Tolstoy wrote: “I sit on a man’s back, choking him and making him carry me, and yet assure myself and others that I am sorry for him and wish to ease his lot by all means possible, except by getting off his back.”

The dog bites the flea and the flea bites the dog and they stay together.

I have written more than 400 articles still posted on the internet. I have defined and explained the simple philosophy of Freedom over and over, describing in many ways in so many of the articles.

I have described extensively the nature of all political governments in general and ours in particular, emphasizing it proliferates, ever expanding, on two things, dependency upon it and opposition to it.

I have detailed how personal Freedom and private property ownership are inextricably tied together and what constitutes ownership.

Many articles on the horrors of the socialized compulsory school system and its exorbitant cost. And one of several core problems bankrupting this nation. Along with articles on economics and government money games.

I have written about the many wars this country involves itself in, World War 2, Korean and Vietnam wars in particular, and about how they are not to protect this country but costly nation building. And now some are beginning to see such wars as Iraq and Afghanistan are not waged to win, and despite all the propaganda to the contrary, do not protect this country. But instead drain it of its resources to add to the downward spiral to Socialism.

In the past two and half years I have been writing and posting my articles, I watch as conditions go from bad to worse daily. Earlier today I sat on my back patio in the warm sunshine and pondered all of these things. I realized no one has any rational, workable plan to change the direction we are going. And if they did no one would subscribe to it because over 90% of the population likes the nanny state, not interested in salvaging the capitalistic system, because they have bought into the propaganda that it’s a bad idea.

That the majority like the tax-supported school system which indoctrinates instead of educating, and only a few assume the responsibility of educating their own children, and most would fight to maintain the status quo.

Because I love freedom and have always stood up and fought for it, I mistakenly believed everyone loved freedom. Not true; the majority support the paternalism of a political government and support the process of plunder. Most reject the idea of personal autonomy.

I’m writing just one more article in this series of six on My America.

Continued in last, 6th article.



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