I listened to Glenn Beck give his keynote speech at CPAC, and admired his intestinal fortitude for getting up, standing up and speaking up about the Republican party. I recently heard he was one of the most popular persons on the scene now-a-days. In my opinion I think he’s one of the bravest men reporting on radio and television currently. It takes a lot of nerve to speak the truth as plainly as he does. He’s the epitome of the notion, “When the student is ready,the teacher appears.”

He reminds me of the kid in The Emperor’s Clothing story. He sticks his neck out and tells the Truth. If the citizens in this country are ever going to be ready to hear the Truth, the time is now, to pay attention. Tomorrow may be too late. The Principles upon which this country was founded are at stake and in jeopardy.

The politicians in Washington have made a royal mess of things, and totally reversed the direction of this great nation. But this is not news, most thinking Americans realize this. They are just in a quandry relative to what to do about it. I suggest listening to what the heck, Glenn Beck, he has discovered some answers to the problems we face.

After listening to his “in your face” speech, I listened to the so-called Health-care summit. Held by our tall, handsome and charismatic-spoken President, who appeared to me to lose traction, as the leader in charge; frequently cutting speakers off in the middle of making a point, and generally heading them off at the pass. For me it was like beating a dead horse, as he so rudely kept interrupting others trying to speak and express their ideas and opinions.

I’m one of those Americans who wants to be proud of my country, our way of life and the president who is the Chief Executive Officer. However, felt a bit of shame at the wrangling and conduct at the televised Health summit. Such snide remarks, like telling Senator McCain “The campaign is over,” seemed so inappropiate, and beneath the dignity of a President of the United States conducting a hearing on a subject we are all so tired of listening to. It was dull and uninteresting to begin with. Then for the President to not listen, and dominate most of the time rambling on about what he thought, as if we are school children and don’t already know what he thinks. For pete’s sake we have heard him speak enough to know what he thinks and what his agenda is.

For me, listening to the President at the summit meeting, was a glaring display of inability to lead. Calling a highly-advertised meeting of upper echelon politicians, to listen to their ideas, fell so flat, as the President used the time to talk and not listen, for the most part. My impression was, he has lost his stinger and his organ ain’t playing. I don’t know whether to be sad or glad at that realization. However, less disturbed at what he says than what he does and has done to lead us further down the road of socialism.

Contrary to all the rhetoric that we’re headed to the promised land, this country continues to slide downhill, economically, militarily, living conditions, educationally, and the morale in this country is at a low ebb, currently. Nothing seems to be working. So much seems to be broken and so much needs fixing.

The one thing that can and must lead us out of the ditch we are in is the Spirit of the American people. However, such happenings as the recent summit, do nothing but dampen that indomitable spirit in the hearts and minds of the people. I feel like shouting out to the Washington crowd, just step aside and shut up and stop adding insult to injury. Stop the jackhammer rhetoric long enough for the Spirit of the American people to shine through. Stop screwing everything up long enough for a return to the Principles upon which this great nation was founded.

Unfortunately, the seduction of power is such that those in power cannot and will not of their own volition let go and allow the power to return to the people of this country. Now the latest buzz word is reconciliation, reconciliation. That’s not what this country wants. We want to work and create, be free and own property, and be in control of our lives to live as we choose. To provide for families, educate children and pass on to the next generation a way of life we once enjoyed. Instead we are so stuck in the mire of heavy taxation, and insurmountable debt, and all we are hearing is “reconciliation,” like a mantra from those who got us into this mess.

The saddest words of tongue and men, are these few words, it might have been.

We have allowed things to go so far astray from the Principles of our founding fathers, we now have a tiger by the tail, yelling reconciliation, gathering for a summit, ostensibly seeking answers to the problem, and failing miserably to find answers to anything.

Reminds me of the era of Eva Peron, expressed by the song “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.” But I do want to cry for America the Beautiful, as I once knew it.



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