I write on a variety of subjects, but usually refrain from writing about religion. Believing it is so personal and individual, I don’t usually discuss it. Not my religious beliefs, nor others’. This is an article about a church, The United Church of Christ.

A few days ago, listening to the Glenn Beck show, he started talking about Jeremiah Wright, the former pastor of President Obama, and his church he attended for twenty years. I thought I heard him say it was a United Church of Christ. That was news to me, I had never heard that.

I’m sure most will recall, Reverend Wright being very much in the forefront of the news, ranting and raving, spewing out his hatred of America, and cursing it. Never have I heard such venom spewing from one individual. When I heard his was United Church of Christ adhering to some of the basic tenets of Marxism, I was stunned for a moment, until some old tapes from my experiences with that church began re-playing. And anger welled up in me.

There is so much in the news now-a-days, which is disturbing,I try not to react, but sometimes, I hear something that strikes a nerve in me and I almost go straight up. I try to stay calm, cool and collected, most of the time. But hearing Reverend Wright’s church was The United Church of Christ and teachings are marxist, I had an experience with that particular church in North Carolina.

Now I think anyone can believe anything they choose and its none of my business unless it has an adverse impact on me, involved in a way I neither invited nor condoned. In a manner which I consider constitutes a trespass.

My story butting heads with the United Church of Christ happened several years ago when one of my sons was visiting his father in North Carolina for the summer. He and I were divorced and he had re-married a woman in that church. I had sole custody of the children in the divorce, with visitation in the summer. While there, he attended summer Bible school and I thought that was the extent of his involvement, until he wrote me he had joined the Church of Christ.

My son was 12 years old and I was his mother with sole custody and this new wife had gone behind my back, without my knowledge nor consent had arranged for him to become a member of her church. I was livid,and wasted no time, packed my bag and made the five hour drive to Charlotte, North Carolina without stopping.

I checked into a hotel, called my ex-husband to meet me at the hotel with my son. When he arrived, I told him to get the pastor of this church on the phone. When he did I laid into this pastor like a bulldozer. Told him to remove my son’s name from the church roll as a member. Informed him as his mother, with sole custody, I prohibited him from being a member of that church. The pastor argued with me since he was 12 years old he was eligible to make his own decision to join. I rolled out a few expletives worse than Nixon. Read the riot act to my ex-husband and prohibited my son from visiting that church, ever again.

I wanted his name off the church rolls, which turned out to be a very difficult task, and months battling with the Church. After returning to Atlanta, I began writing letters, sending registered to the Church. Now, one would think if the parent of a minor child who had joined a church without the parent’s knowledge nor consent and vehemently objected, a rational pastor would remove his name with a written request to do so.

No, no, no, not the Church of Christ, they fought me tooth and toenail with the tenacity of a pit bull to override my authority of responsibility for the child. They decided their authority to indoctrinate my child into the tenets of their religion superseded my authority. Which entailed months of letter writing and wound up with my retaining legal counsel. Ultimately, after several months, I succeeded in having his name removed from their church roster. It was a tough, involved battle.

I knew very little about their religion, and back then had no idea their views were marxist when I began. It did happen that shortly after my dispute with them, I read in the paper they were involved in some legal problemns relative to their modus operandi.

Not many things I despise like I do the Church of Christ. Dealing with them is like dealing with tangled barbwire. I went through the wringer as a result of their action, but I knew from the beginning nothing would stop me from having my child’s name removed from their church roll. The insidious nature of their mind-set, made me wonder if I was dealing with the devil incarnate, at times.

In this connection, when I heard Jeremiah Wright, a preacher who flails and screams as he curses America, was pastor of a Church of Christ, I moaned. Because I know from personal experience they radically snatch a child away from the parent to indoctrinate the young mind into their twisted sense of values, and when I attempted to extract him from their clutches, they fought me like a tiger.

I was shocked and incensed when I first heard about it, and doubly shocked when they fought me so strenuously to prevent his release from their church roster as a member. Their tactics are abusive. But my strategy to have my son’s name removed from their roster, was unrelenting.

I was surprised to hear Jeremiah Wright was pastor of a Church of Christ, however after hearing that, not surprised at his attitude and actions. Here’s a church that brain-washed my child into joining, with-out my knowledge. And here’s a pastor who curses a country I love. And the President of the United States spent twenty years as a member.

Fortunately, I snatched my child away from the church, and de-programmed their teachings. But it was not easy. It was costly, mentally, emotionally and financially. But worth anything to me to remove and detach him from that church.

Sun Tzu was a military general, but a philosopher before he became a general, and states these wonderful words of wisdom: “If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained, you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb to every battle.”

In my lifetime, I have fought many battles, and usually win. Because I believe so strongly in the Principles I understand and a value system I hold dearly. Today I recognize the seriousness of the crisis we face in this country. I view it as a battle between Freedom or bondage. And think those of us who love and honor Freedom are losing. The Marxist stance of many who are in power is quite entrenched. And it will take a dogged determination, an understanding of one’s self and the enemy, plus a Battle Plan to reverse the current direction. And it’s just that simple.


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