“I am new to blogging & you use language I can understand. 5 star article brilliant.”

It’s probably not according to proper journalistic protocol to begin an article with a comment, however because this gentleman conveys in one line why I write these articles, it was a very meaningful comment to me.

His comment was relative to the article Whitaker-Chambers, Alger Hiss a few days ago.

Here’s a reader new at blogging and comments, he can understand my subject matter, because of the simple language I use. He articulates in one line, my second reason for writing all these blog articles. That is to reach anyone out there, disturbed by this Transformation of America, ready to hear what’s really going on, and willing to stop think and listen. And seeks easy-to-understand language in their pursuit to comprehend. This reader made my day.

I’m not a typist, and peck away with two fingers. Takes me about 3 hours to write one article. I’ve posted almost 400 articles in just over two years; a lot of hours spent at this computor. Still awed by the technology. The fact I can sit here in the red-clay hills of north Georgia, write about any subject I choose and it remains on the internet going around the world 24-7, still has me wide-eyed with wonder.

I’ve received comments from Russia, China, India and Switzerland, in all those languages.

I say the comment is the second reason I write, because the first reason is, I must. I have been writing a lot since I learned how to write. And have boxes and boxes of stuff I have written over the years, packed up in storage. Prior to this blog writing, about the only thing published before was a weekly column I wrote for a newspaper in highschool. Despite the fact that was a long time ago, I still have some of those newspaper clippings.

For me writing is very carthartic, and helps me put things in perspective, as I try to understand the topsy-turvy state of affairs this world is in. All of us are impacted to one degree or another, by what is happening in other places, whether it’s Washington, D.C. or Athens, Greece. Therefore, the more informed and involved we as individuals become, the more control we have over our individual lives.

I’m particularly encouraged lately, hearing from individuals who have taken upon themselves a project of distributing information to friends and family, via emails, newsletters, and forwarding articles of interest, as they inform themselves, taking the time to inform others.

It’s a sort of underground movement, taking place to spread the word about Transformation of America, by ordinary Individuals, quietly and effectively, which is disturbing to those who are a part of this drive to transform this once free powerful nation to the rubble of global socialism. Noted in the speech last week, by the President of the United States, making a hit at information being a distraction and divisionary.

There are individual who have small list of others they regularly send information to. Their own writings plus news articles from others, they read, disseminate and discuss. This is a movement more powerful than any organized group with signs and sayings or any political speeches.

I think what the heck Glenn Beck has been a very effective motivating force to cause the average individual to realize, there is something they can do and must do, to stop the onslaught of actions and rhetoric, which has already taken this country down a destructive road.

Like the commenter new at blogging said, he likes the simple easy-to-understand language. Like a mantra, I heard my mother say more times than I recall: “Plain English is easy to understand.”

To the reader, I suggest you too can make a difference, by informing yourself, and today you can be a part of a solution, by sending emails and informative articles to 3 or 4 people you know. Putting the exponential scale into motion, from where you are, today. Like planting a seed in the ground, which grows and proliferates, so it is with an idea, put into motion.

If you send out 3 emails for 30 days, you have reached 90 people.

The power to save this country, personal Freedom and private property ownership, lies within the reach of the spirit of ordinary Americans. But that spirit must be activated by using one’s own energy to do something. Just do something.

When I began discovering the real meaning of Freedom, many years ago, I had the urge to tell everyone I came in contact with. Not many listened, and few shared my enthusiam, however that in no way dampened my spirit and drive to learn more. One of the highest compliments I ever received, was in an autographed book by a college president, saying, “To Anne who teaches as she learns.” This was in the sixties. I was so absorbed in learning, had no idea I was teaching anyone else anything.

The time-worn saying, “Words are mighter than the sword,” carries a certain truism. One does not need to start waving a gun around to participate in this battle of “a war of ideas.” However, I daresay, if you arm yourself with information, and understand the battle strategy taught by the great militarists of history, like Cochise and Napolean, and Sun Tzu, knowing something about the Art of War is helpful. But first you must admit to yourself, we are in a battle.

Despite the fact I spent many years as the wife of a military officer, I really did not understand battle strategy, until I became involved in legal battles in court cases, when I decided to wage a fight in the tax-supported school system. Ultimately discovering there was nothing I could do to change anything, because it’s an immoral system based upon a system of thievery. It’s the entire system itself which must be dismantled. I have written other articles describing some of the battles I fought. The times I faced arrest, ultimately removing my children and homeschooling, when it was unheard of , and not tolerated back then.

However, I have never really detailed the strategies I used to win the battles I fought in court. But wrote a manuscript for a book I have never published titled “The Battle Plan.”

Just for today, I’m suggesting to the reader things to do which can be effective, without engaging in activities I have personally engaged in that made headlines in newspapers. Quietly from the safety of your own home you can act and participate, rather than sitting idly by as this country is taken over by Fascists, Communists and brands of Socialists. None of us are entitled to do that.

In James Clavell’s book, “The Art of War,” he quotes Sun Tzu: “To fight and conquer in all your battles, is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”


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