In my opinion the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, is the most devastating event in our history. It threatens the species of wildlife, the planet and the future of mankind. More so than wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, or nuclear threat. On the exponential scale of devastation, worsens daily.

If there’s anything positive about it, it’s an opportunity to use as a wake-up call, as to what is happening to mankind in general and this nation in particular. We hear so much about our dependence upon oil. The fact of the matter is, we have reached this hellish state as a result of our dependence upon a political process to take care of us from cradle to grave, and instead of recognizing the lesson, louder cries go out to those in power to fix the problem they caused. This disaster is man-made.

This earth is a gigantic school, and teaches us nature is going to have its way sooner or later. It teaches us we cannot violate universal laws without severe consequences. While we have been distracted by the jackhammer rhetoric of environmental problems, we have been lulled into a false sense of security, by believing those in power are looking out for our best interests, when such is not the case, their priority is their best interest, in their lust for the seduction of power.

The modern day paradigm for old time power grab, is to use all the new technologies, such as socialmedia, and television, to con the people and control with doles and promises. This nation was promised a transformation of America repeatedly during a lengthy political campaign. But never divulged exactly how and why.  And the majority of the people cannot let go of a self-imposed notion, the powers at be are acting in their best interest.

Let’s just back-track for a moment and remind ourselves, political government is a con-game. That is keep your eye on this ball while there is juggling going on for another agenda. And the other agenda is always for more and more power over your life to use, abuse and take that which does not belong to them. The tactics and strategies may vary slightly, but the goal is always the same.

This morning, we turn on the news and hear Congress is holding hearings, to determine why the Gulf rig disaster.

Ours is a nation heavy-duty laden with thousands upon thousands of manmade laws, rules, regulations and edicts. No doubt enough on the books to cover and prevent the human actions which caused the hole in soul of the Gulf of Mexico, now threatening the entire planet. However, those elected in charge of protecting this country failed to do so. How come?

According to news reports, BP is the largest company in Britian. A very powerful company worth billions and billions of dollars. An entrepreneurial, capitalistic company, very entrenched in its operations in this country. They have more money and assets than the U.S. government. Our government is broke and in debt, and BP is apparently from all reports, quite wealthy.

According to news reports, BP made large contributions to the political campaign to elect President Obama. Why does a company give large sums of money to a political campaign, if not for favorable actions relative to their operation, when elected? And isn’t it reasonable to assume, one favor may be to ignore and look the other way, when oil drilling is conducted in such a manner, there is careless disregard for human life and danger to the planet, ignoring all those rules, and regulations, set forth by the politicians whom we the American citizenry pay to oversee such operations? The hundreds of departments set up and paid for by the producers in this country, designed to oversee such operations as oil drilling, have failed miserably to do the job they were hired to do. And those at the top of the heap, paid to execute the laws, after accepting large campaign contributions, have simply failed to do their job.

BP is such a large company, it’s like a government unto itself. It’s so huge with so much money and influence, the disastrous results of their operation presents the proof, they operate without supervision from a political regime, supposedly in power and in the driver’s seat to protect.

The current political regime in Washington project an elitist attitude, out-pictured by the Chairman of the Board for BP, when he emerged from a closed-door meeting with President Obama and his team, and spoke briefly about the “small people,” referring to the victims of the disaster they caused, as a result of their decisions sanctioned by those paid to protect this nation.

Now to add insult to injury, the American people are paying for congressional hearings this morning, to determine the the cause, and who caused the Gulf oil disaster. Never have I seen such a glaring display of the con-game of politics. But it could be the wake-up call this nation needs to stop think and make rational decisions as to why and how  The Transformation of America is being accomplished. It’s all there, for all to see, in this Gulf oil spill.

A reminder of all the cliches we are all so familiar with. “The tail is wagging the dog,” “Don’t go to the fox to find out what happened to the chickens.” “The chickens have come home to roost.” “Treating the symptoms and not the disease.” “Fiddling while Rome burns.” “The Trojan horse bearing gifts.” “Killing the goose that laid the golden egg.” “Keep your eye on this ball, while we are tricking to do something else.” “How to tell when a politician is lying – when his lips are moving.” “Politicians are dedicated to two things, getting into office and staying in office.”

“Birds of a feather flock together.” Tell that to the pelicans of the eco-system, so covered with oil they cannot fly, and die. They are totally helpless, but we are not pelicans. We can think and act.

Tony Hayward, the six million dollar-a-year CEO of BP, has just completed his opening statement before the congressional hearing, saying the one thing I agree with, “This explosion should never have happened.” But it did, and the reasons as to why can be found, going backwards, looking into the one thing we have been reminded of over and over and that is, “The transformation of America.”

Originally, this great nation was formed and established as a nation of laws. Laws in the Bill of Rights, and according to the Declaration of Independence, but we have departed from that moral base, and become a country transformed by greed and lust for power, and a desire from those in power who prefer Socialism to Individual Freedom.

Today, the third act of this 3-act play opens with flowery speeches, congressional hearings, excuses and apologies. Without admissions of the real cause.

I just heard a commentator say, Tony Hayward is the most reviled man on the universe, today. One congressman calls it a “shake down” by a private company. I don’t agree with the assessment of the current situation. Instead, perhaps we ought to thank Tony Hayward, for providing us the opportunity to see and understand what, when and how the transformation of this country has taken place.

I do agree there has been a shake-down of the American people, a way of life and the Constitution of laws, which provided the basis for creating the greatest nation in the history of man-kind. It is not the Free enterprise capitalistic system of a private company which caused it. But the symptom of a corrupt government which permitted it, and the apathy of the people of this country, abandoning the self-responsibility of Freedom and the Free enterprise system, supporting the notion a centralized political government, is omnipotent to take care of all their needs and desires from cradle to the grave.

Knowingly or unwittingly, We the People have supported the game plan to take from the haves and give to the have-nots. To take from those according to their ability and give to those according to their needs. We have embraced the basic tenets of Karl Marx, now out-pictured in The transformation of America. What has happened and is happening with the disastrous Gulf oil spill, is an out-picturing of our failure to recognize what has been happening to this country, and our failure to act to prevent it, which has been happening over a period of years.

Now we look to blame one person, one company, one particular group, which clouds our judgment even further and prevents us from recognition of the real cause of our crisis and dilemma.

We must change our thinking and mind set and value system, and look within ourselves for a solution. We cannot change our current direction by changing to a different set of politicians. We cannot vote ourselves out of the conditions we voted ourselves into. Truth is that which is and the absence of a lie. Political government is a con-game. However, for it to operate, we have conned ourselves, by the delusional thinking, into believing “they” know best and act in our best interests.

Today we must adopt a new paradigm, a new pattern in our way of thinking. Otherwise we fall into the same trap other civilizations have followed throughout history. And it’s just that simple.



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