The following is my latest letter to Governor Sonny Perdue. In 2006 I received an official notice my driver’s license would be cancelled due to my birthdate not matching social security records. I have since presented a letter from social security verifying birthdate, which was unacceptable to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Another stated that an accepted document in the official notice was a military ID, which I furnished and still no notice of reinstatement.

The notice further states, “For your protection, if there is not a resolution to the outstanding issue, your license identification card will be placed in a cancelled status.”

The wrong birthdate was an error which the Department of Motor Vehicles made by mistaking a “4” for a “9.”

If there is anyone out there who can furnish me any rationale, the cancellation of my driver’s license over three years ago, is for “my protection,” I’d like to hear it.

Upon cancellation of my license, I parked my vehicle at the rear of my house and never drove it again. Subsequent to the cancellation, I applied for tag renewal, and kept insurance up to date on the vehicle. Around this time at some point, received notice from DDS tag renewal office, the vin number did not match their records, and did not renew tag. This is a vehicle I had for several years and had renewed tag every year, when all of a sudden their records did not match up and they returned my tag payment.

Because I was not driving, and in the middle of re-establishing from a major move to another town, and involved in a number of things, did not address the tag issue, inasmuch as the vehicle was parked and not being driven.

Then one day a deputy from the local marshall’s office knocked on my door, and informed me I was in violation of local codes, by having a vehicle parked in the rear of my house without a current tag. When I asked him what the consequences were for not having a current tag, he simply handed me a paper, stating fines or jail and advised me to donate the car. Because I had had recent surgery and not feeling like facing jail nor fines, I donated the car, as a result of the threat.

The vehicle was parked about 300 yards from the street at the end of my driveway, in the rear of my house, and backed in away from the tag being visible from the front and street, unless one came on property and went back of vehicle. I knew someone had come on the property without permission, to go to rear and know the tag had expired. I simply wanted to be left alone and not subjected to threats and trespassing.

So it goes with governmental intrusion into the lives of law-abiding persons in this country. When the deputy marshall came I felt harrassed. Had I not had my driver’s license cancelled, I would not have donated, instead dealt with the tag issue. But such domino effect is the modus operandi of government intrusion into one’s personal liberty and property rights. It is indicative of their persistance to exercise power with the threat of a gun. Inasmuch as the Deputy presented me with a written notice of possible jail, I felt I should go ahead and donate my vehicle before a return to exercise the threat. I had no intention of paying a fine on a mistake DDS had made relative to vin number on a vehicle I had been issued a tag on several times before.

The dogged persistence of political government knows no bounds. Demands to buy a tag to operate a vehicle and buy a driver’s license to operate is a tax, and adherence to that is not enough, for the greedy politicians. The seduction of power encourages further demands, and harrassment.

As the crisis this country is in does not subside, but escalates, where is it all going to end? Will we eventually return to the Principles upon which this country was founded? To live and let live in Freedom while enjoying personal property rights, free of governmental intrusion, and uninvited tresspassing? It’s an uncertain future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.

The following is a letter I mailed today to the Governor of Georgia, relative to the cancellation of my drivers license, over three years ago:

TO: Governor Sonny Perdue
State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Governor Perdue,

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have written to you during the past four years, trying to have my driver’s license reinstated, after Department of Motor Vehicles cancelled, over three years ago, a State agency, you are in charge of.

You obviously pass my correspondence on to clerks in various departments. The last response I received was from Karen Brooks, in DDS Legal Services, in Conyers, Georgia. Her email, dated November 30th, 2009, was brief, simply asking, “do you have a military ID card? If so can you please forward me a copy of it at your earlist convenience.”

I immediately sent her a copy of my military identification card, an identification card I had, as a military dependent being married to an Air Force officer and pilot, who retired from the military. I was a military wife for over twenty years. An officer who was in WW2, a year in Viet Nam and a year in Korea, fighting for this country.

Inasmuch as your stated information says a military ID is sufficient as proof of birth date, which is the issue in cancellation, I expected to have my driver’s license reinstated after I sent the military ID proof. But I never heard another word from Karen Brooks. That was over three months ago.

The Department of Drivers Services cancelled my driver’s license because of an error they made, typing in wrong birthdate on the license card.

I remind you after 50 years of driving, I have no moving violations on my record, nor any other violations, not even a parking ticket!!
Despite Government’s claim, driving is a privilege, the issuance of a license may be a privilege, I have a a Constitutional Right to travel in this country, and your arbitrary revocation of the driver’s license, based upon the department’s error, denies me that right to travel, and has for over three years.

In your wildest imagination, you cannot imagine the hardship and cost, your actions and refusal to reinstate have caused me. In previous correspondence, I described how the actions of Department of Motor Vehicles caused me to lose my vehicle. It was confiscated by the local Marshall under the threat of jail or fines, and I have the document he presented to me, while my vehicle was parked in the rear of my residence, not being driven.

I’m a law-abiding citizen, and have never driven any vehicle since your cancellation went into effect. Even drunk drivers, whose license may be suspended for a period, are given a reinstatement time. And by the way, a drunk driver whose license had been suspended more than once, almost killed my son. However you permanently cancelled my license to drive. With no violations on my record, you took away my right to drive permanently, and despite my repeated efforts over a three year period, you still refuse to remove the cancellation and reinstate.

I’m a writer, and have written many articles about the state of affairs in this country, the intrusion of political government into private lives, infringing upon one’s personal Freedom and private property Rights. A sad and disturbing state of affairs in this once great nation. Not the least of which, is government’s allowance and permission for non-citizens and terrorists to drive, when I’m prohibited from driving under penalty of law.

Government employees, receiving tax-paid salaries, monies collected from those like myself and my children, making decisions to prohibit my travel, based upon a mistake they made, i.e., inserting wrong birthdate on my license. How can this kind of action support any claim, the role of political government is to “protect” the citizenry? How can you justify such actions, as cancellation of my driver’s license, over three years ago?

Furthermore, why did Karen Brooks, in legal services, request a copy of my military ID four months ago, and never responded, after I sent a copy of the military ID to her?

Additionally, why is it, you as Chief Executive Officer of this State, despite many letters to you, never followed through, to reinstate my driver’s license? When I have repeatedly informed you, it was a mistake made by your Department of Motor Vehicles, which initiated the cancellation over three years ago? When you have the authority to inquire, investigate and reinstate.

Thank you for your consideration

Anne Cleveland

CC to whom it may concern.

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  1. WP Themes says:

    Genial brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.

  2. Jerry says:

    you can try to go to and join the yahoogroup redemptionbymethod and there are people there that can help. I am sorry that you have been vilated but we all have in some form or fasion. Good Luck.

  3. chad says:

    I recently moved back to Montana after being gone over eight years. I was residing in South Carolina where I was in Law Enforcement and turned in my Montana License for a South Carolina License. I had served in the Army stationed at Ft. BenningGA in 2001 and refused a breathalizer test. My Drivers License was never taken from me and I paid over $1000.00 in fines and completed probation through the U.S. Marshals. When I went to the DMV in Montana I was refused to get a MT. DL. GA is showing me suspended and demanded that I send $200.00 more dollars and complete a 20hr DUI course. Prior I had been stopped in GA and my license never showed suspended. I believe that it is a computer mistake and nobody will do anything about it. I too am a law abiding citizen who can’t get a my Montana DL or my CDL to get a job because of this.