I was sooo happy to hear the news Tiger Woods would return to his golf game and play in this year’s Augusta Masters in April.

I’m not a sports news junkie, rarely watch any sports for any length of time, with one exception, and that is watching Tiger Woods play golf.

I have little interest in his private romance life, but love watching him play golf. He’s the personification of precision when it comes to swinging a golf club. To observe the control he has over his body, the golf club and the golf ball on the golf course, is like watching a well-oiled human machine. And I sit glued to the tv, watching his focus when he’s playing. It’s exciting for me to watch how he controls that little ball across the long stretches of the golf course. Then when he’s on the green, like magic, moves it into the hole. Like an artist controlling brush strokes, he’s in such control of the club that moves the ball, to place it where he desires it to go, he’s a joy to watch.

As a teenager in high school I enjoyed playing sports and played basketball four years and captain of the team. Later on, living in Florida, played a little golf. But mostly because it was the social thing to do. Stopped several years, spending a lot of time playing bridge. But started playing golf again, while living in Japan. But there again, it was mainly because it was the social thing to do. Golf was the physical sport to participate in, because it was the social thing to do, but the game of bridge was the mental gymnastics I got hooked on, and played a lot of tournament duplicate bridge. During those years, I played with royalty, nobility and top players in the world, and stopped playing golf.

This morning, I saw a news report about an interview Tiger had with a reporter, inquiring about his personal life and who he slept with. Here’s the greatest athlete in the world, and the highest paid, and the focus of interest is below the belt, instead of above the belt and his powerful precision golf swing. My personal interest is the entertainment I derive from watching him on the golf course.

Over and beyond his entertaining golf game, he’s an inspiration. He inspired me as a grandmother to start teaching my 4 year old prince William, how to swing a golf club at age two. He will be five years old in May, and can tee-up the ball and knock it across the fence into the neighbor’s yard. Very exciting for him as he yells, “I knocked it to kingdom come.” Now I have no idea what he will be when he grows up, because everytime I ask him, it’s something different. The latest is a train engineer. But learning how to swing a golf club is great for him physically and mentally. And I started teaching him at two years old as a result of the inspiration of Tiger Woods.

What he does in his personal life is none of my business, and between him, his family and his maker. I’m just very glad to have the privilege of watching him play golf, and looking forward with great anticipation, watching him on tv at the April Masters game. I for one have missed watching him play.

All the world loves two things, and that’s a winner and a parade. And Tiger Woods is a winner, any way you swing it.




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  1. Pam Fuschetto says:

    Anne, just had to let you know I share your opinion. It’s none of my business and am so glad he’s back. As with you, Tiger is my ownly sporting event, except for the Triple Crown which I faithfully watch every year.

    My daughter Amy worked with him, among other notables, at the sports marketing firm where she worked. They handled Tiger’s promotion during eastern based tournaments and charity events.

    Amy worked on his events team for five years and got to know him quite well. She said he used to putt in the hallway of the offices while he waited to be seen. And he always had a putter in his hand and golfballs in his pocket. Always.

    When she retired to give birth to my darling Grandson Jake he was more than generous bestowing gifts on her and the baby. He was extremely kind and appreciative of her efforts during their time together.

    He sent her lovely gifts for her and the baby and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The vase is a golf bag and she’ll give it to Jake for his own memories when he’s grown. She’ll give Jake the card Tiger wrote welcoming Jake to the world.

    He’s a very nice guy according to Amy who says he doesn’t deserve the hand he was dealt by the media. She should know she worked closely with him for five years. I’d take her word over anyone elses.

    The press humiliated and embarrassed Tiger and his wife for so long I began to wonder what the media had against him. What did he ever do to them to cause such biased reporting. They were tightening the noose from day one.

    Whatever he did he did to himself, his wife and his family. He did nothing personally to the over 300 million residents of this country. So too all of you who feel you have been personally affronted by a man’s behavior that is completely none of your business or concern,may I suggest this.

    Start paying attention to the President and his activities. That is your business and your concern. You may just realize when reality strikes, our President is flushing our country down the toilet and you with it.

    If you want to channel your moral indignation why don’t you direct it to the House, the Senate and the Executive Branch. You have a right to be morally indignant about what they’re doing to you. God help us all.

    Welcome back Tiger, we’ve missed you.