It was not the midnight ride of Paul Revere, last night, the 21st day of March, 2010, and the first day of Spring, when 219 elected politicians in Washington drove a major spike into the heart of Freedom. Grabbing control just before the strike of the midnight hour.

The greatest scene of Socialist madness since Caligula, the Roman Emperor, appointed his horse a Consul.

The streets are socialized, the schools are socialized and you just think you own the house you live in, possess and pay for,  but is controlled by a centralized government. Now your body and soul are socialized via 219 persons, headed by a President elected to enforce laws, not promote to make laws.

Once I were a community organizer, now I are the President. The tall handsome, charismatic, eloquent speaker, who said in campaign speeches that he would change the way business is conducted in Washington, and he has. In collusion with Nancy Pelosi, the noblesse oblige congresswoman from California. The noble obligation, the elitists assume, to inflate their ego by a notion that they must protect us from ourselves, and take care of us with our money.

Political power is very seductive. Those in congress elected to uphold the United States Constitution, and swore to do so, have violated their sworn oath, because the healthcare bill is unconstitutional. Instead of harping on, like a mantra, they violated the will of the people, they did not take an oath to uphold the will of the people, but the Constitution. And they should be impeached for that violation.

Politicians have a pouch of tricks, like a kangaroo, and follow a pattern. Let’s call it the P-syndrome, which goes something like this: Beginning with politician, Pouch, Pocket, continuing with, Plundering,Planning, Preparing, Preaching, Poking, Playing and Pandering. Continuing with Pricing, Promising, Prognosticating, Pecking, Prying and a list of peaing could go on.

Understanding this, how can you as one of the 300 million citizens adversely affected by this mind-set, blackmail yourself  into thinking you have elected a representative to go to Washington, to act according to your Will? He’s going to act in his best interests and not yours. The only leverage is the sworn oath to uphold the Constitution, which has been violated. He’s supposed to represent according to the stated Principles in the Constitution.

For a number of years, there was a perennial Socialist candidate running for President, Norman Thomas. He said the American people would never accept the Socialist philosophy under the name of Socialism, but masked under the name of Humanitarism, would accept line, hook and sinker.

His words now ring true, because the massive Healthcare program was advertised as a program of do-goodism, to take care of the sick. Even claiming they had a Right to healthcare. A big lie repeated so often, many believed it. Ignoring the fact it’s an immoral legislative bill, based upon thievery.

According to the stats in the news, 80K person a week now reach age 65 which classifies them as senior citizens. This huge segment of the population has been romanced into accepting the Socialist agenda, mainly by the hook of enticing to join organizations, like the AARP. A political organization Nancy Pelosi spoke of as being a supporter in her speech last night.

I’m not a member but regularly receive emails from such organizations, begging for support of all manner of Socialistic programs. A brainwashing of the older generation, to participate in the bondage of the younger generation. This is the saddest and most shameful action at this crucial time in the history of this Country.

The Baby Boomer generation followed world-war two, and many current retirees fought in Vietnam and Korea. Most worked hard, raised families and enjoyed the American dream to live in Freedom. Now senior citizens enjoying retirement or about to retire. A large segment of the 300 million population, bamboozled into supporting the socialist agenda, in defiance of the Constitution, and placing in bondage the next generation.

That is wrong. The gagging and binding of future generations with legislative edicts, policies and laws, is wrong.

What can you do about it, one might ask? It is the eleventh hour and very late. You can begin by educating yourself to facts and truth, and stop listening to the jackhammer rhetoric of the leftist socialists. And admit it’s a mistake to support Socialist agenda and those who are socialist thinkers.

Remind yourself that political power thrives on just two things, dependency upon it and opposition to it.

Once you recognize the light of truth and switch gears in your own life, inform others in an effort to persuade another to support what is Right, Just, Correct, and Good, according to the great moral Guides of the Ten Commandments and Declaration of Independence. Stop the system of thievery, one person at a time, despite the fact it may be unpopular.

Right and wrong does not come from numbers, but from the Principles in this universe. Individual Rights do not emanate from a vote of politicians, but are bestowed upon us by our Creator. And a child knows the difference in Right and Wrong.

Are we too late to roll back this heavy-duty stone of Socialist agenda? I don’t know. What I do know is, it’s not too late to try.

In 1939, American Mercury magazine published an article, “The Criminality of the State,” quoting Albert Jay Nock. “Many now believe that with the rise of the totalitarian State, the world has entered upon a new era of barbarism. It has not. The totalitarian State is only the State; the kind of thing it does is only what the State has always done with unfailing regularity, if it had the power to do it, wherever and whenever its own aggrandizement made that kind of thing expedient. Give any State like power hereafter, and put it in like circumstances, and it will do precisely the same thing. The State will unfailingly aggrandize itself, if only it has the power, first at the expense of its own citizens, and then at the expense of anyone else in sight. It has always done so and always will.”

Last night on March 21st, 2010, we saw, while sitting in our own living rooms, the aggrandizement of the State, putting into motion this aggrandizement by elected politicians. And a giant step towards totalitarianism.




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  1. You can not elect or hire another person to represent you any more than you can hire another person to eat, breathe, or excrete for you. This tragedy is just more evidence of that truth.

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