In some of the stories of my journey of Discovery of Freedom in this series, I have written about in parts of previous articles, but decided to write more in depth, with some continuity relative to my journey. How I started on this route of intense desire to understand just precisely what Freedom means and the role of political government in all our lives. In my opinion, the desire for personal Freedom and Private ownership of Property Rights is a very powerful thing. On the contrary the activities of those in political government opposed to this notion are equally powerful and it is an on-going battle between Individuals and the State.

In these articles I explain how I stood up alone against the onslaught of the power of the State and won in this one instance involving compulsion of the State owned and operated Socialist schools. I changed absolutely nothing for anyone except myself.

Because I had two families and another child after the children I speak of in these articles, there have been many other battles I fought, which I have written about previously, like my battle against forced immunizations in schools and other stories. Which involve another child and not the ones I have written about in this series.

Continuing the story of my journey. While living in Tennessee, and studying the meaning of Freedom, I always had this underlying urge to write. I figured if I ever decided to write about Freedom and politics, I should have some first-hand knowledge, and in this connection got in touch with some people involved in the Republican Party in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and started attending meetings. There were some local well-known business people involved in the Republican party. These were good, decent, well-meaning people. However there was an element of students from a local college who had strong Socialist, communistic leanings who attended the meetings.

This was in the early sixties when there was a lot of unrest among college students, and I soon learned there were two opposing factions in the local Republican party. One young college man in particular was a rabble rouser, who tried to dominate meetings. It was a time Barry Goldwater was running for President and the locals were for Goldwater, a conservative, but the college students were opposed.

There came a time when the local faction wanted to send me as a delegate to the convention. But opposition from the Communist leaning group of students.

My husband had returned from Vietnam and reassigned to Air Force Systems Command in Dayton, Ohio as a test pilot. He came home on weekends. One weekend when he came home there was a steady flow of political activists in and out of my house, and he objected and decided to take me and the children to the beach for a couple of weeks. We went to Fort Walton Beach in Florida. That time away from all the activity gave me quiet time to think. I decided I had had enough of political activism and when I returned resigned from the party and never participated again.

One lady in the party, who was very active and had a lot of political clout on the national level, begged me to remain in. She was actually a Nixon supporter. I explained to her I only got in to the political game to learn first-hand how it all worked and I had experienced enough in a short period to know it was not a route for me to go. So much about the wheeling and dealings of the operation was in opposition to my belief in personal Freedom.

I loved my large lovely home I had built in Tennessee, but decided I would move to Dayton, Ohio, where my husband was assigned, and a few months later moved to Dayton.

My husband was a Command Pilot Reserve officer. After World War Two had gotten out of the military for five years and was recalled during the Korean conflict. He had twenty-plus years of active duty and as I recall a reserve officer had to sign up periodically for another tour. When he told me he wanted to sign up to stay in, I told him I had had enough of being a military wife and wanted to move back to Georgia near my parents. He decided not to sign up for another tour and was honorably discharged.

We took a vacation in Florida, then moved onto a little 18 acre farm near Atlanta. A part of my studying the Philosophy of Freedom was a course in Economics. This was in the late sixties, and I thought the collapse of the economy was in the near future and that’s when I started learning how to be self-sufficient, planting a garden, learning how to can and preserve food, raising chickens, acquiring a shop of antique business and etc, I have described in other articles. Plus several jobs over the next few years. One job as executive director of a Motel Managers school.

In my 400-plus posted articles I have written stories about my life and things I did in the following years. Stories about how I was always standing up and fighting for the Principles I believed in. Stories about the various small businesses I started, and ways I made a living. Stories about how I have lived my life according to the Principles of the Philosophy of Freedom.

Then I retired and moved away from Atlanta, spent time reading and learning more. With greater and greater concerns about this country and Freedom I love for myself, children and grandchildren. I moved to an area to be closer to my grandchildren, I spend time with and enjoy. I have written stories about my son calling one day and saying, “Mom, I’ll set you up with a team to help you if you will just write.” I agreed and he arranged for a New York editor and PR expert, an Atlanta web manager and etc.

In my long and varied life, seems I was always taking a course in something, from flower arranging to reflexology. I have a lot to write about. Before this blog site, I was always writing, just never published. And I write because I must, plus in hopes I might say something to cause someone somewhere to stop and think about what is happening to this great country we live in and to realize just how precious individual Freedom really is.

The one thing I strive to do is be consistent, regardless of the subject. That is consistent with morality and the philosophy of Freedom. Consistent with Universal Principles as I understand them and a consistent value system. I have written articles about the differences in Principles and one’s Value system. Lessons I learned early on when I began my pursuit to understand Freedom and politics, which began way back there when I landed in a Japanese jail.

And very much accept what Dr. Phil says, “We can’t change that which we do not acknowledge.”

Some of what I write in this five part series is repetitious, but wanted to write the story with some continuity, rather than bits and pieces.

The reason I did this is because I have been incubating some future articles, where I might make a slight departure from an idea I have previously written about. No departure from Principles, but a slight change in my values about the political system and the future we face at this crucial period in our history.

Because so many are behaviorally stuck on this two-party system of Democrats or Republican, which are so much alike, there’s little difference, and neither working, and inasmuch as we are on a fast track sliding into totalitarianism, something has to change to change direction. The question is, What?

In my opinion that is the most important thing we currently face. What is it we can do to change the direction, back to the Principles upon which this nation was founded. Not only what it is, but what we must do, if we are to survive with personal freedom and any degree of the free-enterprising system which made this country so great and set us apart from other countries.

And from where I sit, there appears a degree of awakening in the American people, just in the past few months, I have never seen before. The question is, are there enough waking up and realizing what is happening to us in this country, and in time to change directions? I think its shaky and iffy. The inverted pyramid is teetering.




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