When I noticed I had posted 360 articles in just over two years, it occurred to me the number 360 completes a circle. The total number of degrees in a circle. Therefore I asked myself whether or not I had gone full circle on anything.

I have written on a variety of subjects, but always underlying my ideas on any subject, is the notion of individual Freedom. When I started these blog articles, it was part of my core belief, everyone desired Freedom. I soon discovered such is not the case. Because Freedom is self-responsibility and self-control, there is a segment of the society, who does not want that. They want someone else to assume responsibility for their actions. They want a centralized political government to take care of them. They reject the responsibility of self-governing. And like the nanny state.

This discovery was a startling, eye-opening discovery. I try to keep up with happenings around the world, national news here in United States, plus state and local news. And watched with deep sadness, the loss of personal freedoms, as a Socialistic system takes over and usurps private property Rights and individual Freedom.

It appears to me there is a direct correlation between the rise of addictions, and attempts to abandon self-responsibility, resulting in a centralized power take-over in this country.

In my opinion, addiction is quite misunderstood, by many. Mostly what we hear about it in the news relates to celebrities, overdosing, in treatment centers, being arrested, or dying.

First of all, an addiction is a relationship with something. A relationship, which could have life-threatening consequences. The addiction could be to a person, condition or thing. In this connection there are two catagories of addictions, i.e., Chemical or Process.

When a person has an addiction to such things as alcohol, or drugs, prescribed or non-prescribed, they have a relationship with that chemical, which could have life-threatening consequences.

Secondly, the other area of addictions is referred to as process addictions, and covers such things as gambling, sex, texting, phoning, game-playing, relationship fixation on another person, and a list of behaviors one becomes so fixated upon, it could have life-threatening consequences.

I don’t mean to suggest a particular habit, whether chemical or process, is always life threatening. But defining addiction as a relationship with something, which could pose life-threatening consequences.

For example, some become so addicted to food, the relationship with food becomes life-threatening. But the body must have food to sustain life. It’s when the relationship with food becomes so dysfunctional, one can die from it. Gorging one’s self, gaining hundreds of pounds, or rejecting food to point of starvation, either way, the threat is how one perceives the relationship with food.

An addicted person is usually in a state of denial. The desire for a “fix” overtakes the reality of admission. For example, if a person is addicted to gambling, whether it’s the stockmarket, the lottery, or horseracing, the relationship to gambling causes anxiety, which is temporarily relieved by performing the act of gambling, connecting with the relationship.

Because there is so much in the news about addictions, and more and more awareness that one can become addicted to all sorts of things now-a-days, it’s important to know an addiction is always a “Relationship” with something, which has possible life-threatening consequences.

Whoever considered a few years back that talking on the telephone could kill you or cause you to kill someone else? And yet today the staggering number of statistics of deaths caused by driving and phoning and texting at the same time, is daily news. Still, many refuse to admit their relationship with the phone is an addiction.

We are past due facing the reality that addictions cover behaviors over and beyond alcohol and drugs. We must stop and think, involvement in “social media” can be addictive and life-threatening. Must we wait for a centralized political government to pass a law, telling us not to do it. Like telling us not to drive and drink, but telling us not to drive and text and talk on the phone. As a civilized society, can’t we use a little common sense about ordinary safety issues in our lives?


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