A media frenzy this week, picking and kicking at Tony Hayward, the six-million dollar man, who heads up British Petroleum (BP), appearing before a congressional hearing in Washington. Apparently bedazzling the whole lot of members of Congress with his footwork and adept question dodging.

Over the years, I have listened to many congressional fact-finding hearings, on the radio, television and once in person. Plus reading many accounts of hearings, like the Alger Hiss hearings. Never have I heard anyone in the hot-seat before Congress with the mental dexterity to handle elected officials like Tony Hayward.

Those hammering out questions and insults, gave him a flogging, like I have never seen nor heard before. The remarks and accusations spewing forth, villifying, accusing, attacking and trying to shame the six-million dollar man, was like none I have ever seen before.

There are two kinds of shame, healthy and toxic. Healthy shame keeps us from running through the grocery story naked, and toxic shame is designed to place the recipient in the worst kind of light. All the toxic shaming seemed to be an effort to convince the American people, here’s the man who is the cause of the Gulf oil spill. An effort to deflect any responsibility away from anyone in Washington, just hours after a closed-door meeting with the President of the United States, somehow doodle-bugged a twenty-billion dollar commitment to pay, by the company Tony Hayward represents. Some calling it a “shake-down.”

This verbal beating, perpetrated by members of Congress, a drilling over a period of hours, was met by a stone-faced Hayward, who responded repeatedly with unrattled, non-specific answers. Cool, calm and collected, he deflected the heat consistently and continually, like I have never heard anyone withstand before. He so rattled and bedazzled this so-called bunch of learned representatives of the American people, they all had egg on their faces, and after hours using a lot of tax payer money to fund the hearings, ended with nothing but an emotional dumping of elected officials.

“There’s many a slip between the tongue and lip.” And so it was in the drilling session of congressmen towards Tony Hayward. Some apologizing after the hearing ended. Probably second thoughts about attacking and flogging the Golden Goose, BP, a very wealthy company which makes substantial political contributions to American politicians.

President Barack said, speaking about BP, “I’m not interested in words, I’m interested in actions.” Wow!! What a ludicrous remark to make, coming from one who spends most of his time talking and speaking. A charismatic master at using words to get what he wants, says of Tony Hayward, he’s not interested in words.

The mastery of the words Tony Hayward used to answer and tell nothing, in a Congressional hearing, unruffled and cool-headed, was the most effective I have ever heard. Boring to listen to, but an interesting and effective strategy, which left the questioners scratching their heads, in finger-shaking frustration.

After it ended and after listening to all the stupid pundit analyses, here’s what I thought: Someone should take the transcript, set it to music, put it on a Broadway stage, in a three-act play, with actors all decked out in costumes, singing and dancing to a tune of, “How Dumb Thou Art.”

Despite all the news headlines about million-dollar man, CEO Tony Hayward, from Britian, I personally know knothing about him.  However, common sense tells me, this one individual could not be responsible for this horrendous unfortunate disaster.

It makes more sense to me to suspect the cumulative action of all the Socialist, Marxist supporters and thinkers, movers and shakers in positions of political power in Washington, are responsible for the disaster. It smacks of the irresponsibility of greed and lust for power, in the grand scheme of things to Transform America from a highly productive nation, living and working in Freedom, to the rubble of socialism, a nation brought to its knees, and just one of many in a mish-mash of socialistic countries, in the global scheme, to destroy personal Freedom, and the Free enterprise system, which made us the greatest nation in history.

In the course of events, and the obvious current crisis, it is glaringly apparent, most now in seats of power in this country, coupled with past regimes, despise the free-enterprise, capitalist system of voluntary exchange of goods and services. And prefer and desire the control and power of a few, over the freedom and property Rights of the many.

The major role of this political government is to protect from foreign invasion. And this can only be done by securing the borders. The borders of this country consist of the perimeter of the United States and the space above and below inside that perimeter.

The hole in the ocean floor, causing the disastrous oil spill, is an attack on the border of the United States, a mile below the surface. How did this happen? Certainly not caused by one man, nor one group of men from another country. But from the neglect of those in power, who failed to execute the laws on the books, a failure to execute the laws they were elected to oversee and implement, designed to be used to protect the United States and its borders.

Today, while the top executive officer is busy making speeches, and telling the American people he can’t take a straw to siphon the oil, and playing rounds of golf, one foreign man is scapegoated to blame for the disaster.

Never has the con-game of politicians been so glaringly apparent as the actions and re-actions to the Gulf oil spill.

While miles of our southern border is being invaded by foreigners, and other miles of the southern border invaded by the killer oil spill, the powers at be in Washington, are working overtime in their con game to blame one man and one company for the invasion. With no solution to this horrific devastation. Just a lot of double-talk, excuses, blame and golf!!

The extent of this invasion is so great, no amount of money, excuses, blame, diddling and fiddling will fix it.

The question is, what will fix it? Only the recognition by the American people of what caused it, and using that knowledge as the wake-up call, to reverse this transformation of America, a transformation caused by ordinary human beings. A recognition we are at war, and have been for quite sometime, a war of ideas, with a battle plan to destroy individual freedom, property Rights and destruction of the free enterprise system. To re-make this nation, to change it from the Principles expressed in The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of laws into a global Socialistic country operating on the basic tenets of Marxism. And we are already deeply imbedded with that philosophy. Outpictured in the Gulf oil spill, and the absence of any meaningful intent or plan to fix it and secure the borders.

The most appalling outrage is the fact the Centralized Government is preparing to file a lawsuit against the one state and governor, who has taken steps to protect their portion of the southern border, Arizona.

We are witnessing a legal and verbal tarring and feathering of anyone taking rational steps to protect and stop the invasion of our southern borders. Between the invasion of millions of drug dealers and the oil spill, this nation is in great peril. Which worsens every twenty-four hours.

What can we do about it? Not much until we wake up to the reality of what is happening right before our eyes on our soil.



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