt it was my duty to fulfill my role as a military wife, and do whatever necessary to support him, while he took off to another country to fight for this one.

I look back in retrospect and realize, frequently my decisions relative to being a military wife were based upon mis-information, which is all water over the dam, but it was these many experiences which drove me to know more about this political government.

Today, as I listen to political speeches, read about the two on-going wars, hear the excuses for justification, and read reports of the cost and young lives lost, I shudder at all the propaganda, constantly being used on the news 24-7.

And know these very real wars are an out-picturing of the war of ideas this country is deeply involved in. I do not believe they are for Freedom of this country, but believe they are part of a larger scheme to transform this country to Socialism, via the ecomomic cost of the wars to foster other countries’ nation-building. The question I ask, where and in which country, has our involvement resulted in freeing anyone? And where is there any indication the personal Freedom of the 300 million-plus citizens of this country, has been enhanced by all these political wars?

As this country continues on a fast track of more and more heavy-duty taxes, coupled with more and more laws, policies and edicts of governmental control and intrusion into personal lives, how can anyone believe the actions of this government aim to fulfill or protect individual Rights to Life, liberty and happiness (property)?

Have we not been propagandized into bondage? Are we not living in a state of elitist government? Whereby a few are making all the rules, contrary to the desires of the many? And isn’t this role in opposition to the free-enterprising capitalistic system, upon which this country thrived from the first 200 years? Have we reached a point of no return? Will the next generation live under totalitarianism, as a result of all the socialistic programs Congress has proposed and promoted? Will they break the bank and backs of the American people? And more importantly have they so dampened the Spirit of the American people, has the Will to do what is necessary to recover, been so diminished, a lifestyle we once knew is gone forever, only remembered in history books?

Here’s a quote from Walter Trohan, a Chicago Tribune reporter, which I received from “Liberty Quotes” yesterday. “It is a known fact that the policies of the government today, whether Republican or Democrat are closer to the 1932 platform of the Communist Party than they are to either of their own party platforms in that critical year.”



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