We must now come face to face with the reality of that to which millions of young children are being subjected in the current school system. Namely, the system itself is socialistic, an immoral system, and no amount of money nor well-educated teachers, improved text-books, concerned parents, beautiful buildings, great school lunches, improved test scores, or anything else is going to change that fact. The culprit is the system, no one can change for the better, so long as it remains a system of Socialism.

My current interest in the school system stems from my love of Country and personal Freedom and Private ownership of property Rights. The Principles upon which this nation was founded. My deep concern for the direction the entire structure of this nation has taken down the road of Socialism. The future of my children and grandchildren, and for all freedom-loving Americans.

In this connection, I do not believe the direction of Socialism will ever change, until the matter of schools is addressed and totally changed. Every nine months we are turning out another group of millions of students indoctrinated into the basic tenets of the philosophy of Socialism.

A system which eats up over half the budget in most States. A recent cover story in local newspaper read, “Progams tough to kill,” with sub-titles, “Those affected resist vigorously;” “Advocates say tuition funding helps State in long run,” followed by an article which begins by saying: “Governor Perdue is being reminded this year that killing state programs is politically difficult in the midst of the worst fiscal crisis since the Great Depression.” The article goes on to talk about the amount of money, tax-payer money, spent on schooling.

I couldn’t help but note the word “killing” used in title and first paragraph. The truth of the matter is, the politics of government schools and the billions collected to support them, are not actually educating, but indoctrinating and killing off the Freedom of individuals, upon which this once great nation was founded. The heavy-duty taxation heaped upon hard-working individuals in this country, is the heavy load, killing off free-enterprise, upon which this country thrived for a couple of hundred years and is no more.

I can’t help but note, in the past couple of years the very word “freedom” seems taboo, but the word “socialism,” rarely uttered before, is now spoken so frequently in news reports. And more glaring, is the prevalence of “progressionism.”

In this connection, the bondage of political take-over by a centralized power by any name, destroys personal freedom and Private property ownership Rights. And the foothold of a political take-over, is self-evident in the school system, and the amount of money collected to operate it.

A recent news item quotes Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives in Washington, as saying, “We must pass the health-care bill, before learning what’s in it.” That’s the rationale of politicians. Well, many bills have already been passed for funding the socialized school system, and what we have is a system labeled “education,” but is in fact a system of indoctrination into socialism. And for some strange reason, intelligent Americans have failed to recognize this.

In years past, education of students was accomplished by a “Socratic method of inquiry.” That is, questioning. Now is a time to ask questions again. How did we allow Freedom to slip through our fingers? What happened to the free-enterprise system? Why are so many unemployed? So many homes foreclosed? Why are so many graduating from high school, and know nothing about the history of this country? Why is it some can’t read or write? Why is the truth about our founding fathers deleted from school textbooks? Why has the history of this nation been so distorted? Why is so much of the land idle and nonproductive? Why were the means of production shipped out to other countries? Why were the factories of production shut down?

As Dr. Phil says: “We can’t change that which we do not acknowledge.” Therefore the most important question is, when are we going to recognize the cause of the demise of a way of life in this country? That is, living in Freedom, living our lives as we choose? Rearing and education children in the Truths as expressed in such great moral guides as The Ten Commandments and The Declaration of Independence?

When are we going to recognize that schooling by sitting in a socialized school room, is not education, but indoctrination into socialism? When are we going to realize the cost of such schooling, running into billions and trillions, is the main thing which has wrecked the economy?

To recognize Truth, why not return to the Socratic method of inquiry and just stop for a moment and ask ourselves questions? The answers to the crisis this country is in, can only be found in asking the right questions.

Like the man looking for his hat when it’s on his head, the answers to the dilemma we face are inherent in the spirit of the American people.


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