Here it is end of summer again, and school children standing at the bus stop, waiting for the yellow school bus to arrive. Millions across this country enrolled in the tax-supported school system.

In a recent conversation with a friend, I suggested not much is going to change in the direction this country is headed, unless there is a change in the government-owned and operated school system. My friend responded by saying, “But we have always had ‘free’ education.”

The sophistry of the mind-set and argument that education in this country is free, has always struck me as being very peculiar. Intelligent, rational persons seem to have a very jaundiced mind-set when it comes to schooling and education.

It’s my position that the system of government-funded, mandated schooling in this country is a system of thievery. A system which forces most all to pay for via taxes, and the staggering cost amounts to over half the budgets in most, if not all, the 50 states. Here in the State of Georgia, for year 2009, according to the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget, schooling costs amounted to more than 55% of the state budget. A whopping $8.2 billion for last year’s budget.

The current Congress just approved $26.1 billion, allegedly to save teacher jobs across this country.

As President Johnson used to say, “My fellow Americans.” This is billions and billions and billions of dollars going into schooling, collected from the citizenry of working Americans and yet so many still view it as being “free.”

Undeniably, this is a system of Socialism. Taking from the haves to give to have nots in a system of re-distribution of wealth. One dictionary defines Socialism as: “Public collective ownership or control of the basic means of production, distribution and exchange, with avowed aim of operating for use rather than profit, and for assuring to each member of society an equitable share of goods, services and etc. The doctrines of those advocating this system.”

Taxes by definition are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property (money). A system of thievery accomplished by a gun or threat of a gun. Therefore, if the school system operates on all these billions of dollars extracted forcibly from the citizenry, then it is obviously a system of Socialism, hence thievery. Why are so many in denial of this fact?

This school system of immorality goes back several generations. Earlier, a child was forced into the system by seven years old, or the parent was subjected to arrest for defiance of compulsory attendance laws. Now with all the Pre-K laws and schooling it’s much earlier than seven years old.

In this great Nation, founded upon the Principles of Individual freedom and personal ownership of property, the people are subjected to arrest and jail, if they do not hand over their property (money) for government schooling, and the parents of young children face the same arrest or jail, if they do not enroll their children. I know this to be true because I was threatened with arrest when my children were school age.

It’s a sort of circular saw-type situation. A child is forced to enter the system at an early age and attends through high school. Wants to go to college and applies for a government grant or loan, and obtains the funds out of the same trough which funded the schooling from Pre-K years. The so-called higher education they receive is also a government funded institution. The college student graduates with a degree in education, goes out and gets a job in the same system they grew up in. That same system of Socialism which cost the citizens of Georgia over eight billion dollars last year and that same system the Federal government just approved of over 26 Billion Dollars to pay teachers in order to have jobs!!!

The NEA, National Education Association, is one of the largest and most powerful lobbying unions in this country.

In this squirrel cage-type thinking, i.e., that education is free, and we are not a socialist country, is one of the major reasons this nation is in the crisis we are now in. We have been indoctrinated and propagandized into this verge of collapse. That is, a collapse of the free-enterprise, capitalistic system of voluntary exchange of goods and services, and collapse of personal Freedom and private ownership of property, upon which this nation was founded and thrived upon at one time.

We are on a merry-go-round of denial, relative to our participation in that which has caused the downfall of all those life-sustaining Principles upon which this country was founded.

Indoctrination into Socialism via government schooling, labeled education, is at the very root of the problem we face. That’s how it all began, that’s what we have accepted and lived with for generations, that’s where we are today, living in a system of Socialism and denying it. Not an opinion, but the facts as they exist today.

Political government is a con game, i.e., keep your eye on this ball, while others juggling in the air to divert attention from the true nature of just what politicians are doing. In this connection, we hear all kinds of far-fetched notions and excuses as to the cause of the downfall of the Principles upon which this country was founded. We must change our thinking from the blame game, and take an objective, realistic look at ourselves, and our participation, and decide whether or not this current way of life in this country is what we really want or not. Socialism is the antithesis of personal Freedom. It is a system of bondage.

We have been lulled into a manner of irrational thinking, and false beliefs, by the jack-hammer rhetoric. Frequently promoted by polling. But one polling, I keep hearing seems to be quite consistent, and that is one of the major concerns of the general population, that of the future of their children. A realistic valid concern. Because if we do not turn the tide away from socialism now, they will live in bondage. And we are not entitled to do nothing, and sit idly by, and just watch this happen. Because it is happening, and has been going on for a long time. We have gone from creeping socialism to leaping socialism.

Because the so-called education system has local school boards as overseers of the system, this is the easy place to start if you are concerned about the future of your children, and the current crisis we are in. Nothing else about our way of life is so layered with bureaucracy as the school system. Beginning with the federal government at the top, then the state, counties, cities and districts and communities.

Nothing epitomizes the precarious pyramid of government like the school system. It began with locals in charge of education, i.e., the majority forming the base of the pyramid, with political government of policies, laws and edits at the narrow tip of the pyramid. Today that is reversed, an upside down pyramid, teetering on its tip, reversed with the control and power of political government at the broad-based top, and the power of the people reduced to the pinpoint tip at the bottom. The people who pay and the parents of the students, have no input into what is taking place today in the school system.

Hardly a day goes by in the news cycle, we don’t hear something about the drugs, the bullying, the killings and abuses in the system. All out of control of the parent from the time the child steps on the school bus or enters the school facility.

No, we have never had “free” education in this country. Aside from the military, it is and has been one of the most costly social programs this country has ever engaged in. The focus should be, save the children, not the teachers’ job. And we save this country by saving the children. By education instead of indoctrination. By parents assuming the self-responsibility and self-control of their children. Starting at the local level. By ridding ourselves of the fear of those in charge.

Bullying of children is pervasive in the system, but so is the bullying of parents by the system.




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  1. You are spot on Freedom Lady! Our socialist school system is, in my view, one of the root causes of our declining liberty.