I have written almost 400 lengthy articles since I began on this website early 2008, just over two years ago. All still posted on my Many of them relating to Freedom, Property Rights & Politics. Sprinkled among the articles, are stories about my journey through life.

I write because I must, and in the hopes I might make some reader stop and think about this wonderful country we live in, and the Freedoms we have enjoyed, and an awarenes of much we have lost. I write in simple, easy-to-understand terms. The ideas I express are mine and things I have learned from others and personal experience. Inasmuch as I have never been able to prove anything to anyone, my writings are not to prove anything, however, I can sometimes on rare occasions offer proof of a particular point.

My love of Freedom prompts me to write about it, along with some mention of history, quotes from some of the great men of history and documents they created. Like the Declaration of Independence, the most nearly-perfect document man has ever created.

Then there’s the United States Constitution, despite the fact it’s far from perfect, still the best ever devised thus far, for the business of a Free Society. If the tone and purpose of it were followed by those in power in Washington, we would not be in the predicament we are in today. Instead much has been violated.

Those who fought the Revolution and formed these documents, were not seeking to overthrow the king, nor fighting for a voice in the English government, but wanted to be left alone to govern themselves and be free.

With reference to The Declaration of Independence it states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” A reasonable deduction of philosophic logic.

“That all men are created equal.” Denying the divine right of kings, suggesting each person has equal rights, therefore the same opportunities.

“That all men are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable Rights.” Not having the same instinctual behaviors as animals, we had to think, act and choose. And given life as a free gift, we were responsible for our actions, individually, inalienable and non- transferrable.

“That among these are Life.” A right to Life with responsibility for it.

“Liberty” The Right to be free to govern ourselves and be responsible for our life and actions.

“Property” A word in the original draft. The right to sustain ourselves and left out because two southern colonies who had slaves, refused to sign with that word in it. Despite the fact they unanimously agreed that property was an inherent Right, if specified, slaves would want property and not be slaves. Reference to the Virginia Bill of Rights, used by the writers. Happiness was the word substituted for Property.

“And the pursuit of happiness.” Each person has a Right to use their energies and talents however they choose and pursue their goals according to their individual value judgements. Or not to pursue if they so choose.

The Declaration of Independence was a document of revolutionary words, never expressed before, that a person had a Right to govern themselves. Never before had anyone dared to pen such a document, stating men were born equal, and had a right to govern themselves, declaring they were willing to fight and die for these Rights. Wow!!! what a stance to take!! A position which shook the foundations of the old world.

These words were the symbol of hope and inspiration, which brought joy to this new America. These were the words with meaning which endowed the Americans to carve out this greatest nation on earth. A new land with a new beginning, fused with the Light of Freedom, shining with the Light of Grandeur and Greatness. This was a beloved Country.

So goes the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution. Which prompted the spurt of energy, an outpouring of human energy, which laid the foundation for the ingenuity of the people, to create this productive and ingenious wealthest nation on the earth. Famine did not exist, nor did people starve, during those early years when there were no government hand-outs, no nanny state, and no political doles.

Yet, there were some who still feared Freedom, who still wanted a king and a central authority. They wanted this authority not to rule them, but protect them, and individual states refused to sign the Constitution until the Bill of Rights was added. Only six of the signers of the Declaration of Independence signed the Constitution.

The belief of the signers of The Declaration of Independence, the Principles for which the Revolution was fought, did not intend to exchange one authority for just another, maintaining, whether called a President,  a king or a majority, the same tyranny would result.

For a few glorious years, the central authority worked, because the men in government believed in the Declaration of Independence, i.e., that man had inherent Rights. Therefore for those few glorious years individuals were allowed to be on their own. These men had learned from years of no political government to govern themselves. They learned to cooperate with each other, and work best when each worked toward their own interests.

So beautifully expressed by an Englishman in “Nations” in 1767 said, “stumble upon establishments which are indeed the result of human action, but not the result of human design and the spontaneous collaboration of free men often create things which are greater than their individual minds can ever comprehend.”

Without the interference of government, when each person works solely for their own best interests, working and trading with collaboration which is spontaneous, the results are beyond imagination. When individuals are left alone to their own devices, to work, design, create and produce, the results are outpictured in the formation of this Nation. They produce, invent, and create and sell and exchange goods and services.

In a planned economy, controlled by a centralized political government, scarcity always results. We are witnessing the results of the planned economy and take-over by a centralized power, destroying the wealth of the free-enterprise system. Farm lands lying idle, as a result of governmental interference, jobs of manufacturing shipped out to other countries. Long lines of unemployment for checks and food vouchers already exists. Not something which might happen, but taking place before our very eyes.

We never had a famine, no one starved and no government dole was wanted nor needed, during the time in this country when free individuals enjoyed spontaneous collaboration, in the free enterprise system. There are inherent and inalienable laws in the free enterprise system.

Self-government works best, and after thousands of years of centralized man-made governments, over and over, failure has been the result. When we discover the infallible laws of our creator and know the results, still we flock to a centralized man-made authority. As evidenced today, when millions flock to those in power, seeking relief from the dilemma we now face.

Inherent in the natural laws of self-government, of self-responsibility and self control, apply equally and fairly and require no external force of a centralized political government to assure observance, is the imperative moral route to go. When we allow the inherent laws of the free enterprise system to operate without interference, the people thrive.

When the true owner of property, is left unhampered, by reprisals, or fear of reprisals, he can destroy, give it away or use it as he sees fit, despite one’s notion he may be wise or foolish, no one can question his right to do with his property as he chooses. His is the authority for his property.

No political government has anything until it takes, by force or threat of force, from an individual. When the government assumes the role of privilege and power to take property at will, it assumes ownership and removes personal property ownership by taxation. Government cannot tax “nothing,” it must assume ownership to collect taxes. Persons are denied self-control when denied by force and therefore become dependent upon the depriving force.

I believe in the Declaration of Independence, the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule and the free enterprise system of voluntary exchange of goods and services. I believe we were endowed by our Creator to be Free.

Political governments, by their very nature, corrupt all these things.




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