Earlier this week I wrote an article titled “President Obama, Religion – Politics – Where He Came From, Plus Muslim Mosque Dispute.”  There was an immediate response from readers, one from World Wide News track-back on their web site.

I’m just amazed living in this internet era, how quickly articles travel around the world, and according to my web manager, my articles go to eighty countries. I frequently receive comments in German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and recently one in Dutch. I can’t read their language but apparently they read mine. With eternal gratitude to those who take the time to read my articles and comment.

I began my blog writing just over two years ago and have received thousands of comments and e-mails. Mostly supportive and frequently asking me to write more.

I recommend, any readers interested in more enlightenment, they sign on to the Libertarian Blog site where there are a number of well-informed writers daily. Particularly the militantlibertarian.org site, where the editor of that blog site re-prints a number of great articles by other writers. The editor takes the time to sort through articles for re-print, then at the bottom of each articles, lists other related articles to the subject matter. Educational and enlightening material, for anyone to read with one click and no cost.

This wonderful country we love in is in great peril, and it is incumbent upon all of us to inform ourselves of Truth, to sort through the material and decide for ourselves how it all happened, is happening now and what we can and must do about our personal Freedoms. The first step is to be informed. Which takes sorting through a lot of mis-leading untruths. Because Truth always has a strange ring, it’s not difficult to reach an understanding of it, in spite of all the jack-hammer rhetoric from those out to destroy the Principles upon which this great nation was founded and thrived on for a long time.

We must begin with an admission, a desired way of life of individual Freedom and private property ownership is under attack, and very threatened. Plus a realization Freedom is not Free, and there is an element of human beings out to destroy it, with a lust for power to take over this country. Not only that, they have already made great inroads into their scheme of takeover. They never seem to sleep in their dogged determination to rule and enslave.

We innately know this to be a fact, but somewhere along the line became apathetic, ignoring our history of how brave souls of the American Revolution pledged their lives, property and sacred honor to die for Freedom. Not only left a legacy of Freedom for us, but gave us the great document of The Declaration of Independence and a Constitution of laws to live by. They did not leave us an entitlement to do nothing to sustain it.

Awakening from this slumber of apathy can only be achieved by informing ourselves as to the Truth of what is happening in this country. And currently many are waking up, standing up and speaking out. But not enough to turn the tide back to a way of life living in Freedom. The march to creeping socialism is now leaping socialism. A system of government subversive to individual freedom. Too many have fallen into the trap of the nanny state.

Too many have been like a frog lounging in a warm tub of water, lulled into a state of doing nothing as the water heats up to a point so hot, that it is unable to extricate itself from its state of being. Realizing its plight of danger, not enough energy to jump out and extricate itself. Too late to save itself from the boiling water.

Not a pleasant analogy, but we are in hot water and losing a way of life so near and dear to all of us, unless we act now to reverse the direction.

Paul Proctor, an American columnist said: “Socialism needs two legs to stand on, a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another, they both march in the same direction.”

Currently, many are disturbed and disenchanted with the threat that hangs over us, losing our Freedoms and way of life, with an urge to do something about it. Therefore they fall back on the same activities, of sending messages to Congress, writing to the President, and spending their time, money and energy to elect another batch to represent in the coming mid-term election. Actions which have been tried over and over, to no avail as conditions in this country worsen.

Concerned, upset, and disenchanted and afraid, seemingly unable or unwilling to face the fact, it is all those elected in the seat of power who have led us down this road of destruction, into the bondage of Socialism. Good men and women with noble intentions, fall in lockstep with the powers at be, soon as they are elected. Refusing accountability to the people who elected them and the oath they took. Why is that? What is wrong with this type of schizophrenic behavior? Caused by what? Is it delusional over power? Whatever it is, it is repetitious. Because with each election, things go from bad to worse. Therefore it’s time to stop, think, and re-figure another way, if we are to regain the Freedoms we have lost.

The elected President is expected to lead this country out of an economic crisis, with absolutely no business experience. He was a community organizer. He’s expected to act as a commander-in-chief of the armed forces with no military experience. He’s expected to appoint conservative thinkers to the Supreme court, but has never been a judge. He’s expected to know how to act with diplomatic diplomacy dealing with other countries, with no experience in the field of foreign relations. He’s expected to act with moral judgment relative to dealing with religious terrorists, and never been a minister.

His background has been that of a lawyer as a community organizer in Chicago. What is his experience and background that qualifies him as a leader of this nation? He was catapulted into this position of power and leadership by his charismatic promises of change, change, change. And yet he does not posses the qualities of leadership most of us understand as leadership qualities. He lacks a background of leadership, aside from being a community organizer, a government tax-paid position.

The Presidency position of the United States is not an on-the-job training position. Once in office he has filled positions with many left-wing socialist leanings and some communist. With his background and absence of leadership experience, is it any wonder we are in the crisis this country is in.

Here in the south there is an old saying: “One can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” To that I suggest, a real leader of this nation is not derived from a community organizer. After almost two years in office, he has managed to make a pathetic mess out of this once free-enterprising free nation, constantly making flowery speeches blaming the last political regime for the problems we face, with the assistance of Congress. Topped by his latest speech of support for a Muslim mosque near ground zero of 9/11. An insult to injury to the citizens of this nation.

Whatever happened to that “root, hog, or die” spirit so pervasive in the early founders of this nation, who pledged their lives, property and sacred honor for a Right to be Free?

“Those who have been intoxicated with power – can never willingly abandon it,” said Edmund Burke.

Let Freedom Ring

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  1. marguerite gualtier says:

    Thank you so much for a crystal clear analysis of our current situation. I couldn’t agree more.