There’s an old joke about presidents which goes like this: Roosevelt proved one could be president for life, Truman proved anyone could be president, Eisenhower proved we don’t really need a president and Kennedy proved it’s dangerous to have one.

We are interested in the person who sits in the seat of power as President of the United States, because all our lives are so impacted by who he is, and what he does. It appears to me this president has done more to affect our lives in the shortest period of time than any previous president.

The federal government is divided into three branches, the Congress makes laws, the Supreme Court interprets the laws, and the Executive Branch enforces the laws. At least that’s what I recall from high school civics. However, it seems much has changed, and the executive branch, headed by the president, appears to have a great deal of impact into making and interpreting the laws, and not just executing the laws. The power between the three branches, appears to me to have shifted, into a state of being whereby the executive branch wields greater power relative to the three branches, than originally, several years back.

I have lived through a number of different presidential regimes, and grew up in a family where politics, local, state and national news were discussed and argued. I know some families discourage arguing about politics, but it was encouraged in my family of origin. Not only that, we had a current events discussion in history classes, and everything from what was happening in Ethiopia to county candidates were discussed.

Today school children know who lives in the pineapple house in the ocean, but do not know who lives in the White House.

I miss the era when there were great news commentators on the radio, and great analytical writers in the newspapers. One in particular, Jack Anderson, who reported on events in Washington, whose motto was, “I don’t cover the news, I un-cover it.” There are a few still around, one of my favorites is Charles Krauthamer. A journalist who has a great deal of insight into current happenings, politically.

With the current news and interest in all the controversy over the Muslim mosque being built near the spot where the twin towers were bombed in New York by Muslim radicals, killing over 3,000 Americans, and President Obama weighing on the controversy, with his opinion, speaking before a Muslim group at the beginning of Ramadan, at a Muslim dinner in Washington, in support of their “Rights,” like so many others I’m trying to understand who he is, which might account for so many of his decisions being out of step and in opposition to the majority of the American people.

So much of what he does, wielding unusual power in the Executive Branch, seems so contrary to the Constitution, the great moral guides, like the Declaration of Independence, and the Will of the majority of the American people. Having been in office nearly two years, a pattern has been established.

In this connection, I go back to the time he first started making national news as I recall it. He first burst on the scene in 2007 and 2008, making a splash during the Iowa caucus, when he began actively campaigning for the presidency, making flowery speeches along with his wife Michelle, campaigning and speaking. At that time Hillary Clinton was the Democratic rival, campaigning for the nomination.

At that time we knew a great deal about Hillary inasmuch as she had been First Lady, eight years in the White House with Bill Clinton, but we knew very little about Barack Obama. Not much was revealed during the extra-long campaign. He won the nomination and was elected President in the 2008 national election.

The euphoria over his election, becoming the first black president, was at an all-time high, as so many Americans were swept up in all the pomp and circumstance, fueled by all his flowery speeches and charismatic presence. He was swept into office in 2009 amongst a wave of high expectations, from his promises of change, change, change, transparency, and Transformation of America.

Particularly swept up in all of it, were the major news services. Journalists and pundits spent most of their time glorifying this major achievement of electing a black president, and ignored in-depth investigation into his background, to un-cover who this charming new president really was, and just precisely what his agenda for this country was. Unlike prior national presdential elections, where reporters and pundits scrounged records for background facts, this time the establishment news media failed to conduct any in-depth inquiry into the personal and political history of Barack Obama. The campaign coverage by the major news watchdogs, did not investigate and dissect, as they had done in previous national elections.

It was a time of intense preoccupation with Sarah Palin, the running mate of GOP John McCain, and all about her politics, background, family, religion, personal beliefs, education, childhood upbringing and her philosophy about her political plans and future for this country, but very little about Barack Obama.

Bursting on the scene with such energy to drastically change so much so rapidly, it’s as though this country was like a deer caught in headlights, and has taken this country eighteen months to begin waking up to this drastic transformation of America. Like someone coming out of a hangover from all the euphoria generated over Obama, and waking up to a new day in this new and different America, the reaction is one of anger, frustration, disenchantment and disbelief.

Just now waking up from the stunned realization of the Transformation of America, there is a concerted effort to learn more about this new president, pushing through a new and different social agenda, covering the gamut of all that so profoundly effects all of us. Now we want to know who this intriguing politician really is, who has sadly implemented all these drastic changes, destructive to individual Freedom and personal property rights, and the nation’s borders open like floodgates, causing so much grief and heartache for so many. And a realization the detrimental effects of all the agenda now being set in motion, will probably get much worse.

One major news outlet reporting indepth on the reality of events, Fox News and the American people rising up in protest, more being written and exposed on the internet social media. An intense wave of interest in just who Barack Obama really is now sweeping this country.




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