We are in a war. A war of ideas between good and evil. A war of Freedom or Bondage. A war about the future for ourselves and our children. An undeclared war, and unrecognized by many.

The purpose of this series is to sound an alarm, and ring the bell. Some of the things I will mention, have been touched on in some of my 400 previous articles. Namely, parts of a Battle Plan. Specifically, if one is in a war about anything, winning depends upon a battle plan.

Not many aside from military strategists, comprehend what a battle plan entails. Some lawyers understand and use it to win court battles. I personally discovered how it works, many years ago, fighting with an insurance company over a claim. And broadened by my court battles in general and fighting with the socialized school system in particular. Plus a few other areas.

In this connection, I’m not out to prove anything to anyone. A discovery sitting in court, and realizing all one can do in a court battle is present Proof, the proving comes from the decisions made by a judge or a jury, in their minds, as a result of the presentation of proof. In this connection, I have never in my life been able to prove anything to anyone.

Over the years I read a lot by great military strategists like Napoleon, Cochise and Sun Tzu. In his expertise, outlined in the book, “Art of War,” by Sun Tzu, written by James Clavell. One prerequisite all great battle strategists seem to agree upon is, Know yourself and know your enemy.

One thing Sun Tzu said: “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” To that I paraphrase by saying, ideas and actions multiply with success when seized upon and put into motion.

One of the strategies used by the great warrior, Cochise, was called “spearheading.” A tactic taught at West Point, I have heard.

One’s strategy for winning any battle must be outlined ahead of the action. It’s not something which can be used effectively to attain victory, in some haphazard manner. It must be specific.
Several years back, I wrote a book called, “The battle Plan.” A manuscript I stuck someplace in storage files and never published.

The battle of ideas we are now in the Transformation of America, has taken place without a shot being fired. The loss has been our Freedom, personal ownership of property Rights, our free enterprise, capitalistic system and a failure of limited political government. We must begin by recognition of what it is we have lost, before we can realize what it is we wish to gain and re-claim in the battle. And the victory of re-claiming that which belongs to us can be ours by the implementation of the Battle Plan, without a shot being fired.

Let’s take a look at what is required in a real military war, where guns, bombs, and killings take place. First there must be a Commander-in-Chief. Headquarters, Discipline, Reconnaissance, Allies, Rations, Logistics, Ammunition, the known Enemy, and a long time Strategy. The precise requirements for a no-gun battle.

Whether or not it clear to you, these are parts of the same strategy the enemies of Freedom, and the Capitalistic system have used to conquer and Transform America. Heretofore we have had no recognition of its taking place. Our heads have been in the sand, hearing no evil and seeing no evil. No viable plan for victory because we have refused to admit to ourselves we were even in a war. We have been so hoodwinked by the mantra of change, change, change, we were lulled into a state of non-thinking and non-caring.

At this point in time, we have become a nation angry and frustrated, flailing around like a chicken with its head cut off, with no rational plan of action, other than more voting to elect a new batch of politicians, who will wind up doing the same thing as those before them.

Continued in next article

Let Freedom Ring



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