When we hear Battle Plan we think war. When we hear war we think guns, bombs and killings. A battle plan is war, however the type of war battle plan I speak of, is not one of destruction by guns and killing. So clear the channels and get rid of any idea of anyone running around shooting each other. Use your energy focusing on the basic tenets of the battle plan without violence. There are powerful strategic and specific tactics one can engage in to win without a shot being fired. And it’s in this context I speak when using terms like “the Battle Plan,” war and etc.

Accordingly, the first thing one must do is change their thinking process, remove the blockage in the brain that is stuck on the idea which equates war and battle with guns and violence.

After that, the second thing to do is to listen, read, and study, a new methodology of involving yourself in the battle and war of ideas, to win, and reclaim your Freedom, if Freedom is what you want. It is imperative one make a clear-cut decision, to effect any change. You cannot have one foot on the side of the nanny state and the other on the side of personal Freedom. Many people do not want personal autonomy, which is self-evident, otherwise we would not be in this current crisis.

Living under collectivist tyranny is the very thing the American Revolutionists rejected and their preference of Freedom to live their lives as they chose, is the very thing we celebrate this 4th of July weekend. But we celebrate it with a cloud over our heads and the boot of the power of political government on our neck. Plus the heavy burden of exorbitant taxes on our backs. With regulations, rules and edicts, restricting every phase of our lives.

In this connection, when I stated from the beginning of this series, I would outline a plan to regain lost Freedom – mine, not yours – I’m informing you right off the bat, you as an individual must make the decisions as to whether or not you desire freedom or bondage. Whether or not you want a collectivist government, a nanny state of socialism, or whether or not you desire to take on the self-responsibility which Freedom requires.

At this stage, your money is stolen, you have been disarmed, your privacy invaded, your children ordered into socialized school classes, ownership of property denied, Freedom destroyed, justice denied, living under collectivist tyranny, all accomplished without a shot being fired.

All while you, as one of the 300 million-plus individuals, live with a squirrel-cage mentality, going round and round, allowing 545 men and women in the seat of power, to write the script, direct your life, pull the curtain, with no viable plan to change anything except go to the polls and elect a new batch who will repeat and increase the current conditions and state of affairs, while tightening the grip for more, more, more.

When I say, “you,” I mean the majority of individuals, with a few exceptions. There are a handfull who understand the problem, and are standing up, like Glenn Beck. A brave young man on TV every day at 5 o’clock, crying out and trying to shake this country out of the comfort zone of the nanny state. But he can’t fight for your freedom, you must stand up and use your energy to break the chains of bondage in your life. All he can do is inform, to help you arm yourself with Truth and the right information you need to make the necessary changes. To stir your intellectual nettle of jaded thinking.

This nation is under seige. And the Independence we celerate this 4th of July, with impressive fireworks and beautiful music, is a celebration of what was, what we did have, not what we have today. To think otherwise is an illusion, a mirage. We are celebrating those who gave their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, to set themselves free from the bondage they endured. And passed the conditions they established on to generations which followed. Which began the deterioration and fall from grace several decades back.

As the sun sets today after a glorious holiday weekend of partying and celebration, can you as an individual reconsider where we are, how we arrived at this place, how it happened, and dedicate yourself to make the necessary change to re-claim Freedom?

Continued in fourth installment of this series



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