After the meeting I held in my home with dozens of disgruntled parents attending, one attendee was a local minister who was irate over the treatment of his two daughters in the school. He called and wanted to stop by and talk with me. The night he attended he came in a rented car from the local car repair, where he left his vehicle for repair. When he returned, the owner of the shop wanted to know where he was the night before in their vehicle. Explaining the local police and base military police came and asked who was driving the car which was at my house and the meeting the night before.

This of course immediately alerted me that my house was under surveillance. Therefore when a call came from Sergeant Major in the Base Commander’s office I already knew of this surveillance. Therefore, I told the caller, I was not in the military, and preferred not coming to his office, however the Commander knew where I lived on Bel-Air and if he would like to make an appointment to visit me, I would be happy to talk with him. He never came and I never went to his office.

A couple of weeks later my husband received notice, orders were being cut for a tour of duty in Vietnam, where a war was going on. This was a surprise and unexpected, he had been assured he would probably not be ordered into battle again, based upon his military record of service in other places, like a year in the Korean War. Without listing all his assignments, he had served plenty on foreign soil to fight for this country.

Then I began hearing rumors, the school Principal MacWilliams, had bragged, he had been instrumental in having my Captain husband shipped out to Vietnam. I knew he was very friendly with upper echelon military personnel, but soon learned he was effective in pulling strings. From my study of the Philosophy of Freedom, I knew about the politics involved in schools and the military. And I was experiencing first hand, just how dangerous it was to buck the system of political government. The schools and military both being operated by the government. But I daresay hearing the school Principal could effect my husband’s assignment to a war zone was a shocker. And a new level of awareness engulfed me.

That’s when I decided to write to the Armed Forces Chairman Senator Russell and request an investigation of the allegations I described. And he did initiate an investigation into the matter. I still have his letter of response. It was played down and hush-hush, and I realized there was collusion all the way around and if this sort of thing got out in the news, it would be explosive. I understood why an investigation into the matter resulted in a letter stating no evidence was found to support the notion the school principal had anything to do with the assignment.

Aside from my exposé of unacceptable practices and activities in the school, now I had initiated an investigation of the military base from Congress. I was in hot water, and living on a cul de sac, I placed a tent in my back yard, with a man with a gun sleeping in it, and kept a trained German Shepherd at my front door.

The next thing I did was take all those letters, signed and notarized by the parents detailing the things which their children had experienced in the school, along with a lengthy letter describing events and my experiences with the school and military, plus news items; packaged them up and sent to my sister outside the state to place in a safety deposit box. I included a letter addressed to J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI, explaining if anything happened to me or my children, who would be responsible to investigate. Then a letter to my sister instructing what to do in the event anything happened to me.

A close friend of mine was a court reporter and worked for a lawyer in Nashville, and came one day and told me of the talk going around about my situation, and asked me if I was aware of the danger I was in. I assured her I did know, and had taken steps to protect myself and my children.

Amazingly I felt quite calm about everything, and felt I was protected by a Higher Power.

I kept my children home and home schooled. Something unheard of in the early sixties.

My husband shipped out to Vietnam.

Then the call I was expecting came from the school board, informing me I would be arrested, for defiance of the Compulsory school law. After receiving the threat, I said calmly, let me explain something to you what will happen if you arrest me or dare touch one of my children.

I explained in detail the package I had sent to a safety deposit box outside the state with instructions to go to J. Edgar Hoover, if anything happened to me or my children. Containing enough information, signed and notarized, to blast all concerned in this plot against me. I told the caller,if you arrest me, you are going to open up a whole can of worms that’s going to be an indictment of all involved in this onslaught of threats and harrassment against me. I concluded the conversation saying, but you know where I live, go ahead and arrest me, but believe what I’m telling you if you do.

Nothing ever happened to me nor my children, but as a safety measure I did send my children out of state to my parents for the last two months of school, to insure their safety, because I had no way of knowing what the powers that be might do next. However nothing else happened. My husband spent a tour of duty in Vietnam and my children never returned to the school.

Conclusion To this Story in PART FIVE

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