Growing up in the South among a lot of family members, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, Mom & Dad, two brothers and one sister, we talked and argued ideas a lot. Thinking back we had many “sayings” which were frequently repeated. They were never referred to as quotations, but repetition of anything was a saying.

For example, a well-known word in our area is “yonder.” It might be used to describe a place 50 miles away or a particular item in another room, one might say it’s over yonder.

After being away from the South a number of years, I must have deleted it from my vocabulary, because when my daughter was a teenager and we returned for a visit with my sister, my daughter asked me where yonder was. When I asked her why she wanted to know, her reply was, she had heard the song “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder” in church, then heard her aunt refer to a local place as yonder. Then I thought it funny how the word “yonder” had been used to cover such a wide territory, Heaven and Earth.

Now-a-days, I realize there is so much disparity, dissimilarity, and inequality, in the usage of words, using tactics of double-think, double-talk, it’s no wonder there is confusion, and disenchantment.

As far as I’m personally concerned, I have a very solid belief about religion and Spirituality, a firm belief and understanding of the philosophy of freedom, and clear-cut about the role of political government versus self-government. Despite these areas of very firm foundational thinking, here’s what I have realized, I had gotten a bit off track.

About a week ago my television went on the blink, and when I plugged in 3 different sets nothing worked. I went to Wal-Mart to buy a new one and surprised everything was flat screen, and many things had changed electronically. What I know about electronics and mechanics would fit into a peanut hull. I decided to order U-verse cable from AT&T. And learned they will not install until next month, and takes several hours to install this. Because I live 50 miles away from downtown AT&T headquarters, scheduling is weeks in advance.

Everything is complicated now. We no longer live in a world of simplicity. Gone are the days of buying a TV, plugging in with rabbit ears and you’re in business.

The first 3 days I felt lost without television. Like losing my best friend. Realized I had become a news junkie. Rarely listening to the radio but after 3 days turned on radio to listen to music and spent time reading more. This quiet time with music and reading, became a time of reflection. When I realized I had fallen victim to a certain degree of indoctrination, which had interferred with my normal degree of objectivity.

Woke up this morning, realizing the TV outage was a blessing in disguise, and an opportunity to re-think in several areas, I had allowed myself to be misled in a direction which disturbed me. My first kneejerk reaction was a reminder to myself that political government thrives and proliferates on just two things, i.e., dependency upon it and opposition to it.

Because I have never drawn a Social Security check, nor ever received a dime from government for the 24 years I spent married to a military officer, nor ever received a cent from his military retirement, plus never participating in any nanny state welfarism, I could justifiably criticize, and oppose all the government intrusion into my life, from paying tax on a loaf of bread to tax on my phone.

Despite the fact I still feel strongly opposed to political government intervention, doles and controls, I realized I had been blindsided with reference to what I was taking in, via the news, relative to what many others were saying and doing.

Sorta like having a best friend one confides in and listens to, accepting advice from, and agreeing with, then all of a sudden realizing the relationship was not working out in my best interest.

Specifically my aha moment in no way, shape nor fashion changed anything about my core beliefs, but made me question what I was hearing from others. That is how I perceived what I was listening to over the news on a constant basis.

Reminded myself it is human nature for everyone to act in their best interest, always for a profit or a gain. Despite the fact an action may turn out to be a loss, the basic intention is for a profit or a gain. Even if it’s psyche profit, like expectation for a thank you when holding the door open for anyone. Elementary gain of recognition, dear hearts and gentle people.

Never so glaringly apparent, as observing intelligent, educated person, dumbingdown, sellouts for personal celebrity, in pseudo-conservatism.

I’m generally usually rather perceptive listening to others, and have a knack for hearing what they don’t say, as well as hearing what they do say, listening to all the programming and news reporting. However, because it is my personal philosophy, no one is important enough to me to lie to, and I have never been hungry enough to steal, I can be naive and gullible at times listening to others.

Which brings to mind Glenn Beck, and listening to his program every day. I was in full support of just about everything he says and does. I saw him as a highly moral person, doing great work to inform the American people, with truths relative to the reality of all that is happening to this once great Nation. Very entertaining, in his teachings from the 3 blackboards he uses to enlighten. And still do admire his smarts, beliefs and method of communicating, unlike anyone else.

However, not having a TV working, and not hearing all the jackhammer rhetoric continually, I’ve had time to think and read about his boss, Rupert Murdock, his relationship with other countries like China and other causes, I began wondering about reports of his support of such things as the mosque building near ground zero in New York. And reflecting upon that, comparing with Fox news and their “Fair, balanced and unafraid” motto, which Glenn Beck works for. Of particular interest is the reports of Murdock’s close association with the Bildenburger Group.

Considering all the reports about how news is so controlled from the top down, especially relative to so-called liberal news stations like MSNBC, I began wondering if a news media like Fox news is an exception to that tight control, and if employees of that station, like Glenn Beck, have ala carte freedom to speak out and report on ideas which might not be commensurate with those of the owner of the television station.

Much of the mindset and activities of the American people is influenced by the masters of program persuasion, espoused by the television news media. Inasmuch as the programming, reporting and teaching of Glenn Beck is diametrically in opposition to the other news reporting, I have to question why? Why is he allowed to follow and express a different line of thinking different from all others? When it appears his boss is involved in areas not necessarily in line with the teachings of Beck.

I must return to the premise, political government thrives on two things, one being opposition to it.

In this connection, I refer back to the basic tenets of the Communist philosophy and words from their mouth. Reminder that Lenin said in 1924, “The United States we shall not have to attack. It will fall into our hands like overripe fruit.” And more importantly relative to this article and attempts to sort things out, is Vladimir Lenin’s statement: “The best way to CONTROL opposition is lead it ourselves.”

The most detailed explanation I have ever read of how the Communists operate is found in the book “Witness” by Whitaker Chambers, who was a dyed-in-the-wool Communist who defected and wrote the very revealing account of his activities as a member of the communist party.

And another great read is by Rose Wilder Lane, an admitted former communist, who wrote the book “Give me Liberty” plus “Discovery of Freedom.”

For me personally, in my trek to seek truth about what is happening, and current events, reading and learning can be found by referring to what the enemy says and does. I believe what the great military strategists tell us, “Know thyself and know the enemy.” And communism and fascism are Socialist parties, who are enemies of Freedom and the Capitalistic Free Enterprising System upon which this nation was founded.

Accordingly, it is my opinion unless we comprehend the tactics and strategies of the enemy, from what they tell us, we remain ignorant of all that is taking place which threatens a way of life for all of us. And we fall into the trap of believing, all coming from the jackhammer rhetoric, frequently well-intentioned information, is truth, when in fact it is not.

Because Freedom is neither License nor Anarchy, but self-responsibility and self-control, if we desire it, incumbent upon us to understand it. Freedom is not Free but requires, “eternal vigilance.” And a part of that vigilance, requires deciphering to know Truth from the lies and deception often reported in the news.




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    This design is spectacular! You obviously know how to keep a reader entertained.
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