Here we are at the beginning of a long hot summer. A beautiful day here in the red clay hills of north Georgia, on the edge of Lake Lanier at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. A vacation spot for many to fish and boat on Lake Lanier.

I’m the designated overseer of 5-year old Prince William’s garden, watering twice a day. A garden plot he planted several weeks ago. Not enough produce to warrant a spot at the farmers market, but a bushel of fun to enjoy William emoting over his production when he comes for a visit.

Here’s what it has produced thus far: Two cayenne peppers, one crookneck squash and three cucumbers. His five stalks of popcorn, I thought was regular corn, has tasseled but no popcorn so far. The flowers he planted before going to the beach in Florida, have many beautiful blooms.

A bunch of green tomatoes I hope start ripening real soon. The most dominant plants are all the very large squash plants, filled with large yellow flowers every day. But the blooms fall off without producing any fruit. Only one squash in the entire bunch.

The absence of fruit from the large healthy-looking vines, is a definite puzzle to my inquiring mind. William’s mom checked the internet for answers and suggested it may have something to do with pollination. I frankly do not know what the problem is, because the area is filled with bees, seemingly busy pollinating.

When William arrives, he jumps up and down, yelling, “Holy guacamole, look at those huge plants and corn stalks!” Leans over grinning from ear to ear and picks a cucumber. The joy and pride of a five-year old, emoting over a garden he planted, is a sight to behold.

A few days ago he arrived carrying a toy he had received for his birthday, expecting me to help assemble. This consisted of several tracks, to assemble ten feet in the air with a vise to attach to something, and several toy cars. I reminded him I was not very adept at assembling toys and he said he could do it. He tried but could not figure it all out.

Yesterday when he came, he brought the same toy and immediately set out to assemble, knowing exactly what to do. Apparently his sister had helped him figure it out. He got busy with such focus and intensity, one would think he was building the Golden Gate Bridge.

When he completed the set up and started running the cars, looked up at me and said, “See there I really am smarter than a fifth grader!”

Nothing like crowing over your own, however he really is an unusually brainy 5-year old. A very sweet-natured child, quite polite and appreciative of everything he receives and does. And I, of course, egg him on by bragging on everything he does. A notion which supports the idea that we all really do need recognition.

I had mentioned to him that I wanted to see “The Karate Kid” with him. His mom just called and said they would pick me up shortly, because William reminded them I wanted to see it with him. A special treat I’m looking forward to this afternoon.

Have a great Day!! Let Freedom Ring!!

Just me AC


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