Senator Ron Paul is frequently in the news expressing his views, talking, writing and speaking, and many tout him as the spokesman for Conservatives.

I have written about him a couple of times many months past, some of my readers agree, some disagree with my opinions about Senator Paul. I do think he knows a great deal about Austrian economics, but uninformed and confused in other areas.

In an article by Senator Paul, April 27, 2010, he disagrees with the characterization that this administration, headed by President Obama, is Socialist or has strong Socialist leanings. Stating Mr. Obama is “very much a Corporatist.” Explaining in many ways this is worse than an out-right socialist. Implying Socialism is not so bad, that there are other worse things.

Further stating, “Socialism is a system where the government directly owns and manages businesses. Corporatism is a system where businesses are normally in private hands, but are in fact controlled by the government in a corporate state.” Which is not the case in all brands of Socialism, I maintain.

It’s in these published ideas by Senator Paul, wrong explanations, either misinformed, or uninformed, that I’m in disagreement with.
A man who has been in the seat of power in Washington for over twenty years, while this Nation has gone far down the road of socialism. Mr. Paul spending so much of his time trying to have Federal Reserve audited, when there is already an audit of the Federal Reserve.

I have just this month completed two sets of series, posted on my site, titled, “Ownership of Property an Absolute of Freedom,” and another series on “The Statue of Liberty” and the Declaration of Independence. Explaining what Freedom, Ownership of Property and Socialism are.

Mr. Paul is apparently unaware that Socialism has more than one brand. Fascism does not directly own businesses as Mr Paul states, but is a system where businesses are in private hands, and controlled by a centralized government. Benito Mussollini, the Italian dictator, stated: “The Corporate State considers that private enterprise in the sphere of production is the most effective and useful instrument in the interest of the Nation.” Therefore, government does not directly own, as Senator Paul claims.

One of the reasons this country of 309 million citizens is in such a topsy-turvy state is because of so much confusion about ownership of property and definition of Freedom. So many different intrepretations of what a Republic is, Conservatism, Liberalism, Progressism, Moderates, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism and all the -isms bantered around by politicians and the news media.

Adding to this confusion is Senator Paul’s writings implying Corporatism is some system of government, when in fact it is not a system of government, but a plank in the structure of political government. The difference, by denying the government here in the United States is not Socialist, nor has Socialist leanings, is double-think-double-talk, which promotes more confusion. Stating ours is a system of a “corporatism” brand of government. He should know better.

One of my favorite quotes comes from a Persian proverb: “He who knows not, is a fool – shun him. He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a child – teach him. He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep – wake him. He who knows and knows that he knows is a wise man – follow him.”

At the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, in April, Senator Paul stated about President Obama, “In the technical sense, in the economic definition, he is not a Socialist, he’s a Corporatist.” As one blogger wrote, meaning the president takes care of Corporations, and Corporations take over and run the Country, an unholy alliance of business and government.”

No, corporations do not run this country. Politicians, like Senator Paul, do. And made a royal mess of things out of a once great nation, built on a foundation of the principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

Words are power, and those in seats of power, misquote, and misintrepret, so frequently and so brazenly blatant, they promote untruths to mislead the American people down the bridle path of socialism into bondage. While feathering their nests of personal wealth, on the backs of the productive Citizenry. Talking out of both sides of their mouths.

We are overdue to start thinking for ourselves, and stop listening to and believing what comes out of the mouths of those running this country. From the Harvest: “Sow a thought, reap an act, sow an act, reap a habit, reap a charactor, sow a charactor, reap a destiny.”

From Keith Chesterton, Essayist, poet, novelist,1924: “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected.”

How true that is today as we as Americans listen to the verbiage of conservatives, most support the mistakes they make, and we listen as though they are pearls of wisdom and truth. When are we going to think for ourselves, and recognize what Truth and Freedom are?

General Douglas MacAuther said: “The object and practice of Liberty lies in the limitation of government power.” If this is true, why is it we continue to listen, believe and expect those in government power to limit government? Never in the history of mankind has political government acted to limit itself. It is always continuously expanding its powers, eroding away at individual Freedom. And one of the tools of expansion is via verbiage of double-think, double-talk, misrepresentation of truth. The expansion of power takes place when the people listen and believe what they say.

The economist and social philosopher, Ludwig Von Mises, said: “The first thing a genius needs is a breath of free air.”

And one of my very favorite writers, who wrote “The Law” and “That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen,” Fredric Bastiat, said: “Society is composed of men, and every man is a FREE agent. Since man is free, he can choose, since he can choose he can err, he can suffer. I go further: He must err and he must suffer, for his starting point is ignorance, and in his ignorance he sees before him an infinite number of unknown roads, all of which save one lead to error.”

So much wonderful wisdom expressed by great individuals of the past. If we listen, study and practice what they taught, instead of spending our time listening to the current crop of politicians in power, and all their misleading verbiage, we can turn things around in this country and return to the Principles and values upon which it was founded and thrived for many years.

Do not expect those so seduced by political power to do for us, that which we must do for ourselves, if we desire and expect to be free. The formula for Freedom is taking responsibility for ourselves, by our actions and decisions. We must listen to a different drummer, and march to a different tune, than we have yesterday.




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