I, like so many others, keep trying to figure out what to do to survive and deal with all the problems confronting us in today’s economy. The increasing intrusion and cost of political government from Federal, to State, to County, To City, all taking a bite here and a slice there, out of our lives and property, keeps us eternally vigilant to survive. Aside from all this legal plunder, there are many common thieves and criminals lurking around the corner.

Last year, I had one son who owned and operated a pressure cleaning business. He has since sold it and bought a restaurant. His pressure washing business was mostly downtown Atlanta, cleaning the outsides of large buildings. One night while hosing down a building, a young man sneaked up from behind, stuck a gun in his ribs and demanded his money. My son fought back but the thief with the gun won, and fortunately did not shoot my son, but ran with the money.

These types of stories fill daily news cycles. Innocent, hard working American citizens, minding their business, and being attacked, and frequently killed. However, this past week, a different kind of story in the news. We are all familiar with the saying, “Don’t ask the fox what happened to the chickens.” A reversal to that notion, came in the form of a real live, current story about the chickens attacking the fox. A lady going to her chicken house, found the chickens prancing around a dead fox. Pictures shown on TV news. The story line told about chickens flogging and pecking the fox to death. The dead fox was covered with pecking holes from the chickens.

An absolutely fascinating story to me. All my life hearing about how the sly fox outwits and slays and eats the chickens. Now a story about the chickens, with their very small head and brains, pooled their forces against the predator invading their territory in the chicken house, took matters into their own feathered feet and beaks, and attacked the fox, and killed it. Which goes to show, how seemingly dumb chickens can come up with a plan of defense, against a larger more powerful enemy, invading their territory with an intent to kill, and defeat the enemy.

I recall an incident growing up on a farm, when my mother went to the chicken house to gather eggs and found all the chickens dead. Strangely all had their legs cut off at the knees. For years, everyone presumed a fox was the culprit. Many years later it was determined it was wild mink, that killed the chickens and not a fox, because of the manner they were destroyed.

I really don’t know if it was a fox or a mink, however the pictures in the recent news, with a dead fox full of pecked holes near the live chickens, tell a rather graphic story and leave no doubt as to what happened. A great moral to this story. Living in an era when the Big Bad Wolf and Foxy political government has huffed and bluffed, and taken away individual Freedom and personal Property Rights. If a dumb chicken can defeat an enemy as formidable as a fox, surely we as thinking, educated, human beings, with two hands, two feet and a brain capable of reason and rationale, can figure out a way to return this nation back to the Principles upon which it was founded.

And another thing we could learn from chickens, is pecking order. I recall sitting on the porch and observing the pecking order of chickens in the yard. They gather in small groups pecking the ground for food, then suddenly, change and move to another pecking order, when they sense one group has discovered a more fertile feeding area. Then they may return to their original group in the pecking order, if they sense their decision to move to another pecking group is not as productive as their original.

We as a member of the homo-sapiens species, move and travel in some kind of pecking order. We may change and move from one to another, return and move to another, but we live for the most part in some kind of pecking order. “Friends of the feather flock together.”
Some attend the same church, play in the same bridge club, eat in same restaurant, belong to same political party, play golf with same group, and etc.

As we step off the treadmill of our daily lives and routines, we must consider how we went from a country of Freedom, exercising Rights to own property, living in an economy of capitalism and free-enterprise, making our own personal decisions, now choosing our pecking order to a lifestyle of restrictions on every turn, according to the dictates of a Socialistic centralized political government, tightening the noose every day.

Like the chickens in the recent news story, leisurely moving around in their pecking order, minding their business, producing eggs, bothering no one, found themselves threatened by an intruder, out to destroy, and reacted in unison, for survival, and succeeded, against the odds.

We are taught that animals live and survive via instinct. Conversely, we as human beings are blessed with a mind to reason, and an ability to create. But we do seem to have some semblance of instinct coupled with a mind to reason. Accordingly, coupled with these kinds of assets, surely we can figure out a way to return to a life of Freedom, self-control and self-responsibility. If a chicken can figure out a way to defeat a fox, surely we can figure out a way to defeat the onslaught and take-over of a political regime. The question is when?

On February 12, 1865, Abraham Lincoln said: “The people are the rightful masters of both congresses and Courts, not to over-throw the Constitution, but to over throw the men who pervert the Constitution.”

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