Here we are in the middle of the year 2010 in the middle of a mid-term election, middle of a very hot summer. In the middle of a news cycle about who is going to sit in Helen Thomas’ former seat at White House press conferences, and why President Obama was not invited to the wedding of Chelsea Clinton’s million dollar wedding, over the weekend.

Lots of other news items touched upon, like the lavish parties the Department of Justice enjoy, plus the expensive travel and expensive parties thrown by Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Or the long-time lifestyle of reported tax evasions by Charlie Rangel.

Then there’s news about the “Tea Party.” Touted as a grassroots movement of ordinary citizens voicing their opinions and supporting political candidates they have a wish list to follow if elected. Sorta like a letter to Santa Claus, asking for a list of things they wish for, when the political candidate they support and campaign for is elected in the coming fall election. A sort of squirrelcage syndrome, going round and round, doing the same thing year after year, with the same results. An unrealistic illusion that things will change and be different, by repetition of voting for a different candidate.

And that is, loss of Personal Freedom and private property ownership rights as we draw nearer to a totalitarian political government, and a One World regime of governing.

We neither understand the course of events, which began about 100 years ago, which has brought us to this brink of collapse, nor the intentions and philosophy of those who have been instrumental in bringing the current conditions about. Obviously there is pervasive ignorance relative to the simple meaning of precisely what individual freedom is. If we don’t recognize what Freedom is, how can we know who and what is attacking to destroy it?

Despite the fact there has been a struggle between bondage and Freedom throughout the history of mankind, and plenty of information available to anyone to understand what it means to be Free, and plenty of information about the forces always surrounding us to prevent us from having it, we have not bothered to understand either.

The proof is in the pudding. I state this unequivocably, because everything in this society we are now living in supports the notion that we neither understand what freedom is, nor the forces which have destroyed it. How could we know, when the last dozen generations have been taught in government socialized schools? Truth about the reality of what Freedom is and the enemies of it, is not taught in the schools. In the classrooms and textbooks, there is such a distortion of truth and reality, is it any wonder we are ignorant of what, when, who and why we have arrived at the conditions we are in today?

While we are living in the greatest country in the world, everyone knows something is very wrong. There is anger, resentment and disenchantment throughout the land. Why so much unrest and so many upset? It’s because individuals have lost control of their lives, their property, their children, their money, their education and their freedom.

Freedom is self-control and self-responsibility, no more and no less than just that. We are very disturbed and unhappy, because we have surrendered that control and self-responsibility to a centralized political government. Volumes have been written about how this all happened. But it’s not complicated to understand, by our own actions, attitudes, wants and desires, we voluntarily gave up self-control and self-responsibility to a nanny State political government.

Millions walk into a voting booth, every chance they get, to place their stamp of approval for someone else to control their lives and the lives of others. And today the promotion to continue and repeat this, we hear yelled at us, in a steady stream of rhetoric over the news media constantly.

Here it is August already, and millions are preparing to enroll their children in the tax-supported, socialistic government schools.

While millions of adults are involving themselves, in the political process of a campaign of mid-term elections, with a notion that if they can only get out the vote to elect the “right” person to go to Washington to represent them, the tide will be turned back to the principles upon which this nation was founded.

A repetition of the same thing, expecting different results. Dear hearts and gentle people, it ain’t gonna happen. Things will continue going from bad to worse. Until you, the American people wake up as to the cause of the problem. And that is, you have already surrendered your self-control and self-responsibility to another entity. That self-responsibility is non-transferrable, if you expect to retain and regain your personal Freedom.

As I have stated in previous articles, we are in a war. A war of ideas, between bondage and Freedom, and we are losing. We are losing because we keep doing the same thing, expecting different results. Is it too late to turn the tide away from a totalitarian State and a One-world government? Not unless we change our thinking and doing business as usual. And learn from history.





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