I had not seen him in almost a week. He came in bubbling over yesterday with things to do and news about his activities.

The first thing he wanted to do is start planting his little fall garden. I had already removed all the vines and stalks from his spring planting. The popcorn, tomato, squash, cucumber and etc. He got out of the car and grabbed a hoe and started digging, when his mom dropped him off. Then he planted some morning glories, and other flower seed, after digging up the soil. Then it began raining, and we ran in the house.

I have a little 8-inch replica of the Statue of Liberty placed in my dining room window. William loves that little statue. I previously kept it in a small cabinet in my dining room. When William sat down at the dining table and noticed the statue had been moved to the window, he began talking about his schooling of the day before.

I said, Before you tell me about your first day being home-schooled, I want to know what you did over the weekend. He said, “Oh yeah, I jumped into the deep end of the pool and Dad gave me one hundred dollars.” He beamed, explaining he had put it in his bank and now had one-hundred-thirty-six dollars and wanted more money-schooling today.

I keep the little box of change in a drawer nearby. He took the box out and dumped all the pennies, quarters, dimes and nickles on the table, then sorted them out and counted all of them. After sorting, I asked him to separate each amount which represented one dollar, and he did. Then I explained how many of each required to make one-hundred dollars.

It’s just amazing, how quickly he has grasped the concept of money. How he can earn it and similarity of the seed principle between money and the seeds he plants in his little garden. In a very short period of time starting with one dollar, not spending it, but putting it in his bank, he sees how quickly it can grow to a larger amount. He’s got the hang of it now.

We put the change away, when he noticed the Statue of Liberty in the window, and began explaining to me that it sets out in the water from New York, and below it on the map is Washington D. C., Washington State and volcanoes.

He is fascinated by volcanoes, and has talked about where some are located in prior conversations. However, he must have been listening to his sisters, or had a geography lesson his first day of school, because he was quite excited about Washington State, Washington DC, and volcanoes being located just below the Statue of Liberty.

I drew a map and showed him locations of each, which did not budge him, and he drew a map showing me how they were located near each other on East Coast. Finally I said, When you go home this evening ask your mom and sisters about the location. Then I suggested we go for a walk.

His visits are times of great joy for me. He is a very pleasant, smart five-year old, but has great tenacity when arguing a point, and can filibuster like a seasoned politician. And one of his traits so endearing is that he will stand up for anything he believes until shown convincing evidence otherwise. He has already acquired this great love of learning, just beginning home-schooling in first grade, after a couple of years of pre-school kindergarten in a local school.

Very interesting, after a few sessions learning about money, how suddenly he changed his mind about jumping into the deep end of his swimming pool, to receive the one-hundred dollars his father offered him to jump.

A great lesson in ones’ Values and how they are always changing. Unlike Principles, which are undeviating and immutable, and never change, ones’ value system is always changing. Jumping into the pool was a display of gravity, a Principle which never changes.




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