“Imposters in The Temple,” by Martin Anderson.

Here’s a reprint from Laissez Faire Books issued in1992. “Feisty, tell all sizzler about the corrupt professors who rule our universities today, Imposters in The Temple. American intellectuals are destroying our universities and cheating our students of their future .”

“At many universities, tuition is now about $20,000 a year. For this princely sum you get professors who often don’t teach because they’d rather spend their time cluttering academic journals with un-readable, occasionally plagiarized articles reporting on research of little interest, even to their peers. The Cloistered professors, however, do have a passion for leftist politics. Outside of Albania, American universities remain the last great Marxist strongholds.”

“Enter feisty Hoover Institution scholar, Martin Anderson, whose tell-all book exposes the inside skinny on these sleazy Marxist aracademic aristocrats, he tells “How professors get away without teaching, despite their lush salaries and country club fringe benefits.”

“Why the PH.D ritual adds little, if any value but protects the professional racket, and why most professors seem to do worthless research.”

“He also tells about sexual harassment behind the footnotes, politically correct discrimination, academic backstabbing, and how universities bill Uncle Sam for their junkets, mansions and yachts.”

As a good policy analyst, Anderson doesn’t just trash the bad guys, he proposes ten thoughtful reforms, which would go a long way toward making Universities places where good teachers can again flourish and authentic scholars can concentrate on their work. This is a lively, important book about issues which affect all of us.”

This book provides a great deal of insight into what is taking place in schools of higher learning.

If you are one of my readers, following articles I have written about grade and high schools, then you know I’m opposed to the tax-supported school system, which does not teach but indoctrinates young minds into the basic tenets of Socialism, following along the lines of Karl Marx teachings.

Because the schools are immoral, operating on a system of thievery, one must face the fact you cannot expect morality in an immoral system.

The budget for all the fifty States assigns over half the millions collected in taxes to operate these systems of indoctrination. A staggering amount assigned to operation of the Socialized school system. It’s a public school monoply. And periodically we read about the corruption.

This great nation is in crisis, and we hear about it daily in the news. So many floundering around trying to come up with a solution. I personally do not believe the current direction can change unless there is a total and complete change in the school system. A disbanding of tax-funded schooling. The basis of the corruption and indoctrination is the system of thievery upon which it thrives.

Currently, most of the attention is on the Gulf oil spill. A bad day at Black Rock when that happened and getting worse everyday.

President Obama has made 4 trips to the Gulf region and met with the powers at be at BP, seeking a solution. Meeting with the locals, telling them he’s doing everything he can but can’t take a straw and solve the oil spill pouring millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf and onto the shores.

Wrapping up his Democratic nomination for President of the United States, Senator Obama told his fans: “If you are willing to work for it and fight for it, then I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back, and tell our children that this was the moment when the use of the oceans began to slow and our planet begins to heal.”

Lo, these many months after he was elected to the most powerful office in the world, the ocean is raging with oil, and the planet is being so polluted every 24 hours that passes, lives and livelihoods are being profoundly adversly affected and threatened.

The oil has been pouring into the Gulf region of the ocean for almost two months already and getting worse daily, and he says he can’t use a straw to stop it!!! What does that remark mean? And what did he mean when he said, we would be able to tell our children, this was the moment when the oceans began to slow and our planet begins to heal?

I simply do not understand this double-think, double-speak manner of talking. Just non-specific verbiage to me. Surely this Harvard grad President could communicate more meaningful remarks, instead of non-sensical, non-specific rhetoric. Could any of this have anything to do with, “The Audacity of hope?”

Everyone is familiar with the famous Yoga Berra remark, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

I’ve concluded, so much we hear from the news media and political pundits, are tactics to confuse, and keep the American citizenry dazzled with footwork, while the powers at be take over more and more control over the lives of the 300 million plus in this country, while we lose more and more of our God-given Right to Freedom and property ownership. Will we awaken from our slumber before it’s too late? That is the question.

Let Freedom Ring

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