JULY 4th, 2010. My America – I Want You Back is a series of articles, informational, outlining a Plan of regaining my lost Freedoms. Not yours but mine.

I’m a writer but not a journalist, I’m a fighter but not a soldier, I’m the Commander-in-Chief of my life, but not a General. Who am I? I’m many things, but for the purpose of this series, I’m a lover of personal Freedom and private property Rights. I’m an ordinary person, living in extraordinary times, facing unusual challenges, as you are, whether you recognize it or not.

Some of the things I will express may seem so elementary and repetitious to you. But we have gone so far astray from basic tenets of life, it’s necessary for clarification, to remind by repeating.

During the Korean war, a letter was found on the body of a dead American soldier, a letter to God, which said: “Strange I had to reach this hellish place before I ever saw your shining face.” We have reached a hellish place in this country in the loss of Freedom. We are experiencing The Transformation of America, as promised sometime ago.

Sometime ago ours was a nation, carved out of the minds and hearts of a few, who dedicated their lives and fortunes, stood up and fought against overwhelming odds, and won for themselves and future generations, freedom from an oppressive, power hungry, mean-spirited regime in another country. Ordinary beings who took on the extraordinary challenge, fought and won.

And we have squandered that marvelous gift of Freedom, left to us by those brave souls, less than 300 years ago. Why is that and how did it happen? For several reasons, not the least of which, is an apathetic disinterest in the value of Freedom. Secondly, because we shrugged off our responsibility to sustain it. And thirdly, because somewhere along the line we decided someone else was better equipped to make decisions over our lives than we as individuals were.

As a result, standing in the wings, waiting, a group of power-hungry men, seduced by power, accommodated our relinquishment of personal responsibility, and grabbed control. Their seduction of power, came about as a result of our seduction of promises in their smooth-talking rhetoric like dripping water, over a period of time. The wooing is over, and the results are in. The self-responsibility of personal Freedom has been replaced by the nanny State, of Socialism.

I’m not sure of which brand of socialism, fascism or communism, but history has shown both lead to a dictatorship. Many of us can recall the era when Cuba fell into a totalitarian system. A country just ninety miles from our shoreline, taken over by a dyed-in-the-wool communist, Fidel Castro, who was touted here in the United States as the George Washington of Cuba. And many here went to Cuba to help him in his battle to take over Cuba and install a Communist regime. We were wrong and seduced by the rhetoric.

All of this is just a sort of prologue to the epilogue. If you are in a state of denial, the transformation of America has already taken place, without a shot being fired, no need to go any further. No need to waste your time reading what I have to say. As Dr. Phil says, you can’t change that which you refuse to acknowledge.

The Transformation of America is what it is. It seems so surreal, in retrospect, to realize we had a nearly “perfect union” of a lifestyle of Freedom, in a country of free enterprise, and personal property ownership, and lost it. Make no mistake, what it was ain’t what it is today. The original intent of the Constitution, a document of laws, was for a limited government. It has failed, because we the people have failed, the “eternal vigilance” required to sustain it.

Now what are we going to do?

Continued in second installment of this series




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