A great book about the Statue of Liberty is titled, “Like the Country she symbolizes, she stands Tall and Proud, upholding FREEDOM’S HOLY LIGHT,” by Richard H. Schneider. It’s a look into American and French cultural history. It will “re-awaken a just patriotic fervor in the hearts and minds of all readers.”

At this particular time in 2010, a time in which Americans are beginning to awaken to what’s happening in this country, many great books excite us to the awakening. Another good book I read many years ago, titled “While we Slept,” by John T. Flynn. Probably obtainable from Laissez Faire books over the internet.

I recommend this one because so many have been asleep at the switch for so long and just now awakening to what is taking place in this country, as evidenced by the Tea Party movement.

I’m not involved in the Tea Party movement and only know about it from the televised news about it. I have no idea what will happen as a result of all these loyal Americans coming together protesting the actions of the centralized government. But to me it’s good news so many are now willing to stand for something and stand up for it.

I have battled the power of the onslaught of political intrusion so many years, as a individual. Many of my battles were with the socialized school system, I have written in detail in previous articles. But other battles like the time I took on a local drug ring in the sleepy little town of Norcross, Georgia, and single-handedly got rid of them in the midst of death threats. Filed charges in court and the dealers were arrested and charged. From my own experiences, I know what a single individual can do if they set their mind to it and proceed regardless of the cost and obstacles. But I have never been groupy. Only once.

I discovered early on how one can be attacked as a group, I wrote about when I was concerned about the material in school textbooks. Threats from opposition so terrorized my members of the group, I wound up totally alone, and proceeded with my plan in spite of any threats. This was back in the sixties.

Anytime I battled anything, always there was a Principle involved. I will go into battle-mode when a Principle is involved. And important to understand what a Principle is. A principle is established in the nature of things according to universal law. It’s undeviating and immutable. Like the law of gravity is undeviating and immutable. Never changing. Unlike one’s value judgments, some claim as a principle, which are always changing.

I begin with the premise we have a Right to Life. And from that Right stems other Rights to sustain it. Some may argue that’s not necessarily a good thing, according to their value judgments. However, it can be argued that Right is a Principle, in the nature of things. Accordingly, we have a Right to be Free. Obviously many think otherwise, when we realize just how many think they have a right to control and take from others.

I am a bit bothered by the outcry of some in the tea party, who seem to think the problem in Washington is because they don’t listen to the people and changing of the guards will put others in the seat of power who will listen to the people. In my opinion the problem is the laws which take one’s property in violation of the Constitution and in opposition to the Declaration of Independence.

It’s the misuse of the laws of the US Constitution, by interpretation of such clauses as “the General Welfare” and the Commerce clause to mean they have ala carte power to enact laws of massive thievery.

Trying to seat those in the seats of power in Washington who will listen to the people, is the wrong route to take in my opinion. As evidenced by the millions of letters, and phone calls to those elected, they simply do not adhere to that kind of attention. The action must be, to be effective, is holding their feet to fire by demanding adherence to the laws of the Constitution, which they pretty much ignore.

This is supposed to be a nation of laws, and those in Congress have violated those laws. They are beholding to lobbyists who tell them what they want. That’s listening to the people. Admittedly only to some and not you and me. It’s a waste of energy trying to get those elected to “listen to the people.” Their designated role as elected representatives of the people is abiding by the Constitution. And they have failed to do so. They have broken the laws. And should be held accountable for that by the people.

The three branches of government are divided for Congress to make laws according to the Constitution. The Executive branch is supposed to enforce and the Judicial Branch to interpret. It’s all screwed up and convoluted and appears the executive branch makes laws. And the Liberal court interprets according to their value system.

It’s the responsibility of the American people to be vigilant and demand they follow the Constitution. If they don’t they should be impeached. The outcry is their actions are all so political. Of course it is, because they are listening to certain segments of the citizenry, instead of following the laws of the Constitution. The conglomerate of large corporations and Wall Street oil the palms to get their wishes met.

Lobbying should be outlawed to level the field. Why should one person or one group have the advantage of re-distribution over the rest of us?

I think the Tea Party Movement has an opportunity to change the way business is conducted in Washington, if they would stick to a drive to enforce the Constitution. And stop diminishing their power by the mantra of listening to the people, instead focus on demands for adherence to the laws of the Constitution, and repeal all the laws contrary to it. And throw those out who have failed to follow the Constitution.

The power to make the changes lies within the hearts and spirit of the American people. This year is the now or never time to make the changes.

What a small number of politicians have done to destroy the basic tenets of personal Freedom and private ownership of property is beyond toxic shame. The undermining of the Principles upon which this country was founded is tantamount to criminal. And those responsible should be held accountable.

This country and its people are in great peril, and all the yak-yak verbiage to the contrary does not change the fact. We are not in a period of recovery, but in a period of continuing onslaught, and further destruction of what this once great Country was built upon. The basic Principles so many have fought and died for. The Principles of the Rights of a people to be free. The Right of property ownership to keep what they work for, earn and create.

Instead, a small number of elected men and women have acted as though they have a right to plunder. Snubbing the Constitution and the Rights of the earners and taking what they want when they want it. With total disregard for that which is right and moral correct behavior. Living it up in a high-flying lifestyle, taking from those who have worked, earned and created the wealth. Can anyone justifiably claim there is anything just, fair or moral in this system of plunder?

How and why have we allowed it to happen? Can it be turned around or is it already too late? Or are we headed for total collapse into the jaws of Socialism? A train wreck of the greatest nation in the World?

We are living in a fool’s paradise if we think things will automatically turn around based upon the flowery rhetoric of those in charge, and false claims of “recovery.” This country is not going to recover from the ditch we are in, unless the people recognize the reality of what is happening and decide to take this country back. I say take back, because this country as we once knew and lived the dream no longer belongs to us. The control of it rest in the hands of a few in Washington.

The claim to give unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar’s, does not apply here, because the hard-working earners do not owe Ceasar anything.

A quote from Edward R. Murrow: “We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we remember that we are not descended from fearful men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and to defend causes which were for the moment unpopular.”

Another great quote from Daniel Webster: “Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men of all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.”



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