Confucius says, “If your plans are for one year, plant rice, if your plans are for ten years, plant trees, and if your plans are for one hundred years educate men.” Confucius was a very wise oriental man.

But not as wise as the Founding Fathers of this country, who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Their plans were obviously for one-hundred and beyond, as they carved out these two documents, with Divine Guidance.

Inasmuch as The Transformation of America is already taking place, those of us who object to the transformation of personal Freedom and private ownership of property, do not have ten years nor 100 years to implement plans to stop and reverse this transformation. Instead of the focus being on what we should do, the focus should be to stop what we have been doing. Stop handing over the sovereignty of ourselves to others, expecting others to fix the problem.

We have arbitrarily handed over our personal power to a few elitists in the central seat in Washington and now they are in control of the lives of Americans. It’s about to get much worse, when the tax cuts President Bush put in place expire, shortly. You ain’t seen nothing yet!!

Without a shot being fired, by the change in the use of language, the indoctrination of several generations of children and one vote at a time, the transformation of life as we once knew it here in this great nation, has already been dramatically transformed, and not for the better.

That’s the bad news. The good news is, you as an individual are not powerless, and can be in control of your world and affairs, if you first recognize it, then assume the responsibility for it. That is assuming responsibility and control, for your decisions about your life. Admitting we have all played a role in this hellish mess in this country. We had a role in it by what we did and didn’t do. Not a comfortable admission, but must start there.

In this age of information, there is plenty out there, gratis to inform ourselves. You can Google just about anything over the internet. There are hundreds of wonderful writers spending their time and energy writing useful information 24-7. In the quiet alone time in your own home you can click on these Libertarian bloggers, to seek the information you need for the transformation of your life and thinking processes.

There is a Libertarian blog place, by Lew Rockwell, which lists a slew of writers every day. It’s free for the asking, and such a variety of article titles, you are privy to a tremendous amount of free information. Such blogs as and Hooligans libertarian blog, are very informative. The Libertarianblog place, just lists the names of the articles and writers. All you do is click on the article you wish to read. And start educating yourself by listening to a different drummer, instead of saturating your brain with the jackhammer rhetoric coming from the main news media.

Years ago there was a great journalist news reporter named Jack Anderson. He said, “I don’t cover the news, I un-cover it.” By reading libertarian bloggers, you will begin uncovering and learning truth. With an open mind, sorting out truth from some interpretations which may not always be consistent, you will begin feeling empowered by figuring it all out for yourself. Education is simply an acquisition of knowledge. You may find it necessary to get rid of many of your pre-conceived notions and replace with a new understanding. Just try it, and begin feeling the empowerment of truth and knowledge.

In so doing you will feel better about yourself, and start figuring things out for yourself, instead of depending upon others to make decisions for you. You will stop going along to get along. A child knows the difference in Right and Wrong, and we innately know we have been doing something wrong to reach this state of Socialism in this country and the crisis we face.

We know all the clichés: “Don’t go to the fox to find out what happened to the chickens,” “If it looks like a duck, quacks and has webbed feet it’s a duck,” “How do we know when a politician is lying? If his lips are moving,” and on and on, we have heard these sayings.

You might not reach the mentality of our founding fathers motto: “Root, hog, or die,” but unless there is a change in the way most think today, the future is bondage. We are not entitled to squander freedom for future generations. The time is now to be informed about what is happening. Personal Freedom of self-responsibility and self-control is non-transferable.

There is no charge to stop and think, learn and decide. And readily available to anyone.




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  1. Aaron says:

    Just wanted to say “thanks” for the mention here. Keep up the good fight!