I thought it ironic, I happened to run across this foreign newspaper article from almost fifty years ago. I do not recall receiving it nor having read it. So much has happened since 1963, many things I have forgotten. However when I take the time to focus many events I do recall. Because my husband, an air-force pilot, was in Viet Nam at that time, I do recall many things he related in letters about his tour of duty there, float across like replaying a movie.

This account of what took place in Viet Nam, relative to American presence in conjunction with Communist Russia, has so much information in it which parallels events of today. It’s an eye-opener, and I hope the reader can identify the similarities. Particularly with the current happenings relating to the 9/11 tragedy and the controversy over the building of the mosque and the Koran Bible burning fiasco. Please take time to carefully read the outline of the seven steps of Communism, and decide for yourself if you see any similarity in the Viet Nam times and events of today.

Not only that, think back to the time Castro was a back woods guerilla in Cuba, labeled a Freedom Fighter by many and the George Washington of Cuba by our government, when he had been a card carrying Communist since age 17. The manner in which he transformed Cuba to a Communist country was according to the 7 steps outlined in the Vietnamese article.

Other similarities to the seven steps in the modus operandi of the Bush regime taking over Iraq, capturing and killing the leader of that country, installing a provisional temporary government, then an election, so forth and so on. The same steps followed over and over and the tragedy is the similarity of what is currently happening in this country.

Reading the account of Viet Nam, I’m reminded of my time living in Japan in the fifties, and due to a course of events I have written about in previous articles, I read the Status Forces Agreement, signed by MacArthur, which was the real beginning of my drive to understand political governments in general and ours in particular. I was a Duplicate Bridge player and played frequently at Tokyo Press Club and often had young, very smart Japanese students as my partners. Frequently discussing differences in our culture with the young men, when I asked the question, “Why is America so hated by other countries?” They had no difficulty explaining to me, it’s because the U.S. goes into countries and assists in the entrenchment of a system of government the people reject, which makes it difficult for the masses to free themselves of the bondage of the regimes they assist in establishing. Such is the case so clearly explained about Viet Nam in the newspaper article I’m writing about.

Continuing more in the article: “The PLAN, it is said, was to install a puppet military junta before elections, (formerly scheduled for the 31st of August, but postponed after martial law was declared). Then the sundry politicians in exile were to be returned to Viet Nam to form several political parties and prepare for elections. Nguyen Tom Hoan, at a press conference in New York last week announced he had a government ready to bring to Viet Nam. Reported to have presented the list to Secretary of State, Dean Rusk. Pham Huy co of 11 fame is reported also to be in the U.S. ready to cash in on exchange of governments.”

Then the article continues to page six. However beside this article is another article, SAIGON[tvN] states, “A new president has been elected by the Association for Buddhist students of South Vietnam it was announced here yesterday.” Goes on to state the whereabouts of former leader unknown. Without repeating that entire article. After the end of the Xa-Loi affair, later the ex-leader Trogen sent letter to newspaper editor saying the Sect Committee for the Defense of Buddhism, turned out to be the “Politburo of the Buddhist movement.” The word “politburo” is a communist term.

Like a Chinese fire drill it is difficult to make heads or tails about affairs of far Easterners. But one can only gather from the report in the article a plot was devised by US officials of CIA and State department in conjunction with the Communist for a coup d’ etat take over of the Vietnamese government. The question is lo these many years later, what kind of government do they have now in Viet Nam? Is it Democratic or Communist Socialist? In item [6] of the 24-million dollar budget it states payments included for Propaganda for Foreign Correspondents in Vietnam. If reporters and correspondents were paid to propagandize, whatever is reported here about the Vietnamese government and affairs there, we don’t really know the truth about subsequent events relating to the war there.

Based upon the track record of the involvement of the U.S. around the world, the billions of dollars in cost and the millions of lives lost in the last seventy years, there seems to be more under the yoke of Socialism than Freedom. And the saddest and greatest tragedy of all is the degree of Socialism now in this country.




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