One of the most anticipated events in sports history today at Augusta, Georgia, when Tiger Woods tees off for his first round of tournament golf in about six months. The biggest news story of the day.

Why is he such big news? No question about it, he is the the most notable and recognizable sportsman in the world. And one of the best, if not the best golfer in the world. The highest paid athlete, and probably the most watched performer. No question about it, he is a phenomenon.

He apparently had very nice parents, who guided him, and taught him well relative to morals and principles. But like most young men who go through a period of “sowing wild oats” he did his thing. When the story first broke, I thought to myself – two kinds of people, the caught and un-caught. And the news media has had a feeding frenzy, telling their story as they view it over his escapades.

Inasmuch as today is the national and international event at Augusta Masters, when he tees off for the three day event, in Augusta, Georgia, he’s the front page story, as his alleged girlfriends have their fifteen minutes of fame appearing on talk shows to air their feelings. They cry as they talk about his lie to them, while they air their pity party.

I for one so glad he returned to play in the masters, because I love watching him play the game. I don’t usually watch football, basketball, tennis and other sports, but glued to the TV to watch Tiger Woods play golf.

So many expressing their opinions about him. Running the gamut of opinions, good, bad and indifferent. I suspect one of the reasons is because he is so well known as a Mr. Clean sort of athlete, and a shocker to hear, off the golf course, he had another lifestyle, kept so secretive. As if the general public was entitled to know about his private life. When in fact we, as the public who watches his golf playing, have no such entitlement. Because we are privileged to enjoy his professionalism on the golf course, does not entitle us to anything about his private life. However when it is exploited all over the air waves, we watch and listen. And express opinions.

I wrote an article about him a couple of weeks ago, and one commenter responded with a lovely letter about him, from having a family member who worked with him in a capacity of being involved with an organization, closely associated with him. I posted her letter in my comment section of the article. I suggest reading it, because it conveys a caring thoughtful and considerate person.

It supports the time worn saying, ” There’s so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, it ill behooves any of us to talk about the rest of us.”

Unlike so many well known, highly paid politicians dominating the airwaves, who have become famous as a result of “taking from haves to give to have-nots” and creaming for themselves off the top, Tiger Woods has earned his status of being a billionaire and the top athlete in the world, from his own energy and ability, and I for one, very much admire him. And he deserves to be viewed as a role model for others.

He has achieved the status of wearing the “green jacket” on four previous occasions, and I hope he wins the masters tournament to don the jacket a fifth time. In my opinion he continues to be an inspiration to all of us. And deserves respect and admiration for his phenomenal accomplishments in the world of Sports.

Living in the United States of America, he epitomizes the notion of what one individual can accomplish in a country of free-enterprise, and individual Freedom, by his work and determination. An ordinary individual who has accomplished extra-ordinary feats.

As a fan in the general public, he owes us nothing. Conversely, we owe him a debt of gratitude, for showing us what one individual can do to become highly successful, by his determination, focus and dedication, without tax-supported funding, while entertaining all of us on his tiger-trek, displaying gentlemanly sportsmanship on the golf course.

Unlike many high-flying elected officials, using distasteful language over the airwaves, for impressionable younger generation to hear, like the recent remark by the vice president, I’ve never heard Tiger Woods use distasteful language while engaged in his game of golf on the golf course.

I personally think it’s time the critical news media got off his back, and stop the condemnation for reports about his private life, and report the good news about a young man, who has made a great deal of contributions, positively, in more than one area, to the lives of so many.

This coming Sunday, at the end of the Masters golf game, it’s not about whether Tiger Woods wins or loses, but all about how he has played the game, which entertains all of us. And more importantly, the contribution, he has made to millions by his example, of accomplishment. And he deserves the title of the greatest athlete in the world.



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