Yesterday went into Atlanta to see a restaurant my son just purchased. I moved away from Atlanta four years ago but always enjoy going back. I miss going to the fabulous Fox theatre.

The restaurant my son acquired is going to be an interesting venture in renovation. I was reminded of the times in the past when I wanted to own and operate a restaurant. My life has been interesting and I have traveled and done many things, including work in the movies. But the two things I always wanted to do and never did was own a limousine company and a restaurant.

On the trip into Atlanta, sitting in the SUV with 4 year old Prince William, he kept quipping with names for the restaurant. He’s so into anything about square pants Sponge-Bob, and his job as a cook in the Crusty Crab restaurant, every name he came up with had “crusty” in it.

On the way back, stopped at Sam’s club and purchased several things – cantalope, D’Anjou pears and almond munchies to eat while watching Hollywood Oscar night. Still a lot of glitz and glamour, but seemingly to me, has lost a lot of appeal, compared to the Golden era of Hollywood, parading out such great stars as Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Hepburn, and others. Only one reminder of that era attending, and that was Lauren Bacall.

So much about the fun of watching is the Red Carpet entrance of the attendees. Anticipating the gowns, hair-dos, and arm of escorts. A few gowns were stunningly beautiful, but for the most part, thought they looked like gaudy lampshades from a by-gone era. With enough extra material attached at waistline and hemline to design a couple of other gowns. Looked like they could use a little flower girl trailing behind to lift all the extravagant amount of material.

Just last week, my granddaughter stopped by on her way to her cotillian dance, to show off her georgeous gown. A soft pink, grecian style gown, elegant in its simplicity. Eight years of ballet reflected in the way she seemed to glide as she walked in the lovely gown, a tall raven-haired beauty.

Nothing like crowing over your own, but I think style in dress, particulary for special occasions, should enhance, frame and compliment the wearer, not overpower with extravagant bolts of fabric.

One thing I enjoyed about the oscars was the continual flipping of the camera to the audience and seeing reactions to stage goings-on. Couldn’t help but wonder what the angry stare of George Clooney was about.

The doubleheader masters of ceremony was okay, but seemed periods of awkwardness, and not as entertaining as Whoopi Goldberg.

As far as current movies, I could not sit through anything starring a batch of homely blue men, looking like they used contaminated water in their colloidal silver drink. But movies like the “Blind Side” have an interesting story line with good acting. And Sandra Bullock was lovely in her beautiful gown.

As far back as I remember, I have always loved the fantasy, fairy-world of movies, and fascinated by lives of the stars portraying the characters in them.

Despite the fact, this year’s oscar night was entertaining, not as good as some past performances, in my opinion. I’m looking forward to the glamour-glitz and action of “Dancing With the Stars” new season.



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    Great article! Thanks for sharing 🙂