The above title is from the newspaper, “The Times of Viet Nam,” dated September 2, 1963. This is the second part of my article, quoting the Vietnamese newspaper reports of our involvement into their affairs at that time.

This was sent to me by my husband who was there at the time, a military officer who was a helicoptor pilot assigned to air-sea rescue missions. A letter from him states he arrived in Saigon in May of 1963. Many letters from him revealed he spent a great deal of time at the U.S. embassy in Vietnam, in between rescue missions. Plus pictures of him at the embassy. Inasmuch as this newspaper item is dated September 1963, and his arrival date in May, establishes the fact he was there while these events took place.

My husband was a military man, loved the military and flying, eventually retiring from the Air-Force. And military personnel are trained to follow orders. Therefore any involvement he may have had in the affairs of Viet Nam were according to his orders.

This article reveals the involvement of our government in collusion with the Communist regime, specifically the CIA and State Department, relative to the policies of connection with Viet Nam. Before he passed away last year, I heard him say many times, the biggest problem this country faces is with Communist Russia.

Lo, so many years it was my understanding from news reports, Communism was the antithesis of our system of government and the enemy of our free-enterprise capitalistic system. But this newspaper article from another country reveals a different story. And portrays a relationship of this government working in conjunction with the communists, to transform the government of another country.

The last article left off where the amount of money spent by our government to overthrow the Vietnamese government was between 10 and 21 million dollars. And goes on to say, “The money was in three banks it is reported: Bank of America; Hong Kong-Shanghi Banking Corp., and Bank of Tokyo.”

“U.S. bank notes under 50 dollar denominations were difficult to change on the black market on Saturday, and black market dealers who accepted small notes gave as much as 4 ps, per dollar less than the going rate of 106$ VN for bills of 50 and 100 dollar denominations. By Sunday afternoon some black market currency dealers were refusing to buy dollars, but were selling them off 105$ VN to the dollar.”

“The macabre outline of the plot in seven steps, bears a sinister resemblance to Communist tactics.”

[1] “Create unrest and discontent among the masses, provoking religious inspired anti-government sentiment; sow discord among the population.”

[2] “Mobilize youth groups, (a function of the CIA agents in USIS and USOM), particularly the following groups: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Buddhist youth, Buddhist student groups.”

[3] “Buy police, army, labor, and civil servants, with three months advance salary and a bonus.”

[4] “Assure government officials that they will be allowed to stay in their present post if they agree to resign when given the signal.”

[5] “While agitating in different groups, provoke the government at the same time to commit mistakes, such as killing innocent civilians or imprisoning large numbers of particular interest groups such as youth.”

[6] When confusion has reached its peak, make sure a representative of so-called representative groups, e.g., civil servants, army, etc., to the president to [a] resign, or [b] to send his family to exile.”

[7] “If President resigns, a puppet government must be ready to take over. —-or a military junta be prepared to take the reins of government, until election can be held.”

“The 24 million-dollar budget was earmarked, according to the same sources, as follows: as follows: [!] Advance salaries for the army, police and civil servants. [2] Bonus for same, [3] Further gratification for same if necessary. [4] Financing of the Buddhist organization. [5] Financing of youth movements, such as the voluntary youths whose financing to date is reported to have come from American sources.”

[8] “PROPAGANDA – including payment for articles by foreign correspondents in Vietnam.”

[9] “Relief – assumed to mean a contingency fund for miscellaneous or unforseen expenditures.”





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