Cancer and politics operate very much the same way. If you understand the basic premise of one, much easier to understand the other. They are both parasitical.

A parasite lives on another organism,and absolutely must have a host to feed from in order to survive and sustain itself. Not only that, a parasite divides and sub-divides, proliferating as it sucks the life out of the host. This is what cancer does to one’s body, and this is what politics does to the citizenry of individuals. The only difference is one operates inside the body and the other outside the body, usually.

However, that will change if the so-called Health Care legislation passes. Political laws will be put in motion to dictate what happens inside one’s body.

I have written hundreds of articles about The Philosophy of Freedom and the enemy of Freedom, political government. Not a complicated subject, because Freedom is simply self-control and self-responsibility.

Politicians are those who live at the expense of another, without proper return. One who eats at the table of another, uninvited and arbitrarily. Takes from one to re-distribute to another, at the point of a gun or threat of a gun.

Political government divides and sub-divides, with more and more bureaucracy, as evidenced by the installation of a number of czars this past year.

And like cancer cells, continues to expand, grow and proliferate unless stopped by the Host. That’s the parasitical nature of political government. Proof is in its history.

When I woke up this morning, I thought about Ayn Rand’s book,”Atlas Shrugged,” and how John Galt withdrew support of the parasitical system, stopped furnishing the ammunition for the continuance of the parasite to exist.

I read Atlas Shrugged way back in the fifties when it was first published and it changed my life. Recently there seems to be a revival of interest in her philosophy. I read all her books from Anthem to We The Living. Plus all the books of her number one student, Nathaniel Brandon. A common theme in all her writings is individualism versus political government.

When I recently made the discovery of cancer, I realized I had to switch gears, change my eating and living habits, which caused the disease in the first place. In other words, stop feeding the parasite which sustains it. Which is fairly easy to do, with information on how to do it. However, the struggle and difficulty comes in dealing with the damage caused, and cleaning up the debris.

Back in the sixties and seventies, I read a lot about the doctor of the future, being one who educates the patient. Unfortunately, I have found this not to be true, quite the contrary. Because doctoring and medicine have become such big business, controlled by Big Pharma and insurance companies, not all but many just diagnose and treat symptomatically.

Because so much in doctoring is expressed in numbers, letters and synonyms, it is very difficult for the average person to comprehend. And this is not teaching the patient, but dazzling with confusion. Synonyms are the equivalent of another language, which may have the same meaning, but difficult to decipher and understand.

Let me give you an example. Recently I requested a new blood test, to determine if the anemia blood levels had changed, increasing iron levels in the blood. Which as I understand, the normal level should be between 10-12. Mine had decreased below normal limits. In the latest report instead of saying simply that levels had increased one-tenth of a percent, it’s a report of letters, numbers, flags, symbols and synonyms, difficult for me to decipher.

I grew up with a mother speaking clearly and frequently saying “Plain language is easy understood.” I pretty much fall into the KISS era, i.e., keep it simple stupid.

I’m no dummy, but find it difficult to decipher medical terms and reports by synonyms. In this connection, the notion of the past, that the doctor of the future would be a teacher, falls short of that promise. Accordingly, it makes it more difficult for one to be in control and responsible for their personal health.

In spite of everything to the contrary, the bottom line is, in actuality we are personally responsible for our own well-being, and it is non-transferrable. One must recognize, it’s not necessary to be a passive, helpless victim of any disease. Realize recovery does not come in the form of a purple pill, but in taking responsibility for one’s self, by doing the things necessary according to Nature’s Laws of healing.

Some maintain disease is a blockage. If there’s any truth in this, the first blockage is in the thinking, if one thinks someone else holds the key to health. Despite the fact we need the assistance from the medical profession, and admittedly, I do, the bottom line is that all of us must assume the ultimate responsibility when it comes to healing. This requires a lot of reading and research, filtering out the good, bad and indifferent information.

As ridiculous as it may sound, I know of no pill one can take, labeled “information.”

Years back, living in Tennessee, I recall watching a TV program and the country music singer, Tennessee Ernie Ford, was the host. He had a mustache, and a lady had written in that she had never kissed a man with a mustache. Ernie Ford glared into the tube and said: “Lady, lets face it, if you are going on a picnic, you won’t mind walking through a little brush.”

In this connection, if one faces an unhealthy body, it will require going through some unpleasant procedures and lifestyle changes, to regain that great feeling of being healthy.

As someone once said, “It frightens me that everything I’m saying has already been said.”

Let Freedom Ring



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