Another spring is here, bringing on another gardening project by four-year old Prince William. His small garden plot is well on its way. Before May and blackberry winter, there’s always a cold spell when blackberries bloom. He is already growing snowpeas, tomatoes, spinach, squash and corn.

He goes to kindergarten and came in one day with a zip-lock bag of corn plants he had planted in the bag and grown in his school. Grinning from ear to ear surprising me with his school project. The plants were about four inches tall in the bag and we planted them in his garden plot. I emoted and bragged over his accomplishment.

Having planted his first garden last year, he’s acting like a seasoned farmer over his plantings this year. He can handle a hoe and a shovel, and absolutely loves gardening.

We planted flowers in pots, and he potted some beautiful purple petunias in a hanging basket to give to his mom on Mother’s Day. His next visit he spent about an hour making her a card to accompany his surprise gift. All the time he was drawing and painting the card he kept saying, “I’m an artist.” He really is quite artistic with a good sense of design.

His dad said William set the table and sent me a picture of their dining table set with china, glasses, napkins and silverware. He knows how from setting the table in his playroom here at my house, pretending to have a party.

He’s a child with a lot of imagination, and delights in anything he accomplishes.

He loves the kindergarten he attends but this is his last year. He will graduate and be homeschooled, like his two sisters, who have both graduated to a private school. He thinks going to school is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

He loves standing on a stool at the stove to help me cook.

Growing his own vegetables last year prompted him to eat spinach.

It’s amazing how quickly a child learns when one takes the time to participate in projects. He wants someone with him in almost everything he does, and insist I sit with him watching Sponge-Bob cartoons. I was not keen on doing that at first, but soon started enjoying it with him, mainly because he gets so into it jumping up and down mimicking Sponge-Bob.

He’s a very conversant child, and seems to have total recall. His nine-year old sister returned from a trip to Freedom Mountain Academy in Tennessee and he explained everything she related to him about the trip to me.

Recently he came in with volcanoes on his mind and began explaining what happened when they erupted and naming the places where volcanoes are located like Washington State and Alaska. I think his interest in volcanoes peaked watching the news about the eruption in Iceland, and explained about all aircraft in that part of the world being grounded as a result.

I raised children for many years and he without a doubt is the most interested child in a wide variety of things I have ever observed. Still four years old, but will be five in May.

A fearless child and will try anything. He has recently developed this knack of making up stories. He goes on and on with a twinkle in his eye when he knows he’s making up a story. I go along with him and oh and ah over his storytelling. Recently he went to the beach in Florida, and fabricated wild tales about romping in the ocean, and his encounter with ocean critters. I could not stop laughing, which only egged him on.

He’s a very sweet-natured child and a delight to have for a visit. And he loves coming here, mainly because he has my undivided attention when he’s here. I emote and listen to everything he says and does, which prompts him to say and do more.

Like most everyone else he likes attention and recognition for what he does. And he gets it from me, and I enjoy every minute of it.

If you are one who does not have the company of a small child in your life to enjoy, I highly recommend finding one in foster care. Your life will be enriched along with the child’s.

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  1. I’ll bet he will go far in whatever he dedides to do with a mind like that. He may end up “The Most Interesting Man in the World”.