Listening to all the news about the worsening conditions and threats to this country as a result of the Gulf oil spill, I have deepening concerns about the dilemma. Especially when I hear rumblings about consideration to bomb it.

Today I heard news it might spread around lower Florida, then reach Miami. If this is true, isn’t there a possibility it will move on up the Eastern Seaboard Coast? And if it keeps on at the current rate of spill, isn’t it possible, especially with hurricane winds, to creep further inland?

If a bomb is used, will the people be informed beforehand? And will it be an atomic bomb blast?

I’m reminded of the years of involvement with atomic bomb explosions experienced by my Air Force pilot husband who passed away last year. He was a very skilled command helicoptor pilot, and at one time had more time flying helicoptors than anyone else. He was the designated pilot to fly the scientist in to the exploded bomb area first as far back as I can remember. From the bomb test at Aniwitok to Yucca Flats and anything in between, he had many assignments of flying into the atomic test blast sites. And would describe the awesome power of destruction.

We can recall the horror of the stories from the dropping of an atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan.

Living in Japan in the fifties, I took a trip of several weeks to Okinawa where some of the bloodiest battles of world war two were fought. I did a lot of sight-seeing on the island while there, which had been re-built by American forces. There were miles of underground tunnels, where the natives fled to escape being killed. I visited one area which was a very tall cliff overlooking the ocean, and down below were hundreds of human bones, where natives had jumped off and committed suicide.

According to the stories as told by the natives in Okinawa, I heard these people who jumped from the high cliff and committed hari-kari, was out of fear a bomb like the one at Nagasaki, would be dropped upon them.

I do hope the government in Washington finds a solution to the gushing Gulf oil spill, by some means other than dropping an atomic bomb in the Gulf of Mexico. With all the scientific minds and ingenuity of the American people surely their are other alternatives as a solution to this very scary and threatening situation, which happened over two months ago.

I have listened to first-hand accounts of the awesome power of such destruction, and witnessed the results of the fear it can instill in individuals. I shudder when I hear the mention of any such possibility of bombing beneath the ocean, using the power of an atomic bomb.

It’s the one major role of the centralized government in Washington, to protect our borders, and to protect this country from destruction of outside forces and invasions. This country has been invaded by an outside force of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. No one knows the effects of such a destructive force a mile below the surface in the Gulf of Mexico. I hope the American people protest any such consideration, if that act is on the horizon as a possibility. Is it just idle talk or a real possibility?




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