In a Free Society, private ownership is the only moral role. Tribal action, of collective use of property, is a hopeless impasse at presumed collective ownership. Only by express permission can you use collective property. Even though you paid for it. It’s operated by those who did not pay for it and used by those who neither paid for it nor operate it. Therefore the question, is who owns it?

I recall an incident several years back when Lester Maddox was governor of the State of Georgia. He made a speech about Piedmont Park, a large park in the middle of Atlanta. There had been rioting in the park, and in his speech he stated, “Piedmont Park belongs to the people.” Living in Atlanta at the time, I called his office, and spoke to a young man in the Governor’s office. I told him I was one of those people the Governor mentioned the park belonged to and would like to sell my part, and asked him how I would go about selling my part of property which “belonged to the people.” The young man laughed and hung up on me!!

I’m sure the call sounded quite ridiculous to the young man. Having no answer to my question, he just hung up. I may have sounded like a kook call, but in all seriousness, a rational person may stop and wonder why it is living in the United States of America, supposedly a free society, one is forced to pay for property which the government claims belongs to him or her, yet unable to use it, sell it, or exercise any control over it. At that time the park was used and controlled by rioters.

I tell this true story to point out the absurdity and irrationale of the pitch we frequently hear from politicians relative to so-called public property, and the confusion about privately owned property. We have simply lost sight of just precisely what it is that constitutes ownership of property.

The criteria to ownership is not complicated. First of all, you can’t own anything which does not have a boundary. You must be able to define an established boundary in order to own. Secondly, one must be in a position to control the property, without permission from non-owners. And thirdly, the owner must have the sole discretion to change or destroy, without permission from others.

Any action, or attempts for a non-owner to cross boundaries without permission is a trespass. Any action to control or change in any way, shape, form or fashion in violation of the will of the owner, constitutes a trespass.

All of us have heard the rock and roll song, with the words, “There’s a whole lot of shaking going on.” Well, we are living at a time when there’s a whole lot of trespassing going on!!

No society can claim to be moral and free, unless it is erected on a base of Private ownership of property. And in the beginning of the formation of this country, when the colonies rose up and fought against a tyrannical king in England, it was all about property ownership to set themselves free. To stop the subservience to an entity which taxed and ruled private property.

How, where and when, did the average citizen become so confused and mis-led about ownership of private property? Like dripping water, it evolved over a period of time. Creeping Socialism became leaping Socialism. Keep in mind that Socialism, by any name, Progressive, Communism, Fascism, is only the brand name which at its core rejects the Principle of Private Ownership of Property.

Accordingly, to return this Nation back to a free Society, the moral Imperative to be free is a return to Private Ownership. Stop and realize what being a free society really means.

Does it mean we can express opinions, either in writing or speaking? Does it mean a voting privilege? Is Worship an accepted practice of Freedom? Can we travel from one place to another, unhampered? Yes, all these things are attributes of a Free Society. However, whether or not one is free to own Property defines the meaning of freedom. Only the responsibility and control of property, tells us the true meaning of Freedom.

Therefore, if we desire Freedom and expect to regain it, we must take the time to understand its meaning in relationship to ownership of property. Our survival as a species is at stake.

Whether or not we recognize it or admit it, we have surrendered our Rights to ownership by overtly or covertly relinquishing our responsibility for property ownership, by turning the control over to others to rule us, punish us, enslave us – to escape the responsibility of ownership. How foolish we have been!!




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