Before writing these six articles on a Battle Plan for America, I thought about it a long time, and kept delaying for quite sometime. However, after watching the increasing threat of the Gulf oil spill and no meaningful steps to stop it; listening to the congressional hearing with Tony Hayward; the Supreme Court hearings to appoint Elena Kagan; another congressional hearing to assign General Petraeus to Afghanistan, and all the news about that war; plus listening to daily speeches about how well everything is going, and all the propaganda talk about how bright the future looks for this country, decided this Independence Day weekend was a good time to express it.

Then listening to and enjoying all the pomp and circumstance with beautiful music and impressive fireworks over the capitol buildings and monuments, a lot of love and pride in this country welled up in me. As I listened to stories about the founding fathers, the patriotic songs and reading of the Declaration of Independence, I was glad I had chosen this particular time to write about it.

Before I started I had jotted down some notes on a yellow pad, with one notation, “wheat threshing.” Therefore I’m going to revert back to the era of the Great Depression in the thirties while growing up. A period in this nation’s history when many were so poor they stood in bread lines. But I lived on a farm, that provided plenty to eat, and we had plenty of everything except money, very little of that, but lived quite well without it.

Every year beginning of summer was wheat threshing time. It was a time of celebration when the wheat was ready to harvest and the threshers came. A group of men with a large machine took to the fields to harvest the grain. The machine mowed down the grain stalks and processed the harvest through the machine which separated the wheat from the chaff, and loads of beautiful grain came pouring out of a large spout on the machine. As a young kid I was mesmerized watching this operation.

I had read stories in history and geography books in school where in other countries, workers gathered grain and used a hand instrument of something like a wooden mallet to pound by hand to separate the grain from the chaff.

Recently, thinking about that an analogy came to mind, relative to the the conditions in this country and the way individuals think and act. One group wants and supports the paternalism of government and the nanny state, and others accept the responsibility of Freedom to support themselves without political government. The first group expects the government to separate the earnings of the producers from their control to re-distribute to the non-producers, leaving the producers with nothing but worthless husks, and transferring the valuable and usable products to non-producers, by separating the owner from his money.

I thought, political government operates like that threshing machine, mowing through the country separating like wheat from chaff, taking the valuables of production and giving to the non-producers. The dictionary defines chaff as “husks of the grain,” a worthless matter the threshing machine blows to the wind.

Before starting this series, it was my plan to take it all the way through and detail precisely how to use the basic tenets of the battle plan, and outline how to accomplish that by an outline of political government versus the people.

The basic strategy and tactics of the battle plan can be applied to any situation between two factions in a battle fighting over something. For example, it can be used effectively in a divorce-proceeding battle. There are certain basic Principles applicable to all battles, however, because of the nature of various fights, there must be specifics outlined in detail for each and every encounter. Which involves time, focus, effort and know-how to implement.

For example, operating the battle plan successfully in an insurance claim, and initiating the battle plan to succesfully win the battle in Federal court over forced immunizations, required application of the basic strategy principles but different tactics. I’ve used it several times in my lifetime and always won the victory of what I set out to do. And I know how to out-lay it.

Looking at the situation we face here in this nation, that is the Transformation of America from a Republic of free individuals over to marxist socialism has already dramatically made in-roads, but not completely, not yet. Frightening in-roads when we think about the Obamacare health program, and the absence of any meaningful solution to the oil spill, plus all the other things taking place too numerous to mention. And not the purpose of my writings to list them. Other writers in newspapers, magazines, books and blogsites have listed them.

Writing this series provided more insight into the current plight for me, and I changed my mind and decided not to post a detailed plan of action, nor a detailed battle plan, in this war of ideas this country is now involved in. For several reasons, not the least of which is I don’t think there is enough awareness nor any burning desire to put forth the effort required to initiate and implement such a plan of Battle. Despite the fact I feel so certain it would work, too many like and support the nanny state at this time. And too many imbued with the notion of political action, supporting a candidate and going to the polls in four months as the solution.

All I can say in conclusion is like MacBeth, “out damned spot!”




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