We did not inherit an entitlement to do nothing about Freedom from our Founding Fathers. This is my own personal motto.

I grew up on a farm in northeast Georgia. My mother and father were 19 when I was born. Because they were so young, I had a number of aunts and uncles around my age I grew up with. I had two younger brothers, who cared deeply for each other but like most young boys would periodically get into fights. When any cousins or uncles came around and joined the fight, my brothers would immediately switch gears, stop fighting each other, and join forces fighting whoever had entered the debacle. A consistent behavior everytime it happened.

I see this behavior re-enacted repeatedly on a national scale. The powers at be set up a crisis, to start a fight over an issue, and all their sympathizers and brethren join in to take part, to support the position of Socialist agenda, opposed to Freedom. Because now there are millions on the government payroll, plus a large number in positions of power like czars, this has become a formidable force against the American people who still value personal Freedom and the Free enterprise system.

This is the war of ideas I have written about in so many of my articles. The battle lines are clear-cut. Those for the system of thievery of political government and those who still value personal Freedom, private property ownership, willing to work to sustain themselves in opposition to the fruits of their labor being taken, by a gun or threat of a gun, to re-distribute to others.

So many have not admitted to themselves, we are in the midst of a battle. Non-recognition of this fact has left this nation vulnerable to a Socialist takeover, by communist or fascist believers, matters not which one. We have been so busy labeling ourselves as Conservatives, Right Wingers, Liberals, Left Wingers, Democrat, Republican, or Moderate, these claims of position have provided comfort zones to do little else, aside from claims of these various positions.

Those informed and in the know about the reality of what has taken place, had no idea what would take the American people out of their comfort zone, but appears the controversy and upheaval over the New York Muslim mosque is the catalyst awakening the American people.

Because the lines are so blurred between the various catagories individuals claim for themselves, there’s a great deal of confusion. For example, what’s the difference in a conservative, republican, and a tea-partier, moderate? I personally do not know, but my opinion, the so-called moderate, is the coat-holder type, non-specific, straddling the fence, watching which way the wind blows. Always trying to play it safe.

In the homo sapien species, there’s a Right or Wrong way in our behavior and thinking. For myself I have no problem recognizing Right from Wrong and determine which is which by two things, asking the question, Does it involve thievery or violation of Natural law? Labels really don’t matter, other than self-serving medicating. How else can one determine the morality or immorality of Right and wrong aside from these two things?

Political government is a system of thievery. Taxes by definition are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property. Hence stealing. This system of thievery is described by Bastiat, in The Law, as plundering. “Those who plunder from the many, those who plunder from the few, and those who plunder from all.”

It is this system of plundering, which has brought this once great Nation to this current place of collapse. Brought on by Conservatives and Liberals. And a President, like a run-a-way horse, with all his Socialist agenda programs he has implemented with the help of Congress, and all those he has surrounded himself with.

He came into power less than two years ago. This enigmatic politician, promising non-specific change and transformation of America, hit the deck running and immediately pushed through this huge, devastating, so-called Stimulus package. As they say in poker – jacks for openers, move. A forerunner for other moves to take from haves to give to have nots, and place generations to come deep in debt. Swinging a wrecking bar for eighteen months, now on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, while Vice President Biden is left to make speeches about how well the economy is doing. And Obama informing us sometime ago, small town America wants to cling to their guns and religion.

And speaking of religion, the stirred feelings of anger and resentment in the majority of the American people, has brought to the forefront news about his religion. One’s individual religious beliefs are a defining barometer of just who one is, generally speaking. Here in America, Christianity is the dominant religion, and Obama has denied this country as being a Christian nation.

Currently in face of all the implementation of so many Socialistic programs, by Obama, much of news is dominated by just who he really is and just what his religion really is. Despite the fact he claimed to be a Christian in the 2004 interview by the Chicago columnist as reprinted in Beliefnet, recently. Spent twenty years as a member of the Chicago church, whose paster is the radical, Jeremiah Wright, who God-damned America.

Before that Obama spent his early years in the largest Muslim country of Indonesia from six to ten years old, stating: “My father from Kenya, probably labeled Agnostic, his father was a Muslim.” So the question Is President Obama a Christian or a Muslim or an Agnostic?

In a recent news statement by Franklin Graham, the son of the great evangelist, Billy Graham, spiritual advisor to several Presidents, said President Obama was born a Muslim, because his father was a Muslim. Explaining in the Jewish and Muslim religion, children of both are born of the faith of their parents, but not so in the Christian religion.

Inasmuch as the President just celebrated his 49th birthday, and spent twenty years in Jeremiah Wright’s church where he converted, simple arithmetic suggests he spent the first twenty-plus formative years of his life as a Muslim, if he was born a Muslim, according to what Franklin Graham says.

Therefore, just what is the Muslim religion? What do they believe and stand for? And why all of a sudden we are hearing on the news just how pervasive and impacting the Islamic religion is on this Nation?


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