As I sit at my window, writing on my computer, I can see squirrels flying up and down a huge pecan tree, in a feeding frenzy. This morning I saw a redbird sitting on a limb watching the squirrel eat pecans.

I went to my fenced in backyard and saw a beautiful hummingbird, with its long beak inside a red hibiscus bloom, having breakfast.

Then observed a chipmunk digging into my potted cilantro, uprooting the small plants. Stepped outside the gated and saw another ground squirrel digging up potatoes in Prince William’s little fall garden.

I thought to myself, what is the common denominator of all these varieties of living species? And realized they are all busy trying to satisfy their unmet needs. Each according to their particular means of doing so. Whether it’s the hummingbird suspended in mid-air, feeding itself, or a flying squirrel in the top of a pecan tree, crunching the shell, for food, or the chipmunk, digging up William’s potato plants, all have a great deal in common, trying to satisfy their un-met needs.

Impressive to me that one is in the top of a very large tree, one is digging in the earth, and one suspended in mid-air, all with one thing in common – trying to satisfy un-met needs, in a variety of ways.

Then I checked my emails, comments and Facebook page. Lately a slew of emails to support various ventures relative to a variety of ventures. Some seeking donations, some desiring attendance, and various ways of participation. For example, one fundraiser for postage stamps, one notice was help in legalizing art in streets of Chicago, and another, a “Rally to restore sanity.”

I began wondering why they were contacting me. If they had been reading my 400-plus articles posted on my blogsite, then they would be more enlightened about precisely what my interests are. Comparing to the living creatures I observed this morning, I concluded there must be un-met needs, everyone is seeking to fulfill.

A difference in us, the homo sapien species, we have un-met needs over and beyond food, clothing and shelter. We have a need for such abstracts as love, attention, recognition. And perhaps, those people I do not really know are emailing for these various things they want, to meet their un-met needs. But I don’t really know for sure, just guessing.

I recently discovered I have such a strong desire for something, wondered if it fell under the column of “Needs.” Almost a month ago my television went on the blink, and decided I would switch to AT&T U-verse, a 3 week delay in installation, which as I understand takes 4 or 5 hours. I’ve gone through a period of withdrawals, not having television to watch. All my TVs are older models so bought a lovely flat screen, to have for the updated cable service next week.

At first I felt a bit abandoned not having a TV to keep up with daily happenings, so turned on radio listened to music, and began catching up on my reading. After first couple of weeks decided TV does not come under catagory of a need, but something I want, which entertains and informs.

So what is the difference in a “need,” which is a necessity, and trivial wants and desires? Seeking answers, I refer to the Philosophy of Freedom and the Private property ownership concept. Beginning with our creation by something greater than ourselves, and by virtue of the fact we exist, have certain inalienable “Rights.” One being a Right to own property, and a need for our survival. We must own food, in order to survive. Therefore we need it. Nothing is more glaringly apparent, relative to our Right of ownership, than food. We must have it to survive and when we consume it we own it. Keeping in mind a criteria of ownership is, it must have a boundary, we must be able to control it and must be able to destroy, if we so choose.

Food, we eat, which we need, meets the three definitions of ownership. Sounds over-simplified, but because ownership seems a misunderstood area of our existance, using food as an example may sound sophomoric to some. However, when placed in one’s mouth there is a boundary to it and the consumer is controlling it, for the body to destroy it.

In previous articles I have described ownership as something one controls and has a right to destroy. I’m not speaking of the wisdom of destruction, but one’s right to destroy if in fact one owns something and desires to destroy. For example, you might buy or build a house, pay for it and assume you “own” it. But in reality you do not own it because others, via political edicts, rules, ordinances, and etc., control it. You cannot destroy without permission from someone else who has never invested a cent in the property you thought you owned. If you want to add a room, add a roof, tear down a deck, add a deck, plus a laundry list of other changes and destructive acts, you are not allowed to do so without permission from someone else. Most controls come from people you do not even know.

Because Individual Freedom and ownership of property Rights is at the very core of the current crisis we face in this country, in order to turn the tide back to the Principles upon which this Nation was founded, it is necessary to understand ownership of property Rights, and the difference in wants and needs. However, a want can be a need and a need may be a want.

We went through a period in this country, particularly as a result of World War Two, whereby families split up and disbursed, communities scattered, and a whole new lifestyle resulted. Consequently, we feel the brunt of that, and now, small groups forming for this, that and the other. Social media, particularly via the internet, is extremely popular, and nothing wrong with that. Because what we are looking for is what we are looking for. In my opinion, looking for some safety in numbers, to re-claim our Right to Ownership. A right so eroded by political government, there is a lot of confusion as to what constitutes Freedom and Rights to property ownership.

And insofar as I can see, all this desire to organize for various reasons, does not address the core issues, particularly the meaning of ownership of property. And frequently just a means of gathering together to vent and complain. I call it P-T-A-ing, that is meeting, eating and retreating.

The proof is in the pudding, so to speak, nothing is happening to reverse the Transformation of America, from the Principles of Freedom and Private property ownership, a system of free-enterprise, i.e., voluntary exchange of goods and services, to a system of socialism. We continue down the road to totalitarianism, control by an elitist few over the lives and property of the many.

As I see it we are missing this one grand opportunity, as individuals gathering in small groups, to inform ourselves of the real core issues we all face, which so profoundly affect our lives and the future of our children and grandchildren.

This country was founded upon individuals and small groups cooperating for one common idea, i.e., personal Freedom and individual private property ownership. It’s not rocket science, but really quite simple. That is, there is simplicity, to understanding what must be done to re-claim that which we once had upon which this nation was formed and thrived. A system of discovery, which made this country the envy of the world, providing more for the advancement of humanity than anyone imagined, beginning with a common cause in small groups.

Where along the line did we abandon the idea, the self-responsibility and self-control of freedom could and should be replaced by a centralized group of politicians? When did we decide “other” individuals were in a better position to decide what was best relative to meeting our un-met needs than ourselves? Why did we accept the degree of plunder perpetrated upon all Americans we are now experiencing?

We, “the huddled masses,” know something is very wrong in our lives, as others take control of every phase of our lives. It’s not because we don’t know something is drastically wrong, we hear about it everyday on the news. It’s because somewhere along the line we abandoned the self-responsibility of individual Freedom. And now flailing around thinking if we can only elect a new batch to govern our lives, by some sort of magic, doing the same thing will change the outcome. No, no, no, it will not!!

Truth is that which is, and the absence of a lie. Until we face the truth regarding the mistakes we made, which brought us to this brink of disaster, that is, abandonment of the self-responsibility and self-control of Freedom, we once enjoyed, nothing will change for the better.

Before starting this article, I spent sometime reading about the activities of one particular group, and found nothing of any substance or meaningful actions. Just babble, seeking others to join the babbling rhetoric. Non-specific, yak-yaking to get together and organize.

This is a nation of good and decent, hard-working Americans, with love of family, and the American way of life. Why are we allowing ourselves to be led down the bridle path of Socialism? How can we speak of freedom and still send our children to the socialized school room to be indoctrinated into the tenets of socialism? Then wonder how we got to where we are today. I suggest it’s a bad day at Black Rock in the OK Corral. Flippant sounding, I admit, but we must awaken from the slumber.

What can you do? What do you want to Do? Are you willing to stop and think for a moment, about what we had, what we have lost, and what the future holds unless we make the necessary changes to turn things around?

Are you willing to turn off the bull coming out of Washington, telling us everything is coming up roses, while they are busy 24-transforming America, as promised in the change, change, change mantra?

It took more than one man to get us into this mired-down critical situation, and going to take more than one person to get us out of the ditch. It’s going to take all of us, by facing the reality of what has happened and is happening, to reverse conditions. The answers lie within the indomitable spirit of the American people, individual awareness and determination to make the necessary changes. A refusal to stop being seduced by the rhetoric of politicians. Which can begin today.




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