Writing articles for this blogsite has been an interesting venture. Typing with two fingers, writing almost 400 articles, has taken a lot of time. However, when I sit down to write, I do not usually know what subject I will write about, and just begin as ideas come to me.

I am encouraged by the many emails and comments, not to mention the 12,848 spam comments. All sorts of comments, selling something, but frequently quite interesting and complimentary. I do not usually post because I’m not selling anything on my blogsite yet, but mostly expressing ideas.

Lately I have been receiving a lot of mail discussing President Obama, all unfavorable and critical. Frequently quoting him from remarks and speeches. And don’t disagree with the writers, however despite the fact I have devoted some space about him in the past, decided some time ago, not to devote much time to discussing him. The reason is it’s my opinion he’s on a fast track of Socialist agenda, taking us in the direction of a totalitarian State. Additionally, it’s my opinion his attitude is so very noblesse oblige. So genereously giving away other people’s money and taking more every day.

Recalling his many campaign speeches, never mentioning Freedom, with a mantra of change, change, change, which was so nonspecific, and repeating that if elected he planned on reaching across the aisle to change the way business would be conducted in Washington and sadly, he has done that. Nothing I can do to influence his direction, therefore decided to spend little time on him.

Reminding myself politicians and political government are con games of keeping one’s eye and attention on one thing while they exercise an agenda of something else. Thriving and expanding their powers on just two things, dependency upon political government and opposition to it.

He is not responsible for all that ails this nation, but obviously has expedited the direction we are headed since taking over the reins.

Having said that, I prefer discussing and writing about the history of the brave men and women who founded this country, their actions and vision, and writing about personal Freedom and private property Ownership, and what can be done to turn things around, plus a variety of other subjects.

The more I write and read about the Principles of those who founded this country, the more intriguing it is to me. And the more I groan with concern over the failure of teachings in the tax-supported school system, to inform this generation about the history of those Principles. The past several generations have not been taught about our founding fathers. And doubt if much will change for the better, unless the socialist system of schools is disbanded and changed to a different system. It’s not education, but indoctrination into the basic tenets of Socialism.

Despite the fact the school system is funded by federal and state tax monies, they are operated by local school boards. Local parents could, if they decided to, demand changes in the system to their local school boards. It’s a long shot which will be met with opposition, but it’s worth any effort to stop the onslaught of socialist indoctrination of young minds.

Sadly almost everyone is paying for the system, and no one other than those in charge of the system have any say-so or input into what their children are taught. Quite a few are now home-schooling, but even so the same text-books which promote socialism are used in their curriculum.

I once heard about a man who advertised a motivation class and sat on a stage repeating over and over, “The thing to do is begin.”

As Dr.Phil says, we can’t change anything until we acknowledge there’s a problem, and where we are.

We are living in an era that “try men’s souls,” as we sit idly by as all our personal Freedoms are in jeopardy. Much has already been lost and squandered. And we the people are responsible, by allowing it to happen.

I don’t think we are entitled to sit idly by while a way of life, one of Freedom and private property ownership, is being whittled away, eroded by a few in power. And fiddling “while Rome burns,” so to speak.

I don’t think many understand nor care to understand what many in the colonies endured to carve out this great nation they founded. They fought, died and endured horrible hardships to create a country founded for Freedom of the individual. And we have squandered it, by our apathy and indifference to all that has taken place and is taking place today. We medicate our feelings by a shrugged indifference to happenings all around us.

Admittedly, some are aware that we are in deep trouble and gathering in protest in the so-called Tea Party movement, but even so I don’t think many even understand the real meaning of Freedom, and what it requires to regain and maintain it. If the people gathered in small groups to discuss the history of this country and the meaning of personal Freedom and private property ownership, in an effort to enlighten themselves as to what’s at stake, this would be a meaningful beginning.

We are in a war of ideas, a battle, all great military strategists inform us to know ourselves and know the enemy. No battle can be won out of ignorance to those two things. Consequently, we are losing more and more every day. The enemies of Freedom are informed and know what they are doing. Nothing happenstance about their activity and direction. They are organized with a common goal. That is to take this country down the road of Socialism, which is the antithesis of personal Freedom and the enemy of private property ownership. In this connection they have made great inroads with their plan.

Make no mistake about it, we are being victimized by a well-oiled plan of action. To counter that, we must first be informed as to what the stakes are. And sadly too few are. But that does not mean we must remain ignorant of the stakes and listen and buy into the jack-hammer rhetoric of deception. Every individual has the responsibility of informing themselves. In this age of information, there is plenty available to learn for ourselves, precisely what is happening. We can begin by seeking the Truth. And Truth is that which is the absence of a lie. Most have been so propagandized, they can’t tell truth from page eight.

I don’t mean to sound flippant, because mine is a deep concern for a country and Freedom I love, and a deep concern for the future of my children and grandchildren, as well as all others. We are not entitled to sit idly by and let it happen. That is, a takeover of this country by those seeking power to change it to suit their scheme of things.




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