I have several hundred posted articles, several about the school system, and my personal battles with the system in years past. However, it’s been about a year since I’ve written much about schools, but the articles are still posted on my blogsite.

Many of my articles have been about Freedom, Politics, Economics, and a way of life in this Country, which has dramatically changed, and departed from the Principles upon which it was founded. A changed way of life which has eroded Personal Freedom and private Property Rights.

In my past history, I battled the powers that be to change things in the so-called Public School System. I attended PTA meetings, had conferences with teachers, talked to other parents, kept tabs on what my children were being taught, checked their homework, questioned test scores and report cards. And read a lot in the textbooks used in the schools. The more I read, the more disturbing the material. I discovered the basic tenets of communism were expressed in math books. I contacted a number of parents and local educators and formed a textbook committee, to review textbooks and make written reports. This was in Nevada.

One on my committee was the owner of local FM radio station. One lady was librarian at a local college. One lady was a member of the local Daughters of American Revolution chapter, to mention a few. These were good decent Americans, concerned as I was about what was happening in schools. We met regularly and compiled quite an extensive report on a number of textbooks to present to the State Text Book Commission meeting in Carson City.

There were several pro-communist leaning local college students who knew about our venture, and local newspapers ran a story on our activity. The night before the textbook meeting, every member of my group called and said they would not attend and strongly urged me not to go, because there was an organized effort of opposition to our proposals of changes in the textbooks.

I understood why they did not wish to be attacked by left-wingers in opposition, but told them I must go. I got up next morning, drove to Carson City alone, and was met by news media and protestors as I entered the hall where the textbook commissions met. At that period of time in the 60s, the John Birch Society was very much in the news, so they kept yelling, “Are you a member of the Birch society?” I kept walking, and responded with, “Are you a member of the Communist party?”

I was quite amazed at the number attending the meeting. I was treated politely, and given an opportunity to present my reports on the textbook reviews. But our report never amounted to a hill of beans, and never impacted to change anything in the school textbooks.

This experience was the beginning of my education relative to how the tax-supported school system operates. I learned several lessons. First, any organized resistance to the socialistic teachings will be attacked and any individual will be attacked. However, I continued trying to improve the status quo in Tennessee and Georgia, and faced arrest twice for defiance of the compulsory school law, when conditions were such that I felt my children were at risk in the school system. Stories I have related in previous articles.

Lo these years later I have no children nor grandchildren in the public school system. However, even homeschooled children are required to be taught from the same textbooks ordered by the system. And everyone is affected to one degree or another as a result of the current school system. We are required to pay for it.

The bottom line is, it’s a corrupt system of thievery. The very nature of it is Socialistic. Taxes by definition are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property (money) hence, stealing. And it is not a system of education, but a system of indoctrination into the basic tenets of the philosophy of Socialism. A system of collectivism, taking from producers to give to non-producers. The collectivism is operated by a centralized government operating by the threat of a gun.

Funding of this system costing billions is not voluntary, but involuntary payment by the majority of producers in this country. Socialism or Collectivism, by any of its brand names like Fascism or Communism has at its core, opposition to private property ownership. The antithesis of Freedom.

Therefore, taking an objective look at the so-called Public school system, one can readily recognize it’s based upon a system of thievery, and thievery is Right or wrong by its nature. I, like most other Americans, believe it is wrong and immoral to steal. Accordingly, one cannot expect morality in a system of schooling based upon immorality.




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